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0.2.5 release from the 0.2 series released

Release information
Release notes:

libopenshot-audio Highlights
Improve Travis Speed (remove homebrew from Mac builds)
Auto-Update HEX Version (for older CMake versions)

libopenshot Highlights
Fixed Broken Color-Shift and Shift Effects
Updated Documentation and Examples (C++)
Saturation Effect: Optimize and Parallelize
Hue Effect: Optimize and Parallelize
Blur Effect: Optimize and Parallelize
Wave Effect: Optimize and Parallelize
Brightness Effect: Optimize and Parallelize
Pixelate Effect: Rewrite effect to use QPainter/QRect
Frame: Fix interlaced AddImage
Raise Preview Cache to CPUs X 8 Frames (max 64)
FindRESVG CMake: Modernize with Targets
Enhance Json Data Handling


libopenshot-audio commits
16991bf 2020-02-29 Jonathan Thomas Release branch for 0.2.0 (SO 7) HEAD -> release-20200229, origin/release-20200229
005be5a 2020-02-29 Frank Dana CMake: Add hex-version helper source (#89) origin/develop, develop
b8d1988 2020-02-28 Frank Dana Travis: Remove homebrew (too slow) (#87)
52610a1 2020-02-28 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #86 from OpenShot/bump-version
7680f36 2020-02-28 Jonathan Thomas Accidental version revert origin/bump-version, bump-version
2af598d 2020-02-28 Jonathan Thomas Fix broken hex logic
1bbc5fe 2020-02-28 Jonathan Thomas Updating HEX version for 0.2.0: 0x200
c18798e 2020-02-28 Jonathan Thomas Take 2, bump verison to 0.2.0-dev1
4542616 2020-02-28 Jonathan Thomas Bump version on libopenshot-audio to 0.2.0
beb3a4b 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #85 from ferdnyc/main-fixes
153565e 2020-02-26 FeRD (Frank Dana) Main.cpp: std prefixes, use juce::Thread::sleep()
836e49f 2020-02-08 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #84 from OpenShot/merge-master-into-develop
a130acf 2020-02-08 Jonathan Thomas Merge branch 'master' into merge-master-into-develop origin/merge-master-into-develop, merge-master-into-develop
e35246a 2020-02-08 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #83 from OpenShot/merge-master-into-develop
a90fc5a 2020-02-08 Jonathan Thomas Merging master into develop
f38389f 2020-01-07 Frank Dana Merge pull request #81 from ferdnyc/bump-dev-version
5f30647 2020-01-07 FeRD (Frank Dana) Bump version info for development

libopenshot commits
1ced9d4 2020-03-02 Jonathan Thomas Merge branch 'release-20200229' of into release-20200229 HEAD -> release-20200229, origin/release-20200229
4d7b407 2020-03-02 Jonathan Thomas Fixing abs -> fabs regression. Not sure how this worked before.
0910f22 2020-03-02 FeRD (Frank Dana) Merge branch 'colorshift-name-sync' into release-20200229
325c73a 2020-03-02 FeRD (Frank Dana) ColorShift: Use one-word name in EffectInfo
b724f2e 2020-03-01 Frank Dana Merge pull request #400 from ferdnyc/add-features
600e884 2020-03-01 Frank Dana Merge branch 'develop' into add-features
c7fe363 2020-02-29 Jonathan Thomas Fix ColorShift classname in EffectInfo::CreateEffect
8d78242 2020-02-29 Jonathan Thomas Release branch for 0.2.5 (SO 19)
8b78ddf 2020-02-29 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #451 from OpenShot/bump-version develop
5da706d 2020-02-28 Jonathan Thomas Bump dependency to OpenShotAudio to 0.2.0 origin/bump-version, bump-version
2d471ae 2020-02-28 Jonathan Thomas Bump version to 0.2.5-dev1 (SO 19)
4f591c7 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #396 from ferdnyc/json-parsing
4ddf775 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #421 from ferdnyc/ffmpegwriter-opts
aa8c891 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #418 from ferdnyc/fix-AddImage-interlaced
6666702 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #423 from ferdnyc/optimized-blur
f9b4fe5 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #424 from ferdnyc/optimized-brightness
4fc9e9d 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #425 from ferdnyc/optimized-wave
ce39a53 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #426 from ferdnyc/pixelate-code
1e8e2a2 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #427 from ferdnyc/optimized-hue
e5f11e9 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #428 from ferdnyc/optimize-sat
bc6c9fd 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #443 from ferdnyc/colorshift-init
689f1e1 2020-02-26 Frank Dana CMake: Limit scope of AUTOMOC (#449)
09e7760 2020-02-26 Frank Dana Update CodeCoverage.cmake module (#450)
7ab18fd 2020-02-26 FeRD (Frank Dana) Modernize FindUnitTest++.cmake, add pkg-config
96b4ac4 2020-01-12 Frank Dana Clean up ENABLE/DISABLE_TESTS logic and handling
85ca6c5 2019-12-29 FeRD (Frank Dana) CMake: Add features for docs, unit tests
fe8ea21 2020-02-14 Frank Dana Merge pull request #437 from ferdnyc/hw-accel-ffmpeg34
895c2f0 2020-02-14 FeRD (Frank Dana) FFmpegReader/Writer: Reformat example code
7867cf0 2020-02-14 FeRD (Frank Dana) Reorder arguments in setVideoOptions overload
99fda01 2020-02-13 Frank Dana Merge pull request #442 from ferdnyc/no-inline-cpp-2
1fb945c 2020-02-13 FeRD (Frank Dana) ColorShift effect: Don't init with random values
61366ca 2019-06-19 FeRD (Frank Dana) Add -no-integrated-cpp for G++ < 9
3d6958d 2020-02-12 Frank Dana Merge pull request #439 from cwilling/develop
9bb5d93 2020-02-10 Frank Dana Merge pull request #440 from albert-github/feature/bug_docu
ba1155e 2020-02-10 albert-github Documentation error
e39a1fc 2020-02-10 Christoph Willing Resolve ambiguous abs() call
4106b99 2020-02-10 FeRD (Frank Dana) Travis: Add FFmpeg 3.2 build
023f5df 2020-02-10 FeRD (Frank Dana) doc/HW-ACCEL: List 3.4 as minimum FFmpeg version
e74d71f 2020-02-10 FeRD (Frank Dana) FFmpegReader/Writer: limit hwaccel to FFmpeg 3.4+
56af4eb 2020-02-08 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #431 from OpenShot/merge-master-into-develop
25607b7 2020-02-08 Jonathan Thomas Merge branch 'master' into merge-master-into-develop origin/merge-master-into-develop, merge-master-into-develop
51cf330 2020-02-07 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #416 from ferdnyc/preview-cache-size
4979028 2020-02-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) Saturation: streamline and parallelize
89d1667 2020-02-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) Hue: Optimize and parallelize
fd663c4 2020-02-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) Blur: Improve parallelization
423f0ce 2020-02-03 FeRD (Frank Dana) Rewrite Pixelate effect to use QPainter/QRect
7d2ff3a 2020-02-03 FeRD (Frank Dana) Streamline and parallelize Wave effect
1a42b45 2020-02-03 FeRD (Frank Dana) Parallelize and streamline Brightness effect
7868157 2020-02-02 FeRD (Frank Dana) Streamline blur effect code
bad0a34 2020-01-31 FeRD (Frank Dana) Add unit test for overloads
0a063b8 2020-01-31 FeRD (Frank Dana) FFmpegWriter: Overload Set___Options() methods
86bfa2f 2020-01-21 FeRD (Frank Dana) Frame: Fix interlaced AddImage
8ea7449 2020-01-20 Frank Dana Merge branch 'develop' into json-parsing
3321042 2020-01-14 FeRD (Frank Dana) Raise preview cache to CPUs*8 frames, max 64
49972b2 2020-01-12 Frank Dana Merge pull request #415 from ferdnyc/coverage-build
6b16162 2020-01-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) Reorder Travis matrix
6d95bce 2020-01-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) Configuration for Codecov
585774b 2020-01-12 Frank Dana Merge branch 'develop' into coverage-build
0bc87c0 2020-01-12 Frank Dana Merge pull request #414 from ferdnyc/resvg-image-format
c83c098 2020-01-01 FeRD (Frank Dana) Use for coverage reporting
8c53f25 2020-01-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) FindRESVG: Remove debugging messages
028bafc 2020-01-12 Frank Dana Merge pull request #410 from OpenShot/resvg-image-format
c8be335 2020-01-12 Frank Dana Merge pull request #412 from ferdnyc/travis-jsoncpp
43ff40c 2020-01-08 FeRD (Frank Dana) Travis: Add libjsoncpp-dev to apt package list
63baee1 2020-01-11 FeRD (Frank Dana) Define USE_RESVG for openshot target
48fc7de 2020-01-11 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix RESVG format in GetFrame
a8b65f5 2020-01-09 FeRD (Frank Dana) Merge branch 'find-resvg' into resvg-image-format
290c7a7 2020-01-09 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix FindRESVG for Windows origin/find-resvg
5b31ba1 2020-01-08 FeRD (Frank Dana) Set IMPORTED_NO_SONAME on RESVG target
8e2bcd0 2020-01-08 FeRD (Frank Dana) Set IMPORTED_NO_SONAME on RESVG target
309c49b 2020-01-08 Frank Dana Merge branch 'develop' into resvg-image-format
0f82656 2020-01-08 Frank Dana Merge pull request #409 from OpenShot/find-resvg
4f28006 2020-01-08 FeRD (Frank Dana) Change RESVG image format to ARGB32_Pre
6aa799c 2020-01-08 FeRD (Frank Dana) FindRESVG: Modernize with targets
a957720 2020-01-08 FeRD (Frank Dana) FindRESVG: Modernize with targets
4ebda59 2020-01-07 Frank Dana Merge pull request #408 from ferdnyc/bump-dev-version
ffa5aab 2020-01-07 FeRD (Frank Dana) Bump version for development
09ae8f1 2019-12-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) Add Json.cpp
22bf6ed 2019-12-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) Enhance Json data handling

