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libposix is a bold attempt to unify the impementation of the core functionality of all Unix systems. libposix is a full, cross platform, implementation of the POSIX 2008 standard written from scratch.

Hello, and welcome to the project. :-)

 The first point is having a reference to the POSIX 2008 standard, which is at:

 The more you know about it the better. :-) For organization
purposes, please inform some project roles that you'd like to take:

 And join the developer mailing list at:

 If you want to code in C, our current task is to make bzip2 work with
libposix. We need to implement all the required functions (I'm
currently rather busy implementing printf) :-(. Refer to the
"Selective compilation" post, available at:

 A "warm up task" that I find interesting is to take 50 functions from
the standard and classify them as being mandatory or optional (and
from which option), if the function is obsolescent or not and if you
expect it to have an easy, medium or hard implementation. See:

 All the options and option groups are described in the unistd.h description at:

 If you want to directly update the wiki page, create a user and I'll
give you editor access. You can take 50 functions, starting with
letter P.

 There are other tasks too, depending on the roles you whish to
choose, like redesigning the project web site, writing strong unit
tests for the already implemented functions and other cleanup tasks.

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Latest version is 0.0.3
released on 2009-07-23

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