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110 of 26 releases

2.2.1 release from the 2.0 series released 2013-01-27

Release information
Release notes:

Only minor changes in this release.


- All files are now under the LGPL2 license
- Don't expose internal symbols
- Randomize read/write retry times on all platforms
- Minor bug fixes
- Support POLL and WAIT capture on Windows.

File Description Downloads
download icon libdc1394-2.2.1.tar.gz (md5) libdc1394-2.2.1 212
last downloaded 9 weeks ago
Total downloads: 212

2.2.0 release from the 2.0 series released 2012-03-05

Release information
Release notes:

New Windows and 2 additional USB cameras from Point Grey supported.


New Windows stack.

Minor changes are:

- fixed small memory leak in Juju
- added two USB cameras from Point Grey.

File Description Downloads
download icon libdc1394-2.2.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) libdc1394-2.2.0 115
last downloaded 83 weeks ago
Total downloads: 115

2.1.4 release from the 2.0 series released 2011-11-16

Release information
Release notes:

libdc1394 has released version 2.1.4. The changes include only bug fixes:

- Allow image buffers to be editable by client apps on Linux juju
- Correct error in downsample bayer function
- Rename poorly named externally-visible symbol usb_init
- Fix misc. compilation errors

File Description Downloads
download icon libdc1394-2.1.4.tar.gz (md5, sig) libdc1394-2.1.4 46
last downloaded 28 weeks ago
Total downloads: 46

2.1.3 (2.1.3) release from the 2.0 series released 2011-01-02

Release information
Release notes:

The new release adds fixes, typos fixes, and new features


Add feature for usb writes larger than 1 quadlet
Add MAC OS needed frameworks to link line
Fix the firewire-{cdev,constants}.h to latest version and license
Fix to dequeue/enqueue to return error code if usb transfer has error
Typo fixes found in dc1394/conversions.h

File Description Downloads
download icon libdc1394-2.1.3.tar.gz (md5, sig) libdc1394-2.1.3.tar.gz 92
last downloaded 113 weeks ago
Total downloads: 92

2.1.2 release from the 2.0 series released 2009-06-10

Release information
Release notes:

This version just restores ABI compatibility that was broken in release 2.1.1.


Fix the ABI compatibility

File Description Downloads
download icon libdc1394-2.1.2.tar.gz (md5, sig) libdc1394-2.1.2.tar.gz 163
last downloaded 10 weeks ago
Total downloads: 163

2.1.1 release from the 2.0 series released 2009-05-31

Release information
Release notes:

New features...
For Juju platform:
 - Added timestamp support and implemented dc1394_read_cycle_timer function (requires kernel 2.6.24+).
 - Implemented dc1394_camera_set_broadcast, dc1394_camera_get_broadcast, and automatic channel/bandwidth allocation (requires kernel 2.6.30+).
New features for all platforms:
 - Added new Format7 modes for IIDC 1.32
 - Added missing documentation
Bug fixes:
 - Fix missing frames on Juju when host controller is OHCI 1.0 and packets-per-frame is not a multiple of 8.
 - Fix wrong return value of dc1394_deinterlace_stereo_frames
 - Fixed bad initializations and build options (from Mike Lundy)
 - More robust /dev/fw* detection (from Stefan Richter)
 - Fixed memory allocation in AdaptBuffer functions (from Damien Dusha)

File Description Downloads
download icon libdc1394-2.1.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) libdc1394-2.1.1.tar.gz 15
last downloaded 113 weeks ago
Total downloads: 15

2.1.0 release from the 2.0 series released 2009-02-01

Release information
Release notes:

New features include:
- USB support for Point Grey Chameleon and Firefly MV
- Platform selection at run-time instead of compile-time (juju, linux,
etc.). This eliminates the --with-juju-dir compile-time option.

The API and ABI are still maintained with the older versions.

- proper iso allocation/deallocation
- add timestamp support (as per linux 2.6.30)
- add broadcast support

Bug fixes:
- Correct some bad math in the bayer conversion functions
- Juju: Retry busy transactions
- Linux: Remove bad includes from headers

File Description Downloads
download icon libdc1394-2.1.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) libdc1394-2.1.0.tar.gz 67
last downloaded 113 weeks ago
Total downloads: 67

2.0.3 release from the 2.0 series released 2008-12-30

Release information
Release notes:

New release:
 This was a stability release.
Todo of the next releases includes:
 * new features.
 * Runtime selection of platform (juju, linux legacy, mac os, etc.) vs current compile time. This will allow a single compile of libdc1394 to run on either juju or an older kernel.
 * Support IIDC-over-USB from Point Grey.