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last downloaded 4 weeks ago
download icon libopenshot-audio-0.2.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) libopenshot-audio source code 45
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
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0.2.4 release from the 0.2 series released

Release information
Release notes:

**libopenshot Highlights:**

- Tons of CMake and build improvements
- Hardware encoding and decoding support (still a bit experimental)
- Keyframe performance improvements (magnitudes faster)
- New HTML Reader
- Resvg support improvements
- Lots of code clean-up

**libopenshot-audio Highlights:**
- JUCE Update (improved audio support)
- Fixed 32-bit linking issue


**libopenshot Details:**
- f801af2 2020-01-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) FindRESVG: Remove debugging messages HEAD -> release-20200105, origin/release-20200105
- 1750629 2020-01-11 FeRD (Frank Dana) Define USE_RESVG for openshot target
- fa9189a 2020-01-11 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix RESVG format in GetFrame
- 08add08 2020-01-09 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix FindRESVG for Windows
- 0f47446 2020-01-08 Jonathan Thomas Improved way to generate git logs from the current commit to the previous tag. During a release, we tag the current commit during the publishing, and then it starts detecting no changes (since we are ON the current tag).
- 22793e2 2020-01-08 FeRD (Frank Dana) Set IMPORTED_NO_SONAME on RESVG target
- 21815fe 2020-01-08 FeRD (Frank Dana) FindRESVG: Modernize with targets
- 0b4885b 2020-01-08 FeRD (Frank Dana) Change RESVG image format to ARGB32_Pre
- 187b205 2020-01-08 Jonathan Thomas Preventing crash where last_video_frame is NULL
- 4e5ba4d 2020-01-07 Jonathan Thomas Updating CMakeList.txt requirement for OpenShotAudio 0.1.9. This should work now, since we've updated the versions on `develop`.
- e1b21c3 2020-01-07 Jonathan Thomas Reverting CMakeList.txt OpenShotAudio required version, because it's crashing Travis due to the dependency on libopenshot PPA (which only has the develop version number). Need to think about this more.
- 606a851 2020-01-06 Jonathan Thomas Updating required OpenShotAudio version in CmakeLists.txt
- 5f526f5 2020-01-05 Jonathan Thomas Bump version to 0.2.4 (SO 18)
- 1cefa65 2019-12-27 SuslikV Skip painter transform by using shortcut
- 0bec048 2020-01-02 Jonathan Thomas Copy max_audio_samples with Frame DeepCopy origin/copy-max-samples, copy-max-samples
- 2a0d10b 2020-01-02 Jonathan Thomas Adding back in changes from origin/revert-392-juce-guard-remove, revert-392-juce-guard-remove
- 2f037ad 2020-01-02 Jonathan Thomas Revert "Remove JUCE defines"
- 5d5b407 2019-12-30 FeRD (Frank Dana) Travis: Upload coverage report to Codacy
- ea3bb10 2019-12-30 FeRD (Frank Dana) Travis: Add coverage build, un-failjail FFmpeg4
- f8d715c 2019-12-28 FeRD (Frank Dana) tests: Don't use REQUIRE in unit tests
- b1aff66 2019-12-28 FeRD (Frank Dana) tests: Start Frame_Tests.cpp
- e49f622 2019-12-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) Use C++11 range-based for loops where we can
- dc217a9 2019-12-28 FeRD (Frank Dana) tests: Cast container.size() to int for comparison
- d60678a 2019-12-27 Chris Kirmse correctly calculate remaining_frame_samples
- 31a0565 2019-12-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) Frame: DeepCopy has_audio_data correctly
- d0e5d06 2019-12-19 FeRD (Frank Dana) CodeCoverage: import upstream PR changes
- d5f94dd 2019-12-22 FeRD (Frank Dana) Run LCOV with --no-external
- c11b4ac 2019-12-19 FeRD (Frank Dana) EffectBase: Remove unused short_name
- 07b6e2c 2019-12-19 FeRD (Frank Dana) ColorShift effect: Correct class_name
- fd78be6 2019-12-18 FeRD (Frank Dana) Remove JUCE defines
- 4806f2f 2019-12-18 Chris Kirmse fix incorrect buffer size being passed to avcodec_fill_audio_frame
- e502f97 2019-12-15 FeRD (Frank Dana) Don't compare differently-signed types
- 2fa51a6 2019-12-15 FeRD (Frank Dana) allow_failures for FFmpeg4 build
- bd4d2bf 2019-12-15 FeRD (Frank Dana) Cover all values in switch(enum_type)
- 1df9840 2019-12-15 FeRD (Frank Dana) Import CodeCoverage changes
- 14dc2b3 2019-12-14 FeRD (Frank Dana) CodeCoverage: Import upstream changes
- 66febac 2019-12-14 FeRD (Frank Dana) Lowercase function names, add change comment
- a697bda 2019-12-14 FeRD (Frank Dana) Use full paths in COVERAGE_LCOV_EXCLUDES examples
- 2c71ae4 2019-12-11 FeRD (Frank Dana) FFmpegWriter: Fixes for building with libav
- 0710ecc 2019-12-10 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix demangling
- a251382 2019-12-07 FeRD (Frank Dana) Remove Python detection from CodeCoverage
- 99565bb 2019-12-07 Frank Dana Move feature summary to root CMakeLists (#383)
- ab3aef4 2019-12-07 FeRD (Frank Dana) Set lcov base directory to PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR
- 70bf3df 2019-12-07 FeRD (Frank Dana) CodeCoverage.cmake: Add demangling, cleanup
- b4682ac 2019-12-07 FeRD (Frank Dana) Move coverage to root CMakeLists, add more tooling
- 7b7f2cc 2019-12-07 FeRD (Frank Dana) Move feature summary to root CMakeLists
- 89479bb 2019-12-06 Daniel Jour Keyframe tests: Add test about large segment, including performance
- c940c1f 2019-12-06 Daniel Jour Keyframe: Cleanup duplicate binary search code
- 1fbdc52 2019-12-06 Daniel Jour Keyframe::GetRepeatFraction(): Binary search, skipping when constant
- f00edba 2019-12-06 Daniel Jour Keyframe interpolation: In own function; only for Y coordinate
- 4a5eb20 2019-12-02 FeRD (Frank Dana) Add __repr__ to openshot.Version
- ed0b081 2019-12-03 Daniel Jour Keyframe::IsIncreasing(): Search over points, not values
- b40fa69 2019-12-03 Daniel Jour Keyframe::GetMaxPoint() simplify loop
- 79cb848 2019-12-03 Daniel Jour Keyframe: Move Bezier code into extra function, parameterise
- c04dc94 2019-12-02 Frank Dana Wrap assignment in conditional with () (#379)
- 65cb3df 2019-11-30 Daniel Jour Keyframe::GetClosestPoint(): Use binary search
- 54e8e37 2019-11-30 Daniel Jour Keyframe::Contains(): Use binary search instead of linear search
- 5e1b6fd 2019-11-29 Frank Dana Minor adjustments to Doxygen API docs (#376)
- 27bfbbc 2019-11-29 chad3814 FFmpegWriter: match option 'rc_buffer_size' (#377)
- 7e28460 2019-11-27 Daniel Jour More traditional placement of const specifier, matching casts
- 4b76c1e 2019-11-26 Daniel Jour Frame.cpp: Avoid unnecessary copy of image data
- a67fb95 2019-11-25 Daniel Jour Keyframe interpolation selection: Use switch instead of if
- b546b6a 2019-11-25 Daniel Jour Keyframe: Dedicated Point comparision function instead of lambda's
- 6f71736 2019-11-25 Daniel Jour Keyframe: mark all non-modifying member functions const
- edf85dd 2019-11-25 Daniel Jour Keyframe: use = default to specify default constructor
- 504fd0e 2019-11-24 Daniel Jour KeyFrame_Tests.cpp: Correct usage for CHECK_EQUAL
- 86c1df2 2019-11-24 Daniel Jour Update Keyframe test curve values; new curves are smoother
- 3b2e262 2019-11-22 Daniel Jour Keyframe: New implementation calculating values ondemand
- bd82403 2019-11-22 Daniel Jour KeyFrame_Tests: Additional tests to correctly capture old behaviour
- 6d81033 2019-11-22 Daniel Jour Keyframe::GetPoint() returns a constant reference now
- 6bc3428 2019-11-21 Daniel Jour Keyframe::AddPoint() fix: reallocation invalidates iterator
- 504ea0c 2019-11-19 Daniel Jour Make Keyframe::Values and Keyframe::Points vectors private
- cb55741 2019-11-19 Daniel Jour Keyframe::AddPoint() add at correct index, keeping Points ordered
- d9322c1 2019-11-19 Daniel Jour Keyframe::ReorderPoints() use std::sort instead of selection sort
- 5ba0ecf 2019-11-19 Daniel Jour Keyframe::GetInt() and Keyframe::GetLong() use GetValue
- 280504f 2019-11-19 Daniel Jour Keyframe::IsIncreasing() remove loop to previous values and counter
- d47c40d 2019-11-19 Daniel Jour Keyframe::GetDelta() removed unused loop and variables
- 5f7766e 2019-11-19 Daniel Jour Keyframe::RemovePoint() only set needs_update if a point was removed
- 6226e9d 2019-11-19 Daniel Jour Keyframe::UpdatePoint() removed redundant code
- 2b18ad0 2019-11-19 Daniel Jour Keyframe::ScalePoints() skip first point without branch in loop
- 5ddc6a3 2019-11-19 Daniel Jour Keyframe::FlipPoints() without temporary vector
- ba4fc5c 2019-11-19 Daniel Jour Enable coverage reporting for openshot-test
- 099c8cb 2019-11-17 Jonathan Thomas Fixing missing impementation of high quality scale mode in FFmpegWriter origin/high-quality-scaling-bi-cubic, high-quality-scaling-bi-cubic
- d6a4cb1 2019-11-17 Jonathan Thomas Moving back to SWS_BICUBIC for high quality mode (during export mostly). This provides a sharper image when enlarging images than SWS_LANCZOS, and only has a slight performance disadvantage.
- 7bbec4c 2019-11-17 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix documentation for Qt(Text/Html)Reader
- c131c82 2019-11-16 FeRD (Frank Dana) Reverse order of Python detection
- c002e2b 2019-11-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Add libomp-dev package for Clang
- 59e5e6b 2019-11-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Add clang compiling to Travis matrix
- bc12995 2019-11-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Lose the generator expressions
- c7ec690 2019-11-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) CMake: Update linking, no more REQUIRED_LIBRARIES
