Linaro ST-Ericsson Landing Team Project 2011.06

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Linaro ST-Ericsson Landing Team Project
Fathi Boudra
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download icon linux-linaro-lt-st-ericsson-2.6.38-2011.06.tar.bz2 (md5) Linaro ST-Ericsson LT 11.06 Kernel 136
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
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Release notes 

- First release of the v2.6.38 Snowball kernel created by the Linaro ST-Ericsson Landing Team in a association with ST-Ericsson.

- Supports all main components of the u8500 SoC and Snowball development board that do not require binary drivers.

- Compatible with all Linaro root filesystem images.

- Known to have issues with Graphics, USB and Ethernet:
    - See lp:803814, lp:804091 and lp:804209 for more information and possible workarounds.

- Uboot source will be posted early W27.


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AB5500: AB5500 Analog to Digital conversion driver
ab5500: leds: driver for ab5500 leds
ab5500: provide a driver for power off
ab8500-accdet: Handle interrupts on comparator disable/enable
ab8500: add set_mode/get_mode support
ab8500 debugfs: formated access AB8500 registers from debugfs entry
AB8500: Export all AB8500 ADCs as debugfs nodes
ab8500-gpio: Allow initial configuration of GPIO registers
abx500: provide simpler function names
add debugfs support for powerdebug
Added commandline partitions for block devices
add html doc for ux500 gpio
add prototype for cpu_idle_wait in system.h
add trusted execution environment (tee) driver
amba-pl022: Add missing return value update
amba-pl022: Initialize burstsize from FIFO trigger level
amba-pl022: timeout on polled transfer
[ANDROID]: hwmon: l3g4200d: Fix ifdefs
[ANDROID]: hwmon: lsm303dlh_a: Fix ifdefs
[ANDROID]: hwmon: lsm303dlh_m: Fix ifdefs
[Android] mach-ux500: Interpret reset reasons
[ANDROID]: misc: bh1780gli.c: Fix ifdefs
ARM: 6644/1: mach-ux500: update the U8500 defconfig
ARM: 6647/1: add Versatile Express defconfig
ARM: 6758/1: amba: support pm ops
arm: add functions to control prefetch in outer_cache_fns
arm: add printascii in printk option
ARM: Adjust local timer prescaler for all cpu:s
arm: allow passing an ELF64 header to elf_check_arch()
ARM: Fix buffer overflow if HZ=1000
ARM : handle preempt count in cpu_idle
ARM: kernel: Remove warnings
arm: mach-ux500: add ab_intclk
arm: mach-ux500: add support for controlling soc1_pll
arm: mach-ux500: make clkout{0,1} request v-ape
ARM: perf_event: allow platform-specific interrupt handler
ARM: twd: Adjust localtimer frequency with cpufreq notifiers
ARM: u5500: PRCMU reset API
ARM: u8500: clock: Remove ED and V1 support
ARM: u8500: context: Remove v1 support
ARM: u8500: cpufreq: Remove V1 support
ARM: u8500: dma: Remove V1 support
ARM: u8500: prcmu: Remove V1 support
ARM: u8500: Remove SVP support
arm: ux500: ab_intclk setting workaround
arm: ux500: add ab8500-codec clocks
ARM: ux500: Add debugfs files for DDR OPP
ARM: ux500: Add debugfs file to change cpufreq->QoS delay
arm: ux500: Added mode handling of Vintcore
arm: ux500: add initial register write
ARM: ux500: Add platform data for prcmu watchdog
arm: ux500: change the ab8500-pwm clock from sysclk to ab_ulpclk
ARM: ux500: Change Vsmps3 idle voltage to 1.0 V
ARM: ux500: clock: Fix typo regarding disable apetrace and apeat clocks
arm: ux500: common dbx500 prcmu driver api
arm: ux500: Configure modem STM pins correctly in sleep
ARM: ux500: context: readb to readl
arm: ux500: Correct FB height when triple buffer
arm: ux500: correct the prcc kclk operations
ARM: ux500: cpufreq: Workaround for wlan issues
ARM: ux500: cpuidle: clean-ups
ARM: ux500: cpuidle: Code clean-up I
ARM: ux500: cpuidle: Code clean-up III
