libtickit v0.3

Contains all the features required for Neovim and the Tickit / Tickit-Async Perl dists.

This means the Tickit dist needs to be using the toplevel event loop instance, and the Tickit-Async dist can provide an eventloop based on IO::Async.

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Paul "LeoNerd" Evans
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  * Renamed:
      + tickit_timer_after_msec => tickit_watch_timer_after_msec
      + tickit_timer_after_tv => tickit_watch_timer_after_tv
      + tickit_later => tickit_watch_later
      + tickit_timer_cancel => tickit_watch_cancel
  * Added toplevel Tickit functions for loop control
      + tickit_tick(3)
      + tickit_watch_io_read(3)
      + tickit_watch_timer_at_epoch(3)
      + tickit_watch_timer_at_tv(3)
  * Added TickitType
      + tickit_term_ctltype(3)
  * Added window controls
      + tickit_window_getctl_int(3)
      + tickit_window_setctl_int(3)
      + tickit_window_ctlname(3)
      + tickit_window_lookup_ctl(3)
      + tickit_window_ctltype(3)
  * Added toplevel Tickit instance controls
      + tickit_getctl_int(3)
      + tickit_setctl_int(3)
      + tickit_ctlname(3)
      + tickit_lookup_ctl(3)
      + tickit_ctltype(3)
  * TICKIT_PEN_UNDER type is now integer, supports single, double, wavy underline
  * Fixed various example/demo-*.c files so they work again
  * Added experimental new ability to provide event loop hooks for other event
  * Deleted the deprecated tickit_string_* functions that were renamed to
  * Renumbered TICKIT_PEN_* constants to start from 1; lists can end with 0
  * Use termios to know what backspace (VERASE) character is, rather than
    relying on terminfo - experience from vim, neovim, etc.. is that this is
    often more reliable
  * tickit_watch_* callbacks now receive an info pointer, to match the calling
    style of other object bindings

4 blueprints and 0 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Hooks for custom event loop implementation Hooks for custom event loop implementation 4 High   11 Implemented
Extensible controls for "window" similar to "termctl" Extensible controls for "window" similar to "termctl" 3 Medium   11 Implemented
Allow applications to override information obtained from terminfo Allow applications to override information obtained from terminfo 3 Medium   11 Implemented
Workarounds for broken terminfo that notates Backspace as Ctrl-H Workarounds for broken terminfo that notates Backspace as Ctrl-H 1 Undefined   11 Implemented
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