- 750677c 2019-11-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) CMake: Manage sources and includes better
- 42daa20 2019-11-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) FindFFmpeg: Expand duplicate-removal
- dad3cad 2019-11-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) CMake: Switch to targets for Qt modules
- 87c06fe 2019-11-02 SuslikV Clarify some comments
- de1327c 2019-11-01 Frank Dana Fix Windows ZeroMQ for real (#357)
- fa3f83d 2019-11-01 FeRD (Frank Dana) FindZeroMQ: Only create valid targets
- d9f3a6b 2019-11-01 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix ZeroMQ linking on Windows
- be4faac 2019-11-01 FeRD (Frank Dana) Use bundled JsonCPP on linux builder
- 2535588 2019-10-30 FeRD (Frank Dana) Prefixing fixes for QtHtml/QtText Readers
- f09ac1b 2019-10-30 FeRD (Frank Dana) CMake: Fix IWYU invocation with unset IWYU_OPTS
- 6c20fa4 2019-10-30 Jeff Shillitto Set HTML reader duration to 1 hour
- 21951be 2019-10-30 Jeff Shillitto Set duration to 1 hour
- 60f6ad6 2019-10-29 FeRD (Frank Dana) FFmpegWriter.cpp: add std:: prefixes
- ed908fa 2019-10-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) Add ENABLE_IWTU CMake option
- bcc62f9 2019-10-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix juce:: prefixing
- b6da6b9 2019-10-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) add DONT_SET_USING_JUCE_NAMESPACE to tests
- 99b455a 2019-10-26 FeRD (Frank Dana) Threads: Use IMPORTED target
- 001cf00 2019-10-26 FeRD (Frank Dana) Bump CMake min-version to 3.2, display
- a103404 2019-10-26 FeRD (Frank Dana) ZeroMQ: Use IMPORTED targets
- 6459464 2019-10-26 FeRD (Frank Dana) DISABLE_TESTS covers entire tests/ dir
- e7a92a5 2019-10-02 FeRD (Frank Dana) Bindings: Pick up include dirs from targets
- e15c0c1 2019-10-25 FeRD (Frank Dana) Set still-image duration to 1 hour
- 56e8d8a 2019-10-25 FeRD (Frank Dana) Remove old commented-out code
- acadab7 2019-10-15 Jeff Shillitto Stop 24 hours worth for frames being loaded in to memory
- 0242088 2019-10-11 FeRD (Frank Dana) Let bundled JsonCpp satisfy requirement
- 275b944 2019-10-10 FeRD (Frank Dana) Handle REQUIRED via feature_summary()
- 7e2f26d 2019-10-10 FeRD (Frank Dana) use/create jsoncpp_lib target
- 582a76a 2019-10-08 FeRD (Frank Dana) CMake: REQUIRE OpenMP, use (or create) targets
- 798dcaf 2019-10-08 FeRD (Frank Dana) CMake: Set required FFMpeg libs
- 43efabf 2019-10-07 FeRD (Frank Dana) Qt/Video*Thread: ZMQ argument stragglers
- beab952 2019-10-03 FeRD (Frank Dana) FindFFmpeg: Default to all components, if not specified
- 7a9567e 2019-10-03 FeRD (Frank Dana) Reverse JsonCpp logic, prefer system-installed
- aa5247b 2019-10-02 FeRD (Frank Dana) Bindings: Pick up include dirs from targets
- 655b137 2019-10-02 FeRD (Frank Dana) Bindings: Pick up include dirs from targets
- 6502c2a 2019-10-02 FeRD (Frank Dana) CMake: Link with FFmpeg:: targets
- 5bf3893 2019-09-24 FeRD (Frank Dana) FindFFmpeg.cmake: create targets
- 39de350 2019-10-02 FeRD (Frank Dana) tests: Add tolerance to pixel value checks
- e070d04 2019-10-02 FeRD (Frank Dana) FFmpegReader::CheckMissingFrame std::map tweaks
- 1435267 2019-10-01 FeRD (Frank Dana) Add lock to CreateFrame (patch by laochen, #272)
- 1af92af 2019-09-28 FeRD (Frank Dana) SWIG: Use compactdefaultargs in bindings
- ee4666f 2019-09-25 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix indentation
- 986f567 2019-09-25 FeRD (Frank Dana) CMake: Eliminate duplicate include dirs
- 0658134 2019-09-25 FeRD (Frank Dana) CMake: Add FeatureSummary
- 1ec431f 2019-09-25 FeRD (Frank Dana) Simplify CMakeLists with loops
- 9e0d194 2019-09-22 Frank Dana Add comment re: updates to interlace params
- 33f16d3 2019-09-21 Jeff Shillitto Use QFont instead of setting parameters
- ba86744 2019-09-21 FeRD (Frank Dana) Use OPENSHOT_VERSION_FULL as Python str()
- c422f4f 2019-09-21 FeRD (Frank Dana) Separate GetVersion impl, make Pythonic
- 6aebb10 2019-09-21 FeRD (Frank Dana) More explicit prefixing in Qt/ and Player classes
- 0cae5da 2019-09-20 Jeff Shillitto Correct parameter documentation
- 738dd62 2019-09-20 Jeff Shillitto Enable background fill color to be set behind text
- c8b5300 2019-09-20 Jeff Shillitto Allow font bold and italic properties to be set
- c78d030 2019-09-18 Frank Dana Delete FindPythonLibs.cmake
- 1de2ea2 2019-09-16 FeRD (Frank Dana) /CMakeLists.txt: Move tests, add doc message
- 25ebb24 2019-09-16 FeRD (Frank Dana) Re-enable 'make test' on CMake 3.10+
- 9b9e4a7 2019-09-13 FeRD (Frank Dana) CMakeLists: Also detect cppzmq
- ac7b106 2019-09-15 FeRD (Frank Dana) Travis updates (Bionic, Qt 5.12, config)
- ee618a0 2019-09-13 FeRD (Frank Dana) Example.cpp: Finish indentation cleanup
- 9181226 2019-09-13 FeRD (Frank Dana) FFmpegWriter: Source formatting
- 7fc214d 2019-09-13 FeRD (Frank Dana) openshot-example: Path fixes
- e3b6478 2019-09-13 FeRD (Frank Dana) FFmpegReader: Fix hardware device message
- 756e3a4 2019-09-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) Remove useless `import sys`
- b8bb1a8 2019-09-07 FeRD (Frank Dana) A more Pythonic openshot.Fraction
- 8cb87c0 2019-08-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) Add src/examples/
- 5621712 2019-08-24 SuslikV Fix return type mismatch
- f981e38 2019-08-23 Mario Hros support for HEVC HW VAAPI encoding
- 6ba4066 2019-08-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) Add src/examples/
- 462f0b7 2019-08-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) Exception.h: Document parameters
- 18c8b61 2019-08-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) Clip_Tests.cpp: No InvalidJSON "" file_path args
- 291719f 2019-08-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) Effects: No "" file_path args to exceptions
- 366ff2c 2019-08-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) src: Don't pass "" file_path args to exceptions
- 49749d5 2019-08-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) Exceptions.h: Optional file_path args
- 7c48bec 2019-08-25 FeRD (Frank Dana) HTML examples: Code updates
- 16ca3ae 2019-08-24 SuslikV Fix return type mismatch
- c4a6ead 2019-08-20 FeRD (Frank Dana) FFmpegReader: Detect interlaced video
- 0048294 2019-08-14 FeRD (Frank Dana) cleanup
- 74869ff 2019-08-14 FeRD (Frank Dana) ExampleHtml.cpp cleanup
- bcaa9ac 2019-08-14 FeRD (Frank Dana) QtText/QtHtmlReader: Don't leak memory in SetJson
- 0d067b3 2019-08-14 FeRD (Frank Dana) new and updated ExampleHtml.cpp
- 74c9869 2019-08-14 FeRD (Frank Dana) Python & Ruby bindings for new Readers
- 0ee9ed8 2019-08-14 Jeff Shillitto Delete image on close
- 5a08afd 2019-08-14 Jeff Shillitto Set info.vcodec to QImage
- 3b4580a 2019-08-14 Jeff Shillitto Update documentation with css parameter and valid color values
- acc2706 2019-08-13 FeRD (Frank Dana) Remove nonexistent example from cmake build
- 8ab535f 2019-08-13 FeRD (Frank Dana) Update ExampleHtml.cpp for QGuiApplication
- ada13dd 2019-08-13 Jeff Shillitto Disable undo/redo stack
- 78f370e 2019-08-13 Jeff Shillitto Add ability to apply style sheet/css to format HTML
- c8f2c08 2019-08-13 Jeff Shillitto Add authors to docs
- 745225a 2019-08-13 Jeff Shillitto Rename variable to font_size. Add docs for QApplication
- 5b4bfa8 2019-08-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) Remove mentions of nonexistent InitFileInfo()
- c7457e5 2019-08-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) Build example executables correctly
- b2942f4 2019-08-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) ExampleHtml.cpp updates
- 140b5fd 2019-08-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) Add src/examples/ExampleHtml.cpp test program
- b90a83d 2019-08-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix documentation-comment formatting, for Doxygen
- dfbcb47 2019-08-12 SuslikV Disable debug logger on close
- c4126ae 2019-08-11 FeRD (Frank Dana) Bindings: Apply #defines for optional libs
- 482ad6b 2019-08-11 Jeff Shillitto Tidy and remove duplicate include
- 3681121 2019-08-11 Jeff Shillitto Remove std namespace usage
- dbd8092 2019-08-11 Jeff Shillitto General tidy up and code quality, consistency update
- 141e6ba 2019-08-10 FeRD (Frank Dana) Use std::stoll to convert JSON values
- 76fc1ef 2019-08-09 FeRD (Frank Dana) QtImageReader: Safer ReSVG file extension checks
- 59fe417 2019-08-08 SuslikV Unify indentation of the code strings
- 5fb9755 2019-08-06 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix truncated output filenames in FFmpegWriter
- fc76462 2019-08-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) Update table in for Doxygen
- 066e255 2019-08-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) AudioResampler: Add juce:: prefixing
- 9ba18d6 2019-08-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) std:: prefixing for Example.cpp
- b03a701 2019-08-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) Python openshot.i: Namespace fixes
- dd74fa3 2019-08-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) ruby openshot.i: namespace fixes
- 3ce85d0 2019-08-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) openshot:: prefixing as needed for SWIG
- ce8ff07 2019-08-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) Audio headers: juce:: prefixing as needed
- bf078a9 2019-08-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) AudioDeviceInfo.h: Add `namespace openshot {}`
- 91dbcbc 2019-08-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) std:: prefixes
- 45cfda4 2019-08-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) (include/src)/effects/: std::prefixes
