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download icon linux-linaro-lt-samsung-3.5-rc2-2012.06.tar.bz2 (md5) Linaro Linux LT Samsung 2012.06 55
last downloaded 10 weeks ago
download icon linux-linaro-android-lt-samsung-3.4-2012.06.tar.bz2 (md5) Linaro Linux LT Samsung 2012.06 - Android 42
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
Total downloads: 97

Release notes 

Ubuntu Release (tracking/android-tracking):
* Based on v3.5-rc2. A total of 134 patches specific to Samsung LT have been added.
* Display - LCD (HDMI display can be configured in /etc/X11/xorg.conf on Ubuntu, use /dev/fb3)
* Audio - Headphone/Speaker/HDMI (Capture through LINE-IN)
* Touch and keypad support
* USB Host (EHCI and OHCI) and USB Device support
* Soft reboot
* H/w accelerated rendering (only on Android)
* DT boot support added
* Multimedia components (working in 2012.05 release) are broken on Android.
* S2RAM is broken.

Android stable release (android-stable):
* Based on 3.4. This is only a kernel upgrade from 3.4-rc7 used in 2012.05 release.


Bugs fixed:
#880451 Origen: device tree not enabled at Ubuntu
#893015 Origen Mounting thumb drive as Mass storage USB OTG Device to Host PC and format gives errors


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2012.06 release includes following patchsets from linux-linaro-core-tracking
* tracking-configs-llct-20120618.0
* tracking-gator-llct-20120618.0
* tracking-linaro-android-3.5-llct-20120618.0
* tracking-thermal_exynos4_imx6-llct-20120618.0
* tracking-emmc-llct-20120618.0
* tracking-ufs-llct-20120618.0

On top of these patches, it includes following enablement patches.