ARM: ux500: cpuidle: Correct timers at ApSleep wake-up
ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Add SGA as know blocker
ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Catigorize the type of wake-ups
ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Fix build warning
ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Fix build warning
ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Less debug info on by default
ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: make uart timeout deferable
ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Measure ApSleep wake-up latency
ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Measure enter and exit latency
ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Remove unused debug code
ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Show ApIdle/ApSleep last prcmu status
ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Show reason why ApIdle
ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Tiny code clean-up
ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Usage statistics corrected
ARM: ux500: cpuidle debug: Avoid division by zero
ARM: ux500: cpuidle: Don't save irq settings when not needed
ARM: ux500: cpuidle: Exit when time has passed
ARM: ux500: cpuidle: Kconfig for ApDeepIdle
ARM: ux500: cpuidle: Measure ApIdle wake latency
ARM: ux500: cpuidle: Remove dead code
ARM: ux500: cpuidle: Set ApSleep as default and debug to no
ARM: ux500: cpuidle: Stop enabling and disabling prcmu wake-up cause
ARM: ux500: cpuidle: unified execution path
ARM: ux500: cpuidle: Update enter/exit latencies
ARM: ux500: cpuidle: Update latencies based on 200 MHz
ARM: ux500: hwreg: Tiny code clean-up
ARM: ux500: Make it possible to force DDR and APE OPP
ARM: ux500: Make it possible to turn off the cpufreq->QoS callback
ARM: ux500: mmio: Correct disable mode gpio config
ARM: ux500: pm: Add dependency to PM
ARM: ux500: pm: Add missing define
ARM: ux500: pm: Move prcmu idle status to pm
ARM: ux500: pm: remove udelay decouple gic
ARM: ux500: pm: Remove unused frequency scaling
ARM: ux500: pm: Save and restore SPI config register properly
ARM: ux500: pm: Use relaxed read/write for ARM restore
ARM: ux500: pm: Use relaxed read/write for gic
ARM: ux500: pm: Use relaxed version of read/write
arm: ux500: prcmu_ac_wake_req workaround
ARM: ux500: prcmu: Add A9 watchdog interface
ARM: ux500: prcmu-dbg: Tiny code clean-up
ARM: ux500: prcmu-debug: Fix build warning
ARM: ux500: prcmu: Fix build warnings
ARM: ux500: prcmu-qos-debug: Fix warning
ARM: ux500: regulator: make aware of ESRAM12/34 is on
ARM: ux500: Remove u8500 ED and V1 support
ARM: ux500: sdi: Remove u8500 v1 support
ARM: ux500: suspend: Add missing define
ARM:ux500: suspend: Fix faulty define
ARM: ux500: Suspend works independently
ARM: ux500: tee: Remove u8500 v1 support
ARM: ux500: timer-mtu: Only use mtu block 0
ARM: ux500: timer_pm: Fix build issue when no debug enabled
ARM: ux500: timer-rtt: Remove ioremap of unused hw
arm: ux500: turn off some more clocks at startup
ARM: ux500: Update suspend GPIO force comments
ARM: ux500: Vsmps3 controlled by SysClkReq1
ASoC: cg29xx: The driver will not start a BTSCO stream.
Audio: Add support of ULPCLK in audioio driver
B2R2: Correct output for combined scale and rotation.
b2r2: Correct support for 24/32bit (A)YUV(8)888
B2R2: Remove bluish tone when using yuv422i
bh1780gli: correct mutex locking behaviour
board-u5500: Add i2c timeout initialization
board-u5500: Add SPI3 platform data
board-u5500: correct axis alignment for lsm303dlh
board-u5500: Increase the RX FIFO threshold
Boottime - A tool for automatic measurement of kernel and possible boot
loader boot time.
caif: Add BUG_ON if dev_info is missing in packet
caif: Bugfix use for_each_safe when removing list nodes.
caif: Don't resend if dev_queue_xmit fails.