- 352fd66 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Remaining std:: prefixes
- 4407685 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) (Reader,Writer,Effect)Base.cpp: std:: prefixes
- 182db74 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) ChunkWriter.cpp: std:: prefixes
- be9a32c 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) *.h: Eliminate remaining 'using' statements
- 1334450 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Decklink*: std:: prefixes
- f88fd7a 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) FFmpegWriter: std:: prefixes
- 33cfb8b 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Clip/DummyReader: std:: prefixes
- 38e82e7 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) EffectBase/EffectInfo: std:: prefixes
- 071fc8c 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) ImageReader/ImageWriter: std:: prefixes
- b56ebf5 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) QtPlayer/QtImageReader: std:: prefixes
- ed895f0 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Profiles/Settings: std:: prefixes
- 3879b09 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) FrameMapper/KeyFrame/Point: std:: prefixes
- f927cc0 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Color/Coordinate: std:: prefixes
- 4f38ac9 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) ChunkReader/ChunkWriter: std:: prefixes
- 9f32f5e 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) std:: prefixes for ClipBase
- b64a100 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) std:: prefixes for ReaderBase
- 5746cd7 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) std:: prefixes for TextReader.h/.cpp
- cb567e4 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) std:: prefixes for AudioBufferSource/AudioDeviceInfo
- b6b832f 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) std:: prefixes for CacheBase/Disk/Memory
- 0b6f9ff 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) AudioReaderSource.h: Remove 'using...std'
- b4b6223 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) std:: prefixes for FFmpegReader.h/.cpp
- e49039d 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) std:: prefixes for Timeline.h/.cpp
- 3946eaa 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix include path list, for subdirectories
- 0dbbe94 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Use std:: in WriterBase
- c77f009 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Remove "dummy" args from ZmqLogger stragglers
- 552f753 2019-08-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Prefix all string types with std::
- 160df3a 2019-08-02 FeRD (Frank Dana) Python install path: remove site-packages detection
- f434b06 2019-07-31 eisneinechse Move #endif
- bacd46d 2019-07-30 SuslikV Fix crash during seeking at the start of the file
- 4d7ecde 2019-07-30 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix misleading indentation
- e94436b 2019-07-30 FeRD (Frank Dana) Raise SWIG version requirement to 3.0
- e9ba82d 2019-07-27 jediserg --add missing include and header guard macro
- 7e57156 2019-07-26 FeRD (Frank Dana) Enable Audio/Video choices show as Auto/Off/On
- 2ffce23 2019-07-25 Jonathan Thomas Enable verbose logging origin/msys2-update, msys2-update
- 50963c6 2019-07-25 Jonathan Thomas Enable verbose logging
- cf0e827 2019-07-23 Jonathan Thomas Adding logging support for resvg (which will output on stderr) origin/improved-resvg-logging, improved-resvg-logging
- 40521c9 2019-07-22 Sergei Kolesov --add gravity to QtHtmlReader
- efddb1b 2019-07-16 Jonathan Thomas Fixing python3.6 to 3.7 Windows reference
- bfd7079 2019-07-16 Jonathan Thomas Fixing python3.6 to 3.7 Windows reference
- 47d6977 2019-07-16 Frank Dana Fix override syntax
- 4a1d133 2019-07-16 nick black PlayerDemo: declare keyPressEvent() override
- 09a1715 2019-07-16 Jonathan Thomas Updating MSYS2 with new syntax
- 935a740 2019-07-12 Frank Dana Remove spurious include
- c4c625b 2019-07-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) Add 0.1.8 minimum version for libopenshot-audio
- 8dcefbd 2019-07-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) Overhaul FindOpenShotAudio.cmake
- 0ac3720 2019-07-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) SWIG: Warnings cleanup
- bf4323f 2019-07-12 Jeff Shillitto Fixed missing include and Qt gravity
- 35eb6ad 2019-07-11 FeRD (Frank Dana) Clean up allocated memory in JSON code
- 86e610b 2019-07-10 Frank Dana Fix parameter documentation for brightness
- 9806694 2019-07-09 Jonathan Thomas Fix crash caused by resvg failing to parse SVG (when Qt can still parse things fine) origin/fix-resvg-render-size, fix-resvg-render-size
- a4cc119 2019-07-09 Jonathan Thomas Fix SVG render size for Resvg (breaking common transitions)
- fd79eba 2019-07-07 FeRD (Frank Dana) Install docs in DOCDIR/API, if built
- ac9ea27 2019-07-06 jediserg --add QtHtmlReader
- 3577280 2019-07-06 FeRD (Frank Dana) Exclude all build* files/directories @ root level
- e1ffe07 2019-07-03 FeRD (Frank Dana) ZmqLogger.h: Correct default values for optional params
- f29a6bc 2019-07-03 FeRD (Frank Dana) Trim unnecessary args off logging calls
- 75c9565 2019-07-03 FeRD (Frank Dana) ZmqLogger.h: Remove using namespace std; add prefixes
- 2dc2fff 2019-07-03 FeRD (Frank Dana) ZmqLogger: default AppendDebugMethod()'s extra params
- 8076514 2019-07-03 FeRD (Frank Dana) Exceptions.h: fixes for noexcept, unused vars, std::
- 25b5225 2019-07-03 FeRD (Frank Dana) Always catch-by-reference in C++11
- cb6ac21 2019-07-03 FeRD (Frank Dana) src/effects: Catch-by-reference
- 8158a1f 2019-07-03 FeRD (Frank Dana) Catch-by-reference for tests/Clip_Tests
- db51ea1 2019-07-03 FeRD (Frank Dana) FFmpegUtilities: inline av_make_error_string
- 4e08ab3 2019-07-01 Jonathan Thomas Fixing a few more conflicts between this branch and develop origin/cmake-owns-version, cmake-owns-version
- 376170d 2019-07-01 Jonathan Thomas Merging work from @ferdnyc, to move version info to CMake, and other misc Cmake improvements. This was the easiest way to resolve the merge conflict for me (to apply it locally and commit it).
- cf9fbf4 2019-06-26 FeRD (Frank Dana) Properly install DLL on Win32
- 8f42a9f 2019-06-26 Frank Dana Fix tabs-vs-spaces indent in Timeline.h
- b851508 2019-06-25 jediserg --add QtTextWriter (it's based on TextReader and use Qt instead image magick)
- e2677e4 2019-06-22 Chad Walker fix the crop_x and crop_y min and max
- 094c378 2019-06-21 Chad Walker add crop properties to json
- 9d09b65 2019-06-21 Jonathan Thomas Revert "Don't break Python install path detection on Debian"
- ac8876f 2019-06-21 Jonathan Thomas Removing duplicated destructor definitions and implementations... so our virtual destructors will not break on older toolchains. origin/virtual-destructor-break, virtual-destructor-break
- c7371bc 2019-06-21 Jonathan Thomas Fixing invalid script path origin/auto-update-documentation, auto-update-documentation
- bf9e45b 2019-06-21 Jonathan Thomas Make docs on Linux builder, and auto-update doc files for develop branch
- a47d5b5 2019-06-21 Frank Dana Add backwards-compatible Imagemagick 7 support (#252)
- c54a370 2019-06-20 eisneinechse Update FFmpegUtilities.h
- 40b9891 2019-06-20 eisneinechse Update FFmpegWriter.cpp
- ddd7821 2019-06-19 FeRD (Frank Dana) Also adjust tests for new jsoncpp
- 9378225 2019-06-19 FeRD (Frank Dana) Add -no-integrated-cpp for G++ < 9
- 744a4f3 2019-06-19 FeRD (Frank Dana) Remove Json:Reader
- eab81b0 2019-06-19 FeRD (Frank Dana) Upgrade jsoncpp to 1.8.4
- 26090c2 2019-06-13 FeRD (Frank Dana) Set the dot graphs to generate as interactive SVG
- 95aca48 2019-06-13 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix some bugs in UseDoxygen.cmake
- 55f26a2 2019-06-13 FeRD (Frank Dana) Switch on referenced-by linking
- 0dcbc20 2019-06-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) Doxygen docs: Link to install docs
- 7319201 2019-06-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) Doygen: Include doc/*.md in docs
- 4455f77 2019-06-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) Crop.h: Remove nonexistent color argument
- 5292661 2019-06-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) Also remove install guide ref from OpenShot.h
- 3ba6ba2 2019-06-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) Upgrade
- df4fc4b 2019-06-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) Remove doc/InstallationGuide.pdf
- 7d8c1da 2019-06-12 Frank Dana Exclude all examples
- 0fd335a 2019-06-11 Chad Walker use source_image->width() and source_image->height() instead of scaled_source_width and scaled_source_height
- f82c01d 2019-06-11 Chad Walker make use of crop_x, crop_y, crop_with, crop_height keyframes
- 9261f46 2019-06-11 FeRD (Frank Dana) More copyright, missed a few older ones
- f170fdd 2019-06-11 FeRD (Frank Dana) Update copyright range to current year
- be7db11 2019-06-11 SuslikV Add streamable file format options for mp4, mov
- ae96690 2019-06-09 FeRD (Frank Dana) Exclude python source
- 0327c2a 2019-06-09 FeRD (Frank Dana) Remove license block from documentation comment
- 722d672 2019-06-08 Jonathan Thomas Update Frame.cpp
- 3f926f4 2019-06-08 Jonathan Thomas Update FFmpegReader_Tests.cpp
- 238e2d1 2019-06-08 Jonathan Thomas Update FFmpegReader_Tests.cpp
- 2b308c6 2019-06-08 Jonathan Thomas Update Frame.h
- 438b2c3 2019-06-08 Jonathan Thomas Update Frame.cpp
