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A svg rasterizer library for Android, based on libsvg and libsvg-cairo.

At the moment Android does not support SVG rasterization, this library solves that problem until there is a native solution.

The project contains specifically for Android modified versions of the following libraries - libexpat, libjpeg (, libpng, zlib and libsvg. libsvg-android itself is based on libsvg-cairo.

Each library on which libsvg-android depends are licensed under specific licenses, see respective subdirectory for specific licensing terms.

libsvg-android itself is licensed under GPL v3, and is therefore requiring that you let it remain free, and that you let your software also be free.

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Simplified BSD Licence, GNU GPL v3, GNU LGPL v2.1, GNU LGPL v3, MIT / X / Expat Licence

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