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1 Andrey Konovalov, 3 HariGopal, 1 Pranav Tipnis, 1 Tushar Behera, 1 vishal
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1248883 #1248883 HDMI doesn't work on Linaro Android Arndale build with 3.12 kernel Linaro Android Linaro Android 4 Medium Pranav Tipnis  4 Won't Fix
1040420 #1040420 install apk via browser failed on panda linaro-android Kitkat builds. Linaro Android Linaro Android 3 High HariGopal  10 Fix Released
1252019 #1252019 android 4.4 build failing due to space issue Linaro Android Linaro Android 3 High vishal  10 Fix Released
1155044 #1155044 problem with Linaro-android Panda images all test suites are not run on Lava -Android kitkat Linaro Android Linaro Android 4 Medium HariGopal  10 Fix Released
1275351 #1275351 Arndale Octa hdmi video is not working Linaro Ubuntu Linaro Ubuntu 4 Medium Tushar Behera  10 Fix Released
1284200 #1284200 CPUs not initialized properly on midway Linaro Linux Baseline Linaro Linux Baseline 4 Medium Andrey Konovalov  10 Fix Released
1190941 #1190941 mmtest fail to execute on Lava-dashboard daily builds on Panda with Linaro-android kitkat builds. Linaro Android Linaro Android 1 Undecided HariGopal  10 Fix Released

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