- 2be5e5e 2019-06-04 Jonathan Thomas Fixing crash on certain hardware accelerator modes (specifically decoder 2, device 0) origin/hardware-improvements, hardware-improvements
- e1b474e 2019-06-03 eisneinechse Silence deprecated warnings in ffmpeg 3.x
- 855fd85 2019-05-10 Jeff Shillitto Fix path to Settings.h
- 13e74b1 2019-05-31 Jonathan Thomas Adding new CheckPixel method to validate a specific pixel color
- 25e51d8 2019-05-30 Chris Kirmse free cache in FrameMapper::Close()
- fab70dd 2019-05-15 Chad Walker plug another small leak
- 4a3985e 2019-05-14 Jonathan Thomas Updating comment origin/memory-fixes, memory-fixes
- 9ffd6a6 2019-05-13 Jonathan Thomas Fixing crash when destructing Timeline/Clips/FrameMapper
- 6335d6f 2019-05-13 Jonathan Thomas Adding debugging messaging to unit test which is failing on Travis CI
- 968e472 2019-05-13 Jonathan Thomas Tweak how Timeline manages the cache object (sometimes itself, and sometimes by the user if they call SetCache)
- bd21d1a 2019-05-13 Jonathan Thomas Fixing crash on Timeline::Close due to deleted FrameMappers
- 8ea0af5 2019-05-10 Chris Kirmse fix allocations to be done the same for ffmpeg < 3.2
- d5a2950 2019-05-09 Chris Kirmse change freeing of frame_mappers allocated in Timeline
- 833fcb8 2019-05-08 Chris Kirmse fix a number of memory leaks
- d23197c 2019-05-08 Jonathan Thomas Updating hwaccel table to use emojis (instead of words) take 3 origin/improved-qimage-scale-caching, improved-qimage-scale-caching
- c55d855 2019-05-05 eisneinechse Simplification
- bfa8a83 2019-05-03 eisneinechse The default return value is present
- 626a2f7 2019-05-02 FeRD (Frank Dana) Python: Assume /usr/local prefix on Debian
- eab0bbb 2019-05-02 Jonathan Thomas Revert "Update Python install path detection"
- 4a0f0fa 2019-05-02 Jonathan Thomas Updating hwaccel table to use emojis (instead of words) take 3 origin/hardware-support, hardware-support
- 10ef883 2019-05-02 Jonathan Thomas Updating hwaccel table to use emojis (instead of words)
- da07ab2 2019-05-02 Jonathan Thomas Updating hwaccel table to use emojis (instead of words)
- 6f00062 2019-05-02 Jonathan Thomas Fixing small regression with SetMaxSize and missing display_ratio and pixel_ratio
- 2b42574 2019-05-01 Jonathan Thomas Adding SetJson support for display_ratio and pixel_ratio updates, and improving SetMaxSize to maintain aspect ratio correctly, regardless of what is passed in. This helps support things like square aspect ratios.
- fad8f40 2019-04-30 Jonathan Thomas Simplifying hardware decoder logic (when looking for pixmap)
- 9324b69 2019-04-30 Jonathan Thomas Improving HW-ACCEL documentation
- 27450a8 2019-04-30 eisneinechse Clarify table
- 70f07ca 2019-04-30 Jonathan Thomas Improving HW-ACCEL documentation
- cdb4ae5 2019-04-29 Jonathan Thomas Fixing crash on Mac due to juce::String again
- 2bafe60 2019-04-28 Jonathan Thomas Removing 0 cases, and adding new QSV decoder support (experimental)
- 3bd2ae5 2019-04-28 Jonathan Thomas Integrating VDPAU decoding into libopenshot
- eea67ad 2019-04-27 eisneinechse Link to instruction to produce ffmpeg 4 plus the libraries on Ubuntu that support nVidia GPU acceleration. Tested on Mint 19.1.
- 665a03f 2019-04-27 Sergey Parfenyuk Fix logical statements
- 49831a2 2019-04-27 Sergey Parfenyuk Add virtual destructor for abstract classes
- ef2ed56 2019-04-24 Jonathan Thomas More refactoring for Mac compile breakage
- a69c34f 2019-04-24 Jonathan Thomas Small refactor to audio device manager initialise (to prevent compile breakage on Mac)
- 140fbad 2019-04-23 Jonathan Thomas Added new AudioDeviceInfo struct, and populate a vector of them on QtPlayer initialization. This allows a user to overwrite the preferred audio device by using the setting PLAYBACK_AUDIO_DEVICE_NAME.
- 7933527 2019-04-21 Jonathan Thomas Removing old commented out code
- 65d9134 2019-04-21 eisneinechse Remove DECODE varaible. Turn out that a buggy graphic driver was the problem.
- e6efea7 2019-04-21 eisneinechse Update documentation
- 0e77fbd 2019-04-21 eisneinechse Re-anable the DECODER test
- bb561ae 2019-04-21 eisneinechse Temporarily disable test for DECODER
- 825e38a 2019-04-21 eisneinechse Removing old way to select hardware support Removing the decode setting makes hardware supported decode break. There must be some hidden dependency on that variable somewhere which might also be responsible for the problems with nVidia on Linux. TODO Remove the dependency
- 4c65804 2019-04-19 eisneinechse User interface is now usable
- f6465e3 2019-04-18 Jonathan Thomas Experimental Python install path logic
- 8d3263f 2019-04-18 eisneinechse Some information
- 19f5fa3 2019-04-18 eisneinechse Replace qsv with videotoolbox for MacOS codec library. Windows and MacOS is not tested! We need users who test it.
- b3f5406 2019-04-18 Jonathan Thomas More code reformatting on FFmpegWriter.h/.cpp
- dc4d687 2019-04-18 Frank Dana Travis CI: Also run `make install`
- 7930b28 2019-04-18 FeRD (Frank Dana) Update Python install path detection
- 893b91b 2019-04-18 Jonathan Thomas Adding doc/ document, code reformatting, some variable renaming
- dcff724 2019-04-11 eisneinechse Revert to older version plus add slash
- 2dd1969 2019-04-11 eisneinechse Alternate version
- 94d4de4 2019-04-11 eisneinechse 2nd attempt
- f61d054 2019-04-11 eisneinechse cmake hack Find the right install directory. I hope someone will come up with a more elegant way.
- 195b576 2019-04-06 FeRD (Frank Dana) Make os_test use openshot-test target
- 04b3d2f 2019-04-06 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix up JsonCPP discovery messages
- 2748e9a 2019-04-06 FeRD (Frank Dana) Use if(POLICY)
- 62a68aa 2019-04-06 Jonathan Thomas Fixing python install logic in gitlab (since we've changed the prefix of where it's installed) origin/fix-python-install-cmake3, fix-python-install-cmake3
- 6e7b989 2019-04-06 Jonathan Thomas Removing policy experiment origin/rename-cmake-test, rename-cmake-test
- 9a7a720 2019-04-06 eisneinechse change target of test to os_test in travis
- 999d202 2019-04-06 eisneinechse cmake target test renamed to os_test (test is predefined in cmake 3)
- 496183c 2019-04-06 Jonathan Thomas change `make test` to `make os_test` (due to changes in cmake 3)
- ab46eea 2019-04-06 FeRD (Frank Dana) Remove accidentally-committed tilde files
- dbc6e8e 2019-04-05 Jonathan Thomas Attempt to fix cmake "test" reserved word error
- b1f1df7 2019-04-05 Jonathan Thomas Attempt to fix cmake "test" reserved word error
- 42e2c99 2019-04-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) Re-enable C lang for old CMake
- f26978d 2019-04-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) tests/CMakeLists.txt: Use generic PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR
- f3c35da 2019-04-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) Don't break older cmake with new policy
- 268e72a 2019-04-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Update copyright and cmake output
- 3d8c241 2019-04-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Bindings build in CMake 3.1-3.14+
- 708f325 2019-04-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Modernize project for CMake 3.1+
- 6ee1ab1 2018-07-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) Use updated, improved UseDoxygen.cmake
- 85a1029 2019-04-04 Jonathan Thomas Updating Qt apt repository for xenial origin/juce5, juce5
- 6fb4971 2019-04-04 Jonathan Thomas Requiring sudo for Travis ci
- 4c532fe 2019-04-04 Jonathan Thomas Change travis ci to use xenial dist (instead of trusty)
- 9dbb063 2019-04-04 Jonathan Thomas Persist any error returned by JUCE during initialise() method, such as sample rate issues on Windows (when playback and recording sample rates do not match, which breaks WASAPI)
- 76e87e6 2019-04-03 Jonathan Thomas Reorder x64 windows build before x86 build
- 6e2600d 2019-03-30 Jonathan Thomas Moving JuceHeader.h below other includes, to be sure it is always included after system libraries (for Mac Point build failure)
- 13ab8b4 2019-03-30 Jonathan Thomas Moving JuceHeader.h in ZmqLogger.h, to come after system libraries (to prevent error on Mac related to Point declaration)
- 7e7f5c3 2019-03-29 FeRD (Frank Dana) Use new Juce header file location
- 3e5dc1d 2019-03-29 FeRD (Frank Dana) Streamline libopenshot-audio discovery
- 650d3ec 2019-03-14 Chris Kirmse fix grammar error with possessive its and update sample for audio parameter
- cd4e25e 2019-03-10 eisneinechse Fix for FFmpeg 2.x
- a170d7d 2019-03-10 eisneinechse Check if the codec supports CRF when setting q values
- b5ebc99 2019-03-10 eisneinechse Adjust the q values for low quality crf settings
- 6b9a9ca 2019-03-08 eisneinechse Removed the branch for low fixed bitrate q values as it did not work with mpeg2 export. Now for low fixed bitrates no presets for the q values are set. TODO find the optimum q values for each codec for low and high bitrates
- 6a21c98 2019-03-08 eisneinechse Fixed q values for low fixed bitrates. Low bitrates should now be produced if desired. DOTO fine tune the q values
- 16c3d53 2019-03-08 eisneinechse Fix problem with q values for crf quality setting. DOTO adjust q values according to desired quality
- 48a2656 2019-03-01 eisneinechse AVoid crashes with mp3 that are tagged by removing AV_ALLOCATE_IMAGE(pFrame, AV_GET_CODEC_PIXEL_FORMAT( ...
- a2b8eaf 2019-02-15 eisneinechse Allow to use nvenc and nvdec in Windows for nVidia cards. nVidia card don't use the DX API like intel or AMD cards. If ffmpeg and the libraries are compiled with nvenc and nvdec support on WIndows this should(!) now work.
