Light Display Manager 1.10.6

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Light Display Manager
Robert Ancell
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1 Robert Ancell
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1458696 #1458696 Doesn't work with new Xmir binary name 4 Medium   9 Fix Committed
1478087 #1478087 Add libaudit support 4 Medium   9 Fix Committed
1481561 #1481561 Connect to XDMCP clients on address requests come from if available 4 Medium   9 Fix Committed
1504049 #1504049 Chromium not working in guest session (need more AppArmor rules) 4 Medium   9 Fix Committed
1507033 #1507033 lightdm.conf boolean values false if have trailing whitespace 4 Medium   9 Fix Committed
1511259 #1511259 Session child does not inherit all LC_* variables 4 Medium   9 Fix Committed
1511545 #1511545 Implement XDMCP ForwardQuery 4 Medium   9 Fix Committed
1449282 #1449282 xserver-allow-tcp=true feature doesn't work with Xorg version 1.17.0 5 Low   9 Fix Committed
1470587 #1470587 dm-tool manpage has a typo 5 Low   9 Fix Committed
1390808 #1390808 VNC / XDMCP server cannot be configured to listen on specific interfaces 6 Wishlist   9 Fix Committed
1517685 #1517685 XDMCP server starts without authentication if configured key does not exist 4 Medium Robert Ancell  10 Fix Released
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