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The "trunk" series represents the primary line of development rather than a stable release branch. This is sometimes also called MAIN or HEAD.

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lifeograph core
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Active Development
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is the focus of development.
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The following branch has been registered as the mainline branch for this release series:

2341 revisions.

You can get a copy of the development focus branch using the command:
bzr branch lp:lifeograph

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Milestones and releases

114 of 14 results
Version Expected Released Summary
Lifeograph 1.6.0 2019-07-01 not yet released
Lifeograph 1.5.1 "artemisia" 2019-01-13 2019-01-22 Bug fixes
Lifeograph 1.5.0 "artemisia" 2018-11-18 2018-09-30 Auto to-do system, improved graphs
Lifeograph 1.4.2 "maputo" 2017-04-30 2017-04-30 Bug fixes
Lifeograph 1.4.1 "in an isolated system, philistinism always increases over time" 2017-02-12 2017-02-12
Lifeograph 1.4.0 "ideal circumstances" 2016-11-13 2016-11-13 Parametric tags Improved graphs C++11 migration
Lifeograph 1.3.0 "dr. overdose" 2016-01-17 2016-01-17 Improvents to the to-do management features
Lifeograph 0.11.1 "limerence in r'lyeh" 2013-02-03 2013-02-06 Bug fixes
Lifeograph 0.11.0 "sheepish docility" 2012-12-22 2012-12-02 Trash can
Lifeograph 0.10.0 "sombrero" 2012-10-21 2012-10-21 Image thumbnails
Lifeograph 0.9.0 "gog" 2012-07-08 2012-07-08 Gtkmm 3 upgrade, new login screen
Lifeograph 0.8.2 "tom bombadil" 2012-05-09 2012-05-10 Bug fixes
Lifeograph 0.8.1 "mazer rackham" 2012-03-05 2012-03-05 Bug fixes
Lifeograph 0.8.0 "timbuktu" 2012-02-12 2012-02-13 Last fixes and touch-ups.
114 of 14 results
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Latest version is 1.5.1
released on 2019-01-22

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