- 334a46c 2019-02-01 eisneinechse Fix check if GPU can be used for encoding and decoding
- 2e635e3 2019-01-31 eisneinechse Formating and Cleanup Fix forgotten break in switch
- 596ae0e 2019-01-30 eisneinechse More changes to move to Settings, still needs work
- 2ca8421 2019-01-30 eisneinechse First changes to use Settings instead of GetEnv
- 7e3669b 2019-01-29 eisneinechse Formating
- 05fb797 2019-01-29 eisneinechse Move the check if hw accell ecoding is used with crf to the right place
- 39bf06b 2019-01-27 eisneinechse Now VP8, VP9, h.264, h.265 have working crf
- 1a44bd7 2019-01-27 eisneinechse Make sure that crf is not set in SetOptions
- 46051fb 2019-01-27 eisneinechse Form follows function Moved crf back to SetVideoOptions and adjusted parameters Now h.264 and VP9 have working crf Some small changes in preparation for Settings
- 9aeec7d 2019-01-26 eisneinechse Set the bitrate to 0 if no valid value was given. It is needed for the crf lossless setting
- bb8efeb 2019-01-26 FeRD (Frank Dana) Ruby: Rename RSHIFT to RB_RSHIFT, temporarily
- f2db5fd 2019-01-26 FeRD (Frank Dana) FFmpegUtilities: Rename RSHIFT to FF_RSHIFT
- e10695f 2018-12-20 eisneinechse Fixed two memory leaks
- 4dcc72a 2018-12-19 eisneinechse Fixed bug compiling for older ffmpeg versions < 3.2
- dac2c9a 2018-12-15 Jeff Shillitto Add a text background colored box option to the text reader
- de1bd4f 2018-12-09 eisneinechse Typos in Windows part
- 23e2871 2018-12-08 eisneinechse Bring Windows and Mac up to date
- 70954f8 2018-12-08 eisneinechse Typo, plus removed hack for my hardware
- d07e851 2018-12-08 eisneinechse Hardware decode and encode can now be configured completely in Preferences->Performance. The old enable hardware decode is disabled. Now the graphics card can be chosen (0 is the first one) that should be used for encode and/or decode. They needn't be the same! nVidia decode still not working nVidia encode is working with driver 396 Vaapi should be working. mesa-va-drivers must be installed for AMD i965-va-driver must be installed for intel GPUs. Using one card to decode and one to encode an option with laptops with an iGPU and a dedicated GPU (dGPU), as an example.
- 7cadeb3 2018-11-26 eisneinechse More cleanup
- 1713fec 2018-11-26 eisneinechse More adjustments to enable hardware decode with nvdec/cuvid
- e7f2494 2018-11-26 eisneinechse First changes to make hardware accelerated DECODE work with decoders other than vaapi. Encode is already working for nvenc; nvidia driver 396 has to be installed for nvenc to work. On nVidia card turn accelerated decode off in Preferences->Performance for now
- 514cb11 2018-11-25 eisneinechse When multiple graphics cards are installed the import with hardware acceleration has to have the card number set or the opening of the device will fail. TODO check multiple formats. Right now only the first is checked which is vaapi.
- 325f58f 2018-11-15 eisneinechse Changes to use AV1 if ffmpeg >= 4.0 is used with libaom support
- 53eec32 2018-09-25 eisneinechse In case CRF is not supported like in hardware accelerated codecs or in mpeg2 a bitrate is calculated that should be close to the one expected with the given CRF value.
- 1cd8401 2018-09-23 eisneinechse Put brackets in the if statement to show that the pragma critical and the followwing command are one block.
- b925a9b 2018-09-23 eisneinechse protect add_effect with critical
- 0227397 2018-09-19 eisneinechse Set the graphics card used to decode or encode by setting the environment variable HW_EN_DEVICE_SET for enncoding and HW_DE_DEVICE_SET for decoding. The first card is 0, the second 1 and so on. For now only running on Linux.
- f2323da 2018-09-19 eisneinechse Preparation to choose the graphics card not by name but by number 1, 2, 3. First implementation just for Linux and decode
- 0b260a9 2018-09-18 eisneinechse Code cleanup and move messages regarding hardware acceleration to Debug Logger
- 555eb1f 2018-09-18 eisneinechse Use logger for messages about acceleration
- 1f36d12 2018-09-18 Jonathan Thomas Moving delcaration outside of conditional compile logic (so Windows and Mac builds work)
- 161acb3 2018-09-18 eisneinechse Include messages in the compile display to make sure the right ffmpeg version is used (>= 3.2) to get hardware acceleration
- 800dc87 2018-09-18 eisneinechse Information is printed to the console where openshot was started that shows if hardware decode or siftware decode is being used
- 38f4bc6 2018-09-18 eisneinechse Adding aoutput if decode device is not found
- df9d1a5 2018-09-16 eisneinechse Implement the use of CRF instead od kB/s or MB/s for some formats: VP8, VP9, h264, h265 0 crf with VP9 is lossless 0 crf with VP8, h264, h265 should be lossless
- 08c7f88 2018-09-14 eisneinechse The part of the code that should get the config that is used to get the constraints of the GPU is now inside a #if . One can enable it by setting the constant in line 33 of FFmpegReader.cpp to 1. Do not enable that part unless you want to fid a way that works as it also needs the package libva-dev (Ubuntu) to be installed.
- d97a1bc 2018-09-14 eisneinechse Commented code that isn't working yet but complicates compilation by needing extra packages.
- 3a2d468 2018-09-13 eisneinechse Included an if for included files not present in ffmpeg 2
- 10c8d69 2018-09-13 eisneinechse Maximum width and height for hardware decode can now be set in preferences
- cfcddd1 2018-09-13 eisneinechse Still not able to retreive the maximum dimensions supported by the hardware (line 312 FFmegReader.cpp) Now using defaults of 1950 * 1100 defined in lines 35,36
- a1ffa6b 2018-09-11 eisneinechse Removed one include
- 4db2217 2018-09-11 eisneinechse Fallback for hardware accelerated decode to software decode in case the GPU can noy handle the dimensions of the frame. Not yet working, va_config not yet set.
- f8fed17 2018-09-09 eisneinechse More code cleanup (easier to read) Comment included with start of error handling
- aff1be9 2018-09-09 eisneinechse Support for multiple input files
- c29bf21 2018-09-09 eisneinechse Simplifications of FFmpegReader and start of setting parameters per input file
- 2a80cca 2018-09-08 eisneinechse Let hw_de_on be visible to all versions of ffmpeg
- d6f52ea 2018-09-08 eisneinechse Only use the hw accel variables when ffmpeg >= 3.2
- e7c94e7 2018-09-08 eisneinechse hide dx11
- 36cbba2 2018-09-08 eisneinechse More cleanup
- 0191ff5 2018-09-08 eisneinechse Further cleanup
- e7c1ced 2018-09-08 eisneinechse Cleanup import video hardware accelerated and first attempt with nvidia cards. Still no error handling when the dimensions of the video are too large
- 16c8302 2018-09-08 eisneinechse Basic support for nvidia encode (decode later)
- f7dd2b1 2018-09-08 eisneinechse First adjustment to later include NVENC (nvidia encoder)
- 6925f6f 2018-09-07 eisneinechse Use the static scheduler in ordered clause. Otherwise OpenMP uses a scheduler it thinks is best which can be dynamic or guided. Both sometimes let other threads continue before the block is finished. That will crash the program with high thread counts and a cache that is not large enough to hold old enough frames, which leads to a crash when in some cases like transitions two different frames are used although one is no longer in the cache. The static scheduler always waits until the block is finished before enabling other threads.
- be979cd 2018-09-06 eisneinechse Accelerated encode now supported by Windows and Mac. Only tested on Linux though due to absense of hardware/software. Tested to compile on Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, 18.04, and 18.10 Acceleration only available on systems with ffmpeg 3.2 and up Very early code, work in progress. Issues to be fixed soon: if hardware cannot decode because the size is too big it keeps trying. more interfaces supported like vdpau in Linux error handling user interface Many commented lines of code are still in the source to help people start who may want to help.
- 063faef 2018-09-04 eisneinechse Hardware acceleration for Windows and Mac, still disabled but code is there. This should show where modifications are to be made to support Linux, Mac, and Windows Only decoding, encoding will follow soon
- 314177b 2018-09-02 eisneinechse Let the user choose which installed graphics card to use for decoding HW_DE_DEVICE_SET and/or encoding HW_EN_DEVICE_SET Possible options are /dev/dri/renderD128 for the first, /dev/dri/renderD129 for the second, and so on.
- 384b6e0 2018-08-31 eisneinechse Set limit of threads for OpenMP and ffmpeg by setting the environment variables LIMIT_OMP_THREADS and LIMIT_FF_THREADS If they are not set the normal values are used
- 340803e 2018-08-31 eisneinechse Initial rudimentary support for hardware acceleration (encode and decode) Only Linux vaapi for now
- 6b5e2d4 2018-08-12 Jonathan Thomas Moving `omp taskwait` to after the ProcessVideoPacket() method, since that is the only place it is useful.
- 8216795 2018-08-12 Jonathan Thomas Adding environment checking to enable/disable omp taskwait after each video/audio frame is processed. This is experimental for some users with crashes.
- 95abdcf 2018-08-11 Jonathan Thomas FFmpeg4 support. Compile warnings fixes. Credit goes to many people, including ferdnyc, peterM, and other awesome folks!
- c570868 2018-06-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) Update wipe-tests example to latest API