CAIF: Fix U5500 compile error for shared memory driver
CAIF: Minor alignment with internal CAIF git
caif: Move refcount from service layer to sock and dev.
caif: performance bugfix - allow radio stack to prioritize packets.
caif: Protected in-flight packets using dev or sock refcont.
caif: remove unesesarry exports
caif-u5500: CAIF shared memory mailbox interface
caif-u5500: CAIF shared memory transport protocol
caif: Use rcu_read_lock in CAIF mux layer.
cg2900: Add regulator support
cg2900: Add regulator support
cg2900: Fix chip enable
CG2900 FM radio: Add support for Tone Gen and De-emphasis.
CG2900 FM Radio: RDS decoding time is too long.
cg2900: Merge 35 changes to V4L headers
clock-db5500: add CLKOUT0/1 support
config: Add cg2900 deps BT and HCIUART
config: Add cg2900 deps BT and HCIUART
config: Add fixed regulator driver
config: Add fixed regulator driver
config: Enable the new asoc driver
config: u8500: Enable the new asoc drivers
cpufreq: add interface for updating frequency limits
cpufreq: return proper val in cpufreq_update_freq
cpufreq: update delay after dbs_cpu_check
cpuidle: add interface for modifying multiplier
cpuidle: Add missing dependency to PM
cryp: CPU mode register read/write optimizations
cryp: Session handling for software context
crypto: ux500: Add crypto and hash acceleration
crypto: ux500: hash: converted to ahash.
crypto: ux500: hash: Empty message support
crypto: ux500: hash: HMAC (sha1/sha256) support
cryp: Updates according to corrected design spec
cw1200: 11n verification and bugfixing.
cw1200: Add regulator support
cw1200: Add regulator support
cw1200: Align TX buffers for DMA.
cw1200: Align TX buffers for DMA.
cw1200: AMSDU debug statistics
cw1200: Document and optimize device reset sequence.
cw1200: Enable WEXT compatibility.
cw1200: Expose driver internals on DebugFS.
cw1200: fix for locked datapath after deauth.
cw1200: Integration with mach-ux500
cw1200: Integration with mach-ux500
cw1200: listening mode implementation
cw1200: listening mode implementation
cw1200: Multi-tx confirmation is implemented.
cw1200: New option for 5GHz support.
cw1200: rate policy optimization.
cw1200: Remove link to platform_device from platform_data.
cw1200: Remove link to platform_device from platform_data.
cw1200: Request SDIO pins at device registration.
cw1200: Request SDIO pins at device registration.
cw1200: Spin lock usage review.
cw1200: Spin lock usage review.
cw1200: stylistic change: move RX callback to txrx.c
cw1200: Support of WSM293+ firmware in STA mode.
cw1200: throughput optimization.
cw1200: throughput optimization and fine-tuning.
cw1200: Workaround against a bug in Code Sourcery arm2010q1.
cw1200: Workaround against a bug in Code Sourcery arm2010q1.
cw1200: Workaround against a problem with DMA on ux500 platform.
cw1200: Workaround against a problem with DMA on ux500 platform.