Longer term todo:
 * Better detection of corrupt frames on Linux
 * Accurate timestamps on Juju
 * Hotplug support
 * isochronous bandwidth/channel allocation on Juju


* Bug fixes:
 + Crash on Mac OS 10.4
 + Bad data in mixed x86_64/i386 environments with Juju
 + Wrong return value from dc1394_trigger_get_polarity()
 + Incomplete results from dc1394_deinterlace_stereo_frames()
* Compilation fixes when downloading from SVN

File Description Downloads
download icon libdc1394-2.0.3.tar.gz (md5, sig) libdc1394-2.0.3.tar.gz 16
last downloaded 33 weeks ago
Total downloads: 16

2.0.2 release from the 2.0 series released 2008-05-17

Release information
Release notes:

   - New functions on all platforms:
   - New function on Linux video1394 only:
   - New example program to capture PVN sequences.
   - Bug fixes on Linux Juju:
       - Better retry timeouts
       - Fix manual isochronous channel allocation
   - Bug fixes on Mac OS:
       - Auto detection of bad or skipped packets (used for
   - Bug fixes on Linux video1394:
       - Fix select() with multiple cameras on the same controller
       - Handle EINTR return code properly in dc1394_capture_dequeue
   - Better error detection if camera enumeration fails
   - Documentation improvements


        * SVN 558: applied patch from Olaf Kaehler (missing #ifdef cpluspluc)
            Corrected the email address of the list in the Readme.
 * SVN 557: Update the lt verions to 23,0,1. RELEASE 2.0.2
            (Note: the SOversion is 22.0.2)
 * SVN 556: the wrong file was uploaded for the new example, fixed.
 * SVN 555: add a new example
 * SVN 554: Fix build of Juju when in separate dir
 * SVN 553: Update NEWS
 * SVN 552: Add function dc1394_capture_is_frame_corrupt() to test if
     a dequeued frame is corrupt. Integrity checking code
     currently exists only on Mac OS. Other platforms return
 * SVN 551: Automatically resume dequeue() if EINTR is encountered.
 * SVN 550: Bug fix dc1394_camera_get_node on Juju and Linux.
 * SVN 549: Implement dc1394_camera_get_node for Mac OS.
 * SVN 548: Make linux-specific function dc1394_camera_get_node()
            globally available and implement stubs for other platforms.
     Add generation argument to dc1394_camera_get_node.
     Rename dc1394_camera_get_port to
 * SVN 547: On Linux, use a different DMA file descriptor for each
     camera on the same controller.
 * SVN 546: On Mac OS, scan received iso packet headers and drop
     frames with any errors.
 * SVN 545: Do usleep(500) between read/write retries on juju.
 * SVN 544: Fix the debug log handler so it produces output.
 * SVN 543: Correct the order of operations at the start of juju
            capture so that any manual channel settings are preserved.
 * SVN 542: Return an error if the camera enumeration fails (thanks to
            Jasper Leemans)
 * SVN 541: Corrections in the man pages white spaces
 * SVN 540: Added man pages to make install and to make dist
 * SVN 539: Add linux functions to get port and node. This is
            provided by a new header file linux/control.h
 * SVN 538: Documentation problems with newer Doxygen package:
  - Changed to fit the new standards.
  - Added man pages to the examples for easier packaging.
  - Changed the Release number to 2.0.2 to make it ready
    for the next release.
  - Changes in *.h to fit the new documentation standards.
  - Added Andrew Straw to the list of Authors for his
    contribution to packaging, man pages, etc.

File Description Downloads
download icon libdc1394-2.0.2.tar.gz (md5, sig) libdc1394-2.0.2.tar.gz 59
last downloaded 44 weeks ago
Total downloads: 59

2.0.1 release from the 2.0 series released 2008-01-16

File Description Downloads
download icon libdc1394v2_2.0.1.orig.tar.gz (md5, sig) libdc1394-2.0.1.tar.gz 23
last downloaded 77 weeks ago
Total downloads: 23

110 of 26 releases