**libopenshot-audio details**
- d4b8aa4 2020-01-08 Jonathan Thomas Improved way to generate git logs from the current commit to the previous tag. During a release, we tag the current commit during the publishing, and then it starts detecting no changes (since we are ON the current tag). HEAD -> release-20200105, origin/release-20200105
- ffd3043 2020-01-07 Jonathan Thomas Bumping HEX_VERSION_OVERRIDE also (forgot this)
- 12eb1c1 2020-01-05 Jonathan Thomas Bump version to 0.1.9 (SO 7)
- f264bc8 2019-11-13 FeRD (Frank Dana) Apply JUCE input device fix
- 006fd01 2019-11-11 FeRD (Frank Dana) Travis: Remove unused packages
- 33e66c7 2019-10-22 FeRD (Frank Dana) Use IMPORTED target for Thread library
- 349681e 2019-10-21 FeRD (Frank Dana) ALSA: Use or create IMPORTED library target
- eee055d 2019-10-21 FeRD (Frank Dana) ZLIB: Use IMPORTED target for linking
- da57427 2019-09-16 FeRD (Frank Dana) Update build messages for documentation
- 17dd86e 2019-09-14 FeRD (Frank Dana) Travis: Add Ubuntu Bionic (18.04) build
- 8482dcb 2019-07-30 FeRD (Frank Dana) Travis: build with "-Wall -Wpedantic" flags
- 0f2c251 2019-07-30 FeRD (Frank Dana) Main.cpp: Remove unused variable
- 474aef1 2019-07-26 FeRD (Frank Dana) Drop extra win32 libs, update comments
- 12d2a07 2019-07-26 FeRD (Frank Dana) Prune Win32 link libraries
- d1c09f8 2019-07-25 Jonathan Thomas Fixing order of windows link commands (hopefully). Kernel32.dll must come after Winmm.dll, or older versions of 32-bit windows will fail to find certain symbols.
- 434676b 2019-07-25 Jonathan Thomas Enable verbose logging, enabling 32-bit builds of libopenshot-audio for Windows origin/msys2-update, msys2-update
- 49ac102 2019-07-25 Jonathan Thomas Enable verbose logging
- 456569b 2019-07-19 FeRD (Frank Dana) Travis: OS X updates
- 534e81d 2019-07-16 Jonathan Thomas Adding make arg
- de5ccae 2019-07-16 Jonathan Thomas Changing makefile type to MSYS Makefile
- 8b84173 2019-07-07 FeRD (Frank Dana) Travis: add MacOS build
- 36917e4 2019-07-07 FeRD (Frank Dana) Clean up hardcoded hex version slightly
- b6f0507 2019-07-07 FeRD (Frank Dana) Add ugly workaround for PROJECT_VERSION_HEX
- f0b462b 2019-07-07 FeRD (Frank Dana) Generate JUCE headers from templates
- 0c86a6d 2019-07-07 FeRD (Frank Dana) Move doc install to DOCDIR/API
- 95afd92 2019-07-06 FeRD (Frank Dana) Exclude all build* files/directories @ root level
- 9235689 2019-07-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix Python3 discovery, add docs install
- 206c52d 2019-07-01 FeRD (Frank Dana) Turn off Doxygen warnings
- 64350f3 2019-07-01 FeRD (Frank Dana) Check targets exist b4 setting depends
- 3f96c16 2019-06-30 FeRD (Frank Dana) A few more Doxygen tweaks
- 604961e 2019-06-30 FeRD (Frank Dana) Clean up formatting for doxygen
- 531e0cd 2019-06-30 FeRD (Frank Dana) Don't remove juce namespace
- 1438ace 2019-06-13 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix some bugs in UseDoxygen.cmake
- acb3b0e 2019-06-12 FeRD (Frank Dana) Doygen: Include doc/*.md in docs
- aab360c 2019-06-30 FeRD (Frank Dana) Doxygen: Update formatting from JUCE configs
- 2966e43 2019-06-30 FeRD (Frank Dana) Update configs from JUCE distribution
- 78be6f4 2019-06-30 FeRD (Frank Dana) Upgrade with doxygen -u
- 5577587 2019-06-27 Frank Dana Win32: Update DONT_AUTOLINK define name
- 1844e5a 2019-06-26 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix Win32 library install
- 8c03300 2019-06-19 FeRD (Frank Dana) Remove documentation install logic
- 6a2c5e6 2019-06-19 FeRD (Frank Dana) Define version info in CMakeLists.txt
- 76986d4 2019-04-18 Frank Dana Travis CI: Also run `make install`
- c2891b6 2019-04-09 Frank Dana Restore missing blank line
- ff0c88e 2019-04-09 FeRD (Frank Dana) Remove X11 and freetype libs from Travis build
- 70ba9fc 2019-04-09 FeRD (Frank Dana) Remove graphical dependencies
- cdc29e4 2019-04-05 Jonathan Thomas Requiring sudo for Travis ci origin/fix-cmake3-syntax, fix-cmake3-syntax
- 9da71f5 2019-04-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Modernize project for CMake 3.1+
- 76794f6 2019-04-04 FeRD (Frank Dana) Use updated, improved UseDoxygen.cmake
- 7e98e5c 2019-04-04 Jonathan Thomas Requiring sudo for Travis ci origin/new-travis-dist, new-travis-dist
- 971e253 2019-04-04 Jonathan Thomas Updating travis ci dist to xenial (instead of trusty). Trusty does not use cmake 3, and is about to be retired.
- 7fef90d 2019-04-03 Jonathan Thomas Reorder x64 windows build before x86 build origin/juce5, juce5
- 7eb42e5 2019-04-03 Jonathan Thomas Output error during initialise() in openshot-audio-test-sound program
- 83ce9e1 2019-03-30 Jonathan Thomas Enabling JUCE_WASAPI_EXCLUSIVE
- 29b42e6 2019-03-30 Jonathan Thomas Init COM on thread (WASAPI won't work with libopenshot-audio without this line)
- 10835cb 2019-03-30 Jonathan Thomas Experimental attempt to ignore MacType.h Point class
- 2543574 2019-03-29 Jonathan Thomas Correctly including and linking ZLIB for Mac and Windows
- e5c5878 2019-03-29 Jonathan Thomas Adding c++11 for Linux builds as well (and doing tweaking some formatting)
- de66645 2019-03-29 FeRD (Frank Dana) C++11 for the test program, too
- a01262e 2019-03-29 FeRD (Frank Dana) Enable C++11 support, for Juce 5
- c43849c 2019-03-29 FeRD (Frank Dana) Install AppConfig.h as well
- b6e5337 2019-03-29 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix isfinite() for ruby bindings
- 7cdd88f 2019-03-29 FeRD (Frank Dana) Re-parent Juce header install path
- f8dcc44 2019-03-29 FeRD (Frank Dana) Use cmake FindALSA module to detect asound
- 3f409cc 2019-03-29 FeRD (Frank Dana) Use cmake detection for zlib (unbundled)
- f35dfd4 2019-03-29 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix globbing to pick up Juce sources
- 64d9cc9 2019-03-29 FeRD (Frank Dana) Detect Freetype with standard cmake module
- 71a032d 2019-03-29 FeRD (Frank Dana) Update build configs for new Juce
- dfa4d65 2019-03-29 FeRD (Frank Dana) Don't pollute global namespace with std
- 6b33856 2019-03-29 FeRD (Frank Dana) Regenerate Juce from 5.4.3
- 955948d 2018-05-05 FeRD (Frank Dana) Fix spelling of ASIO in CMakeLists.txt

