Linaro Android 11.08

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Linaro Android
Fathi Boudra
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1 Andy Doan, 5 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer, 2 Botao Sun, 2 Chao Yang, 1 John Stultz, 1 Mathieu Poirier, 1 Patrik Ryd, 2 Paul Sokolovsky, 1 Tom Gall, 3 Zach Pfeffer
14 Implemented
1 Invalid, 4 Fix Released

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14 blueprints and 5 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Create Panda Build Face-Off Demo 5 Essential Zach Pfeffer  11 Implemented
Integrate 11.08 toolchain 5 Essential Chao Yang  11 Implemented
Integrate libjpeg-turbo into all Android Builds 5 Essential Tom Gall  11 Implemented
Present at LinuxCon 2011 in Vancouver 5 Essential Zach Pfeffer  11 Implemented
Release Android on iMX53 5 Essential Bernhard Rosenkraenzer  11 Implemented
Upgrade Snowball to Kernel 3.0 and Android 2.3.4 5 Essential Mathieu Poirier  11 Implemented
Rebase Linaro Android Builds to AOSP 2.3.5 5 Essential Patrik Ryd  11 Implemented
Create Android Samsung Origen Release 5 Essential Botao Sun  11 Implemented
Switch to Gerrit as git hosting and review system 4 High Paul Sokolovsky  11 Implemented
Build a toolchain that supports all graphite optimizations 4 High Bernhard Rosenkraenzer  11 Implemented
Create GCC Release Branches 3 Medium Paul Sokolovsky  11 Implemented
Make ffmpeg with support for H.264 and WebM build on Linaro Android 3 Medium Bernhard Rosenkraenzer  11 Implemented
Update toolchain components not delivered by the Toolchain WG 3 Medium Bernhard Rosenkraenzer  11 Implemented
Benchmark 11.08 Toolchains 1 Undefined Andy Doan  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
787059 #787059 Launcher2 should be enabled by default for all linaro builds 4 Medium Zach Pfeffer  3 Invalid
822106 #822106 Toolchain build ...4.6-2011.07-0-8-2011-07-25_12-42-06-linux-x86.tar.bz2 is gone 2 Critical Bernhard Rosenkraenzer  10 Fix Released
808773 #808773 The first 11.07 upstream focused TI build doesn't run on Beagle xM rev C. 3 High John Stultz  10 Fix Released
832389 #832389 Origen build includes out of date kernel 3 High Botao Sun  10 Fix Released
822113 #822113 Android uses no-strict-aliasing for Thumb code 4 Medium Chao Yang  10 Fix Released
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