db5500-keypad: fix ROW_SHIFT
db5500-keypad: handle suspend/resume
db5500-keypad: remove clk hacks
DB Thermal Driver: Add label,min/max_alarm
debug: make section debug available for U8500
dma40: allow realtime and priority for event lines
dma40: combine desc init functions
dma40: combine duplicated code in log_sg_to_dev
dma40: combine duplicated d40_pool_lli_alloc() calls
dma40: combine mem and slave prep_sg functions
dma40: combine mem and slave sg-to-lli functions
dma40: cyclic xfer support
dma40: ensure event lines get enabled
dma40: extract lcla code into separate function
dma40: fix comment to refer to SOCs rather than boards
dma40: fix DMA API usage for LCLA
dma40: fix DMA API usage for LLIs
dma40: fix DMA_SG capability and channels
dma40: handle failure to allocate first LCLA
dma40: implement prep_memcpy as a wrapper around memcpy_sg
dma40: make d40_log_buf_to_lli static
dma40: make init function static
dma40: move lli_load to main source file
dma40: pass the info pointer all the way to reduce argument count
dma40: remove duplicated dev addr code
dma40: remove export of stedma40_memcpy_sg
dma40: remove "hardware link with previous jobs" code
dma40: remove unnecessary ALIGN()s
dma40: remove unnecessary casts
dma40: stop ongoing transfers in DMA_TERMINATE_ALL
dma40: unify d40_log_sg_to_lli funcs for mem and slave
dma40: unify src/dst addr check
dma40: use flags to reduce parameter count
dma40: use helper for channel registers base
dma40: use helpers for channel type check
dma40: use helpers for error functions
dma40: use sg_dma_address() instead of sg_phys()
dmaengine/ste_dma40: allow memory buswidth/burst to be configured
dma: Make the cycic alloc ATOMIC
dma: Make the cycic alloc NOWAIT
DocBook: Add CG2900 FM Radio template
DocBook: Update tc_keypad doc for new files
drivers: Add Modem Access Framework
drivers: hsi: Add CAIF-HSI glue layer
drivers: hsi: Add hsi_char device to /dev/ folder
drivers: hsi: Add ST-E HSI controller
drivers: hsi: context save/restore for STE HSI
drivers: input: enable accessory detect on default
drivers: modem: Add modem access driver for STE U8500
drivers:nmf-cm: Correct handling of CR register
drivers: shrm: Add shared memory (shrm) driver
drivers: watchdog: Add ux500-watchdog driver
Export SoC info through sysfs
fix build errors with CPU_IDLE enabled
fix cache coherence issues with bounce buffers
fs: eventpoll: Fix build warning
FS: FAT: Mark unitialized variable
fs/partitions: Adapt blkdevparts to new interface
ftrace: Increase number of named processes
gpio: driver for 42 AB8500 GPIO pins
HCL driver implementation (hash).
hwmem: Add hardware memory driver to kernel
HWMEM: Alloc kernel vaddrs on boot
HWMEM: Break out allocator
HWMEM: Make user space include linux/types.h
HWMEM: Reset ref count in clean_alloc
hwmon: ab8500: Add BatCtrl thermal sensor
hwmon: ab8500: Automatically monitor sensors when an alarm is set
i2c-nomadik: Do not use _interruptible_ variant call
i2c-nomadik: remove the redundant error message
Implement cpu_v7_reset.
input: ab8500-accdet avoid accdet irq in suspend
input: ab8500-accdetect suspend modification
input; ab8500 accdet: Fix sparse warnings
input: ab8500-ponkey: make generic
Input: Add AB8500 AV Acc. Detection as platform drv
input: Dynamic enable or disable of SKE keypad events
input: Dynamic enable or disable of STMPE1601 keypad events
input/keypad-stmpe: add suspend/resume support
input/mfd: AB5500 ONSWa support
input: misc: ab8500-accdet: Power optimisation fix.
input: Multi key press support is added for SKE keypad
input:ske:Add the regulator support in ske driver
input:ske:Decrease the CPU load during continue key press
input:ske: Remove multiple interrupts for each keypress
input:ske: Suspend and resume support for ske keypad
input: update bu21013 touchscreen controller staging: update Synaptics
RMI4 touchpad driver
irq: Allow threaded and nested irqs to be shared
kernel-doc: fix kernel-doc warnings
lsm303dlh: add DocBook documentation
lsm303dlh: adding functions under CONFIG_SENSORS_INPUT_DEVICE
lsm303dlh: Check written values for lsm303dlh_a_write calls
lsm303dlh/l3g4200d: return count after storing mode
lsm303dlh: Reboot memory content after suspend/resume
mach-ux500: activate fix for errata 753970
mach-ux500: Adapt mloader to new mem layout
mach-ux500: Add GPIO pin config for modem uart
mach-ux500: Add hooks for pl011 uart
mach-ux500: add hrefv60 GPIO pins
mach-ux500: add msp support in board files
mach-ux500: Add set_mode constraints on vaux[2,3]
mach-ux500: add ST-UIB platform data
mach_ux500: Add support for mloader.
