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LibLZF is a very small data compression library. It consists of only two .c and two .h files and is very easy to incorporate into your own programs. The compression algorithm is very, very fast, yet still written in portable C.
Last not least, it is freely usable, unlike most other compression libraries which are under the GPL, this library uses a BSD-type license, so you can include it in your programs without worrying.


    * Small code size (less then 500 lines including header files and docs).
    * Very fast compression speeds, rivaling a straight copy loop, especially for decompression which is basically at (unoptimized) memcpy-speed. Compression speed can be increased by 20% by sacrificing a few percent of compression ratio.
    * Mediocre compression ratios - you can usually expect about 40-50% compression for typical binary data
    * Easy to use (just two functions, no state attached)
    * Highly portable (written in C)
    * Tunable, see the file lzfP.h in the distribution, to tailor liblzf to your needs. The generated compressed blocks can be decompressed by any liblzf version regardless of the options used to compress.
    * Freely usable (BSD-type-license)
    * Perl-Interface is available on CPAN (Compress::LZF)
    * Ruby interface is available on RubyGems (compress-lzf)

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Daniel Brumbaugh-Keeney
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Simplified BSD Licence

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