64cab68 CONFIG: ORIGEN: ANDROID: Disable HDMI/FIMC temporarily
663b668 ARM: Samsung: use CMA for 2 memory banks for s5p-mfc device
72ad0ed gpu: mali: Replace do_mmap with do_mmap_pdoff
c72baaf linaro/configs: origen: Enable MALI and UMP
494c2f8 CONFIG: ORIGEN: Enable MALI and UMP
b8d7749 ARM: EXYNOS: Add initial value of G3D power domain on Origen board
077d995 ARM: EXYNOS: Add power domain for G3D on Origen board
64ac57b ARM: EXYNOS: Update voltage regulator for G3D on Origen board
80740ca ARM: EXYNOS: PD: Fix duplicate variable
2a4ea56 ARM: EXYNOS: Added power domain for G3D
4814af6 mali: update Mali memory configuration
7bdd990 gpu: mali/ump: Set default selection option to 'n'
30fb8e1 ump: compilation fix for latest svn version
9a6f0f6 Changed MALI_API_VERSION to 10 for r2p4-02rel and updated profiling events definition
1e72b16 Updates r2p4-02rel, which was released Mar. 2nd at
f41f8c4 Added profiling header file for enabling GPU profiling
2dece39 mali: config: Add Streamline Support
43594c7 origen: android: mali: Disable profiling of Mali L2 cache
0d8289c mali: Add Streamline Support for Mali DDK
febd759 gpu: mali: Fixed build error by including linux/module.h
4ea9555 gpu: mali: Update power management code
6f6d98b drm/mali: Fix compile time warnings
11ca597 drm/mali: Fix compile time error related to fops listing
0c0f213 mali: Remove compile time warnings
28b075b origen: mali: mali and ump config files
ff1cc5e arm: mali: update drivers for 3.2-rc6
12abcbc Updated Mali kernel driver with r2p3-01rel, used for Android ICS
88b4a62 Added /proc/mali for getting profiling information from driver.
6e3d78b Update with r2p2-03release at 17th, Jul from
b5321e7 Fix building mali driver with make O= option
cfa200d Moved irq numbers to irqs.h for platform config file, i.e. config.h
dbe3be6 Updated Mali and UMP driver for linux-linaro-2.6.39
ee831c1 Updated Mali and UMP driver with r2p1-05rel1 released at 1st Apr from ARM.
bb4f511 Moved Mali/UMP options to Kconfigs and moved each of config.h to /mach-xxx
ef6eea7 Added Mali, UMP and Mali DRM kernel driver
b32cf09 MFC: Add s_ctrl & g_ctrl to set and read SET_FRAME_TAG values
5adc98d ARM: EXYNOS: Increase MFC reserved memory on Origen
0caa411 media: s5p-tv: Set 1080p output as default preset
860965e HACK: media: s5p-tv: Temporary HDMI color hack
35e87d2 media: s5p-tv: Enable HDMI mode to support audio output
1963eb3 media: s5p-tv: Add audio support
0b9223a ARM: EXYNOS: Set HDMI platform data in Origen board
8b6e3e1 ARM: SAMSUNG: Add API to set platform data for s5p-tv driver
f996101 s5p-tv: hdmi: Hack for fixing system-hang during S2RAM
fbbba0d media: s5p-hdmi: add support for frame buffer emulator
fbf1ff5 media: vb2: add frame buffer emulator for video output devices
517871b linaro/configs: origen: Enable staging support for ALC5625(I2S-Audio)
c8fc87f CONFIG: ORIGEN: UBUNTU: Enable staging support for ALC5625(I2S-Audio)
1e59b17 CONFIG: ORIGEN: ANDROID: Enable staging support for ALC5625(I2S-Audio)
159460f CONFIG: ORIGEN: Enable staging support for ALC5625(I2S-Audio)
a9a44fd ARM: EXYNOS4: Reset I2S in resume if not active
c77681a ARM: EXYNOS4: Enable LDOs for ALC5625 on Origen
65a4794 ARM: EXYNOS: Add I2S and ALC5625 support for Origen
b11aa3d ARM: EXYNOS: Add audio subsystem clocks
d776358 ASoC: samsung: ALC5625: Adding I2S platform support on Origen
ecee252 ASoC: codecs: ALC5625: Add Realtek ALC5625 driver
d2cf516 CONFIG: ORIGEN: UBUNTU: ANDROID: Update WLAN configuration options
3cec04c CONFIG: ORIGEN: ANDROID: Update WLAN configuration options
f102a6b linaro/configs: origen: Update WLAN configuration options
de6b75c CONFIG: ORIGEN: Update WLAN configuration options
c18c3e5 ARM: EXYNOS: ORIGEN: Add MMC pm_flags for WLAN
c1991e8 net: ath6kl: fix module name
06d683c drivers: net: mmc: change the order of booting order
7eda48c ARM: EXYNOS: ORIGEN: fix print statmenet for WLAN
9f2c1b8 sdio: optimization for sdio_irq_thread
dc40dc0 ARM: EXYNOS: Enable HSMMC3 for WLAN on Origen board
948ff1b mmc: sdhci: remove MMC_CAP_SDIO_IRQ from mmc for WLAN
6b24afb6 ath6kl: Fix compile bugs with 'make O=' option
76124b6 ath6kl: Add config entry for polling support
112e89c ath6kl: Add enablements for Samsung Origen WLAN
b13b086 ath6kl: Add Platform data API into Qualcomm ath6kl WLAN
b08935c CONFIG: ORIGEN: UBUNTU: Enable Unidisplay touchscreen driver
