lierolibre 0.2

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Martin Erik Werner
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download icon lierolibre-0.2.tar.gz (md5, sig) lierolibre version 0.2 123
last downloaded 5 weeks ago
download icon lierolibre-0.2.tar.xz (md5, sig) lierolibre version 0.2 97
last downloaded 5 weeks ago
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Release notes 

* New dependency on boost_program_options
* Reworked command-line handling completely
  + Generalised options
    - -f --file : input file
    - -d --dir : input dir
    - -w --write : output file
    - -h --help
    - -v --sdlvideo
    - arg1 is auto-assigned to input file
    - arg2 is auto-assigned to input dir
    - arg3 is auto-assigned to output file
* Fixed a bug where giving a directory path without the ending "/" would set
  the path to the parent directory instead.
* Defaults to reading data/liero.cfg instead of ./liero.cfg
* Removal of non-free dtoa piece in gvl
* Better resolution handling (only for 'Nearest' filter)
  + Game window now defaults to double the size (640x400)
  + Fullscreen now defaults to highest supported screen resolution
    - Game area will grab max multiple of 320x200, rest becomes border
  + Added F7 and F8 keys for x3 and x4 scaling respecively
* Added ability to quit game via desktop events (window close, alt+F4, etc.)
* Made configure checks for SDL_mixer not depend on pkg-config
* Error messages from handling config files are now much more verbose
  + If possible gives error type, file, line number, setting path, etc.
  + This is only enabled with libconfig++ version 1.4 and above
    - (libconfig++9 in Debian/Ubuntu)


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