LibZeitgeist 0.2.3 "Delphinium" Released!

Written for libzeitgeist by Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen on 2010-08-03

Libzeitgeist 0.2.3 has been out a few days now, so I should probably
announce it somewhere :-)

This release is pretty much all work done by Michal Hruby - so a virtual
round for everyone in his honor!

As usual you can download the release from:

The news summary reads as follows:

 * New API to talk to the Data Source Registry extension of Zeitgeist
   (Michal Hruby)

 * A new "connected" property on ZeitgeistLog telling you whether or
   not the Zeitgeist daemon is running (Michal Hruby)

 * Fix a crasher when finalizing a ZeitgeistLog with active monitors
   installed (Michal Hruby)

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