0.39 Released

Written for libmemcached by Brian Aker on 2010-04-06

0.39 Tue Apr 6 12:35:13 PDT 2010
  * Add support for prefix keys to binary protocol.
  * Remove the undocumented call memcached_server_remove().
  * The undocumented call memcached_server_by_key() now returns const.
  * memcached_server_error_reset() has been deprecated.
  * memcached_server_list() has been deprecated. Use memcached_server_cursor() to walk the servers found in a memcached_st() structure.
  * memcached_verbosity() can now be run concurrently with other operations.
  * SASL support.
  * Fixes memory leak found in EJECT HOSTS.

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