File Description Downloads
download icon libopenshot-audio-0.1.9.tar.gz (md5, sig) libopenshot-audio source code 13
last downloaded 62 weeks ago
download icon libopenshot-0.2.4.tar.gz (md5, sig) libopenshot source code 14
last downloaded 58 weeks ago
Total downloads: 27

0.2.3 release from the 0.2 series released

Release information
Release notes:

Bumping version to 0.2.3 (SO 17)
Integration of resvg SVG library (optional during build) (#185)
Improved Keyframe Performance (#197)
MP3 Special Handling & Missing Frame Refactor (#196)
Fix default sizes on readers without MAX_WIDTH and MAX_HEIGHT settings (#188)
Adding new settings class to be used for changing realtime settings used by libopenshot, such as scaling mode for preview vs final render, or hardware decode, etc... (#183)
Integrate Constant Rate Factor (CRF) for FFmpegWriter (#186)
Improving cache performance by preventing the cache from getting behind the currently displaying frame # (#179)
Set video bit rate to 0 if an invalid bit rate detected (which happens when using crf) (#191)
Invalid SetMaxSize Logic and Invalid CRF q settings in FFmpegWri...

File Description Downloads
download icon libopenshot-0.2.3.tar.gz (md5) libopenshot source code 264
last downloaded 62 weeks ago
download icon libopenshot-audio-0.1.8.tar.gz (md5) libopenshot-audio source code 34
last downloaded 62 weeks ago
Total downloads: 298

0.2.0 release from the 0.2 series released

File Description Downloads
download icon libopenshot-audio-0.1.6.tar.gz (md5) libopenshot-audio source code 78
last downloaded 62 weeks ago
download icon libopenshot-0.2.0.tar.gz (md5) libopenshot source code 229
last downloaded 60 weeks ago
Total downloads: 307

0.1.9 release from the 0.1 series released

Release information
Release notes:

Better stability and smoother previews


More experimental critical sections trying to prevent race conditions on high CPU core systems
Additional omp critical sections around adding frame images
Experimental codec lookup by name in FFmpegWriter, which should solve a few issues (such as xvid support). Thanks Peter!
Fixing regression (I think) with rotation origin. Things should always rotate around the center of an object (until I add in keyframable origin points)
Setting timebase on video stream in FFmpegWriter... a bit experimental
Improving playback smoothness on high framerate videos, especially when the video frames need to jump forward to keep up with the audio
Removing throw statements from header files (thanks Peter)
Reducing # of scale operations to 1 per layer on the timeline.
Fixing 16 thread limit on FFmpegReader
Fixing a cast from long to int64_t
Big update! Updating all "long int" frame number types to int64_t, so all 3 OSes will produce the same depth and precision on frame numbers.
Removing variable bitrate support (for now), since it causes more problems than it solves.

File Description Downloads
download icon libopenshot-0.1.9.tar.gz (md5) libopenshot source code 158
last downloaded 41 weeks ago
download icon libopenshot-audio-0.1.5.tar.gz (md5) libopenshot-audio source code 75
last downloaded 57 weeks ago
Total downloads: 233

0.1.8 release from the 0.1 series released

Release information
Release notes:

Greatly improved stability


 - Bumping version to 0.1.8 (SO version 13)
 - Prevent crashes related to too many threads (on 24+ thread systems)
 - Migrating tr1 to std, adding C++11 support to build scripts, fixing crash in FFmpegReader (caused by shared_ptr, buffer, and last_video_frame corruption). Much improved stability with this change. Thanks to Craig and Peter for the help!
 - Fixing crash on Ubuntu build server
 - Fixed a strange bug related to exporting image sequences. The filename property was not being set on the AVFormatContext. Also fixed a bug when exporting to JPEG image sequences related to max_b_frames and certain codecs.
 - Fixing issue with incorrect image size caches, which results in blurry/smudgy scaling on certain things.
 - Fix issue with loading time curves that are never processed (i.e. have no values)
 - Adding additional locks when adding/changing audio data. Reducing FrameMapper to a single frame at a Fixing crash on Time keyframes where it would sometimes calculate an invalid frame number.
 - Fixing audio pops when stacking multiple clips with different offsets (pretty big issue for some people, just depending on your source framerates and position/start of clips).
 - Removing nested OMP processing from FrameMapper. Adding lock inside time mapping (to prevent crashes when speeding up/slowing down clips). Adding omp critial lock to Frame GetAudioChannelsCount() and GetAudioSamplesCount() methods.

File Description Downloads
download icon libopenshot-audio-0.1.4.tar.gz (md5) libopenshot-audio source code 34
last downloaded 58 weeks ago
download icon libopenshot-0.1.8.tar.gz (md5) libopenshot source code 83
last downloaded 62 weeks ago
Total downloads: 117

0.1.7 release from the 0.1 series released

Release information
Release notes:

Stability improvements


- Bumping release to 0.1.7 (so version 12)
- Fixing regression where source readers could have their info.has_video and info.has_audio set to an invalid state... causing crashes and freezes.
- Fixing another small issue when changing profiles
- Fixing a bug when changing project Profiles... we were not correctly reinitializing the FrameMapper
- Moving checked_count erase command inside lock protection, to prevent crash

File Description Downloads
download icon libopenshot-0.1.7.tar.gz (md5) libopenshot source code 121
last downloaded 62 weeks ago
download icon libopenshot-audio-0.1.4.tar.gz (md5) libopenshot-audio source code 32
last downloaded 62 weeks ago
Total downloads: 153

0.1.6 release from the 0.1 series released

Release information
Release notes:

-New release! Bumping version to 0.1.6
-Fixing Timeline::SetJSON to use a lock, and reopen the reader if already open. This fixes an issue when trying to open another project while the current project is being accessed (i.e. during playback).
-Adding additional lock on ClearAllCache method, to prevent crash
-Fixing a data type issues with max()
-Big improvement with handling invalid video and audio timestamps, defaulting to more sane values (when huge crazy timestamps are detected). Also fixing a bug when disabling video/audio tracks on FrameMappers. Also adding additional bail-out code when stuck searching for a video/audio packet that probably doesn't exist. Added improved "checked" handling, and once 1 frame is detected as invalid, clean out any other invalid ones as well.
-Fixing u...

File Description Downloads
download icon libopenshot-0.1.6.tar.gz (md5) libopenshot Source Code 40
last downloaded 62 weeks ago
download icon libopenshot-audio-0.1.4.tar.gz (md5) libopenshot-audio Source Code 17
last downloaded 62 weeks ago
Total downloads: 57

0.1.5 release from the 0.1 series released

Release information
Release notes:

Minor changes to build scripts, no API changes

File Description Downloads
download icon libopenshot-0.1.5.tar.gz (md5) libopenshot source code 49
last downloaded 62 weeks ago
download icon libopenshot-audio-0.1.4.tar.gz (md5) libopenshot-audio source code 14
last downloaded 62 weeks ago
Total downloads: 63

0.1.4 release from the 0.1 series released

Release information
Release notes:

Improvements to audio, stability, and playback performance


ddae58f Jonathan Thomas on 3/30/17 at 4:15 PM Bumping version to 0.1.4 (SO 11).
b3ca56b Jonathan Thomas on 3/27/17 at 1:51 AM Another attempted fix for audio device management. Moving CloseAudioDevice() call to only invoke when quiting OpenShot, and only initializing the JUCE audio manager 1 time. This fixes a audio freeze in Windows when the preview window launches.
57dc7bc Jonathan Thomas on 3/26/17 at 12:49 PM Fixing broken gravity for GRAVITY_BOTTOM_LEFT
6fe901f Jonathan Thomas on 3/21/17 at 2:38 PM Refactoring closing of audio devices
3193ee9 Jonathan Thomas on 3/21/17 at 10:56 AM Wrapping AudioDeviceManager in singleton wrapper, to ensure only a single instance can be created. This solves lots of weird issues with the preview dialog.
e084f65 Jonathan Thomas on 3/21/17 at 12:45 AM Adding TODO for libopenshot related to audioDeviceManager
97ec629 Jonathan Thomas on 3/15/17 at 2:06 AM Adding frame number display options to a clip, which can be super useful when debugging issues. Options include: None, Clip, Timeline, or Both. Also improving missing frame detection, to have less false positives (i.e. flickering 1st frame)
905fbf4 Jonathan Thomas on 3/14/17 at 11:42 AM Allow Timeline to use smaller frame/image sizes based on MaxSize (huge performance gain for previewing videos)
210d00c Jonathan Thomas on 3/11/17 at 12:51 AM Fixing big regression finding the correct starting frame for a clip... oops.
ec65ca3 Jonathan Thomas on 3/10/17 at 12:51 AM Fixing invalid cache after editing effect in a clip, and frame accuracy (converting timestamps into frame numbers). This makes frame by frame editing much better.
bd85f11 Jonathan Thomas on 3/5/17 at 4:34 AM Adding a lock when updating the JSON of a Timeline (or remapping it), so nobody can request frames while everything is changing. Seems much more stable during live preview.
289e659 Jonathan Thomas on 2/19/17 at 1:29 AM Fixed a bug when caching a mask size (a regression from some of our speed improvements)
dc25576 Jonathan Thomas on 2/4/17 at 10:01 PM Removing transform handles, since I will instead implement that in Python rather this library. Also, refactoring a bit of the clip transforms, to keep the rotation center correct.
85ac4bf Jonathan Thomas on 1/24/17 at 6:39 PM Updating references to frame number / position to long int, there were still quite a few old "int" declarations, which limits the length of frame number. Also, updated precision of KeyFrames to use double (instead of float) for higher precision, which fixed lots of issues with very long videos (since our FrameMapper used a KeyFrame object to create a map to new frames)
f30d701 Jonathan Thomas on 1/23/17 at 11:53 PM Fixing small bug with audio PTS detection, when seeking on really long video files (which would reset the last_frame to -1, and then detect a huge # of incorrect missing frames)
6f28c6f Jonathan Thomas on 1/19/17 at 3:29 PM Tweaking logic when detecting a final frame, and adding more logging to CheckWorkingFrames
90a7818 Jonathan Thomas on 1/12/17 at 12:53 AM (committed by GitHub) Merge pull request #47 from nlsnho/audio-fix-1
47a63af Nelson Ho on 1/7/17 at 7:29 PM Updated test expectations for new audio sample rate fixes for proper number of samples per frame, even for the first output frame.
2cbb722 Nelson Ho on 1/7/17 at 4:59 PM fix logic for location.sample_start and location.frame update, fixes audio gaps
c33e6fa Nelson Ho on 1/7/17 at 4:34 PM Fix AudioLocation::is_near function to handle a corner case where the two frames have different samples_per_frame, and sample_start is at the samples_per_frame limit.
c9b74ec Nelson Ho on 1/6/17 at 7:48 PM Added fixes for audio sample distribution to clean up missing or extra audio samples that were at frame boundaries
5b7e94b Jonathan Thomas on 12/29/16 at 6:01 PM Fixing incorrect placement of a selection handle.

File Description Downloads
download icon libopenshot-audio-0.1.2.tar.gz (md5) libopenshot-audio Source Code 50
last downloaded 27 weeks ago
download icon libopenshot-0.1.4.tar.gz (md5) libopenshot Source Code 109
last downloaded 62 weeks ago
Total downloads: 159

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