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libdc1394: 2.1.4 out

Written for libdc1394 by Peter Antoniac on 2011-11-17

Changes are:

- Allow image buffers to be editable by client apps on Linux juju

- Correct error in downsample bayer function

- Rename poorly named externally-visible symbol usb_init

- Fix misc. compilation errors

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libdc1394: New upstream release 2.1.3 available for

Written for libdc1394 by Peter Antoniac on 2011-01-18

New version added feature for usb writes larger than 1 quadlet, adds MAC OS needed frameworks to link line, updates the firewire-{cdev,constants}.h to latest version and license, fixes to dequeue/enqueue to return error code if usb transfer has error and, typo fixes found in dc1394/conversions.h

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libdc1394: 2.1.2 out: Fix the ABI compatibility

Written for libdc1394 by Peter Antoniac on 2009-06-11

This version just restores ABI compatibility that was broken in release 2.1.1.

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libdc1394: 2.1.1 out: timestamp added

Written for libdc1394 by Peter Antoniac on 2009-06-01

New features on Juju platform:

 - Added timestamp support and implemented dc1394_read_cycle_timer function (requires kernel 2.6.24+).
 - Implemented dc1394_camera_set_broadcast, dc1394_camera_get_broadcast, and automatic channel/bandwidth allocation (requires kernel 2.6.30+).

New features for all platforms:

  - Added new Format7 modes for IIDC 1.32
  - Added missing documentation

Bug fixes:

  - Fix missing frames on Juju when host controller is OHCI 1.0 and packets-per-frame is not a multiple of 8.
  - Fix wrong return value of dc1394_deinterlace_stereo_frames
  - Fixed bad initializations and build options (from Mike Lundy)
  - More robust /dev/fw* detection (from Stefan Richter)
  - Fixed memory allocation in AdaptBuffer functions (from Damien Dusha)

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upstream libdc1394 version 2.1.0 released

Written for libdc1394 by Peter Antoniac on 2009-02-01

The libdc1394 project has released a new upstream version:
New features include:
  - USB support for Point Grey Chameleon and Firefly MV
  - Platform selection at run-time instead of compile-time (juju, linux,
etc.).  This eliminates the --with-juju-dir compile-time option.

The API and ABI are still maintained with the older versions.

 - proper iso allocation/deallocation
 - add timestamp support (as per linux 2.6.30)
 - add broadcast support

This should aid on packaging...

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