5fb1077 CONFIG: ORIGEN: ANDROID: Enable Unidisplay touchscreen driver
ddccf82 configs: origen: Enable support for touch-screen driver
cbca315 CONFIG: ORIGEN: Enable touchscreen driver
e420636 ARM: EXYNOS: Add touchscreen I2C device information on Origen board
2c5e8da Input: unidisplay_ts: Add Pixcir touchscreen driver
9c68365 linaro/configs: origen: Enable support for HS-OTG
30cb61c CONFIG: ORIGEN: UBUNTU: Enable support for HS-OTG
d9f720d CONFIG: ORIGEN: ANDROID: Enable support for HS-OTG
363b3ff CONFIG: ORIGEN: Enable support for HS-OTG
ad52321 usb: gadget: u_ether: Modified for DWORD alignment
99bd400 usb: gadget: Kconfig: Added config to enable DWORD alignment
1939311 ARM: S5PV210: Add HSOTG support to SMDKV210
2ce84a9 ARM: EXYNOS: Add HSOTG support to SMDKV310
a056884 ARM: EXYNOS: Add HSOTG support to Origen
c4e2f52 regulator: Add {get/set}_voltage ops for dummy regulator
cea3d9a ARM: EXYNOS: Add leds status1 and status2 on Origen board
98c47b0 [CPUFREQ] EXYNOS: Calculate old_index based on freqs.old
4715f28 ARM: EXYNOS4210: Add support ASV feature
c17e198 [CPUFREQ] EXYNOS: Show list of available frequencies
5a31feb ARM: EXYNOS: Add reboot notifier in cpufreq driver
409c80b ARM: EXYNOS4: Support ASV for Exynos4210
7c21229 ARM: EXYNOS4: Add clock for Exynos4210 asv feature
23f81ca ARM: EXYNOS4: Add ASV feature for Exynos4 series
8d4196a ARM: EXYNOS: Fix reboot hang after suspend/resume
7df2f0f ARM: EXYNOS: Fix for suspend/resume hang
9474671 ARM: EXYNOS: Enable RTC as wake up source
417d186 ARM: Exynos4: pm_domains: register devices in 'need_restore' state
bb78b98 ARM: Exynos4: read initial state of power domain from hw registers
e03a64e drivers: genpd: let platform code to register devices into disabled domains
7306acc ARM: EXYNOS: Added multiple window support for Origen board
0a72530 video: s3c-fb: Add open functionality
f0cd959 video: s3c-fb: Implement release function
37d7867 video: s3c-fb: Add Overlay Support
47ab9ad video: s3c-fb: Add device tree support
364634f ARM: EXYNOS: Keep power domains ON in DT mode
900ea75 ARM: DTS: exynos4210-origen: Add power domain entries
d4c255f ARM: EXYNOS: Add display support to EXYNOS4-DT
6a97dd5 ARM: DTS: exynos4210-origen: Add LCD/FIMD entry in device tree
63cede8 ARM: DTS: exynos4210-origen: Add PMIC entry in device tree
1cd03b8 ARM: DTS: exynos4210-origen: Add wakeup interrupt entry in device tree
15060c0 ARM: DTS: exynos4210-origen: Add combiner entry in device tree
1314424 mmc: sdhci-s3c: Add device tree support
aaf4d89 regulator: add device tree support for max8997
dbe3c02 mfd: add irq domain support for max8997 interrupts
9dfab98 ARM: Exynos: Add device tree support for gpio wakeup interrupt controller
e0cfd88 ARM: Exynos: Remove arch_initcall for wakeup interrupt initialization
16e5456 ARM: Exynos: Add irq_domain support for gpio wakeup interrupts
dd0fb00 ARM: Exynos: Simplify the wakeup interrupt setup code
0ec46c7 linaro/configs: origen: Enable generic lcd power control
76249b4 CONFIG: ORIGEN: UBUNTU: Enable generic lcd power control
bc7b67d CONFIG: ORIGEN: ANDROID: Enable generic lcd power control
e47e2f1 CONFIG: ORIGEN: Enable generic lcd power control
a9be7ee ARM: Exynos: Use lcd power control driver for lcd panel
890bc26 backlight: lcd: add driver for raster-type lcd's with gpio controlled panel reset
208fd2e ARM: SAMSUNG: Update rate for xusbxti clock
7391771 dmaengine: pl330: dont complete descriptor for cyclic dma
3221242 gpu: drm: exynos: Include module.h to remove compilation errors
ab85450 linaro/configs: origen: Enable mainline components
be54f13 CONFIG: ORIGEN: UBUNTU: Add initial defconfig
005508a CONFIG: ORIGEN: ANDROID: Add initial defconfig
8ffb3fb CONFIG: ORIGEN: Enable mainline components

2 blueprints and 1 bug targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
June - 3.5 for Ubuntu and Android tracking June - 3.5 for Ubuntu and Android tracking 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
June release - 3.4 based kernel for Android-stable June release - 3.4 based kernel for Android-stable 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
893015 #893015 Origen Mounting thumb drive as Mass storage USB OTG Device to Host PC and format gives errors 5 Low Sangwook Lee  10 Fix Released
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