mach-ux500: Add Trace Modem platform device
mach-ux500: add U8500 UIB platform data
mach-ux500: board support for AB8500 GPIO driver
mach-ux500: clock: correct AB8500 internal clock handling
mach-ux500: configure board for the TPS61052 regulator v2
mach-ux500: Control bluetooth pins correctly
mach-ux500: Control WLAN pins correctly
mach-ux500: DB8500 PMU support
mach-ux500: dynamic UIB (user interface boards) detection
mach-ux500: Exclude SDIO DAT1 from GPIO force pins
mach-ux500: fix GPIO enumerator
mach-ux500: fix inverted SD-card GPIO pin
mach-ux500: fix ux500 build error
mach-ux500: gpio: Moved the NOMADIK_NR_GPIO
mach-ux500: gpio: Moved the NOMADIK_NR_GPIO
mach-ux500: GPIO power settings in suspend
mach-ux500: include a vital define for GPIO ranges
mach-ux500: merge 2.6.35 pins definitions
mach-ux500: move MOP500 pins to separate file
mach-ux500: platform data for ab5500 battery driver
mach-ux500: provide ab8500 init vector
mach-ux500: reg: Add mali as sga consumer
mach-ux500: reg: Add sga consumer
mach-ux500: reg: Add snowball wlan regulator
mach-ux500: reg: Add snowball wlan regulator
mach-ux500: reg: Correct supply name for b2r2.
mach-ux500: Regulator: ExtSupply3LPn in Low Power
mach-ux500: remove invalid RMI4 data
mach-ux500: Reset SD card detect pin to pull-up
mach-ux500: set sd/mmc clock rate to 100MHz
mach-ux500: Simplify board config structure.
mach-ux500: split per-SoC clock trees
mach-ux500: Support db8500 v2.2 chip in kernel
mach-ux500: suspend: fixup pending irq
mach-ux500: suspend workaround for security
mach-ux500:u5500: Fixup vdd_handler for sdi1
mach-ux500:u5500: set vsel of levelshifter to 2.9V
mach-ux500: update SoC and board IRQ handling
mach-ux500: voltage domain regulators for DB8500
Make kernel boot on v1.1 ASICs
mcde: fix build error with !EARLY_SUSPEND
mcde: make sure all data is sent to display before next command
MCDE: Use fifo A for main display
mfd: ab5500-gpadc: Discard adc converted value if < 5
mfd: ab5500 - maintain proper ordering of the deviceid
mfd: ab5500 - update with battery driver related stuff
mfd: ab8500 chip revision 3.0 support
mfd: ab8500-core MFD devices marked as initdata
mfd: ab8500-core switch off status added
mfd: ab8500_gpadc: Corrected the name and bitmask for BTempPullUp
mfd: AB8500 system control driver
mfd: abx500: Move ab5500 include
mfd: Add new ab8500 GPADC driver
mfd: Calibrate ab8500 gpadc using OTP values
mfd: Fix ab8500-gpadc to measure charger current
mfd: Free dangling irq in ab8500 gpadc probe error path
mfd: Move ab8500 gpadc header to subdir
mfd: Reentrance and revamp ab8500 gpadc fetching interface
mfd: stmpe: Recheck the status to avoid failure stmpe: add stmpe
documentation to DocBook
misc: Add audio_io_dev driver
misc: Add i2s driver
misc/bh1780gli: add PM features
MISC: SHRM: Fix build warning
misc: shrm: Remove u8500 ED support
mmc: core: export function mmc_do_release_host()
mmc: core: reset card voltage after power off
mmc: Fix hangs related to insert/remove of cards
mmci: allow rising/falling card detection interrupts
mmci: Fixed calculation of f_min
MMCI: Fixup sg buffer handling in mmci_pio_irq.
MMCI: Increase HW flow control workaround
MMCI: Put power register deviations in variant data.
MMCI: Safe check pio RW in case of spurious IRQs
mmc: Retry a read/write req when error is EAGAIN
mmc: sdio: remember new card RCA when redetecting card
mmc: sdio: remember new card RCA when redetecting card
mpcore_wdt: Set correct watchdog rate
mpcore_wdt: Stop watchdog of non-crashing cores
msp i2s: Don't enable regulator for msp1 and msp3
nmk-gpio: cache [rf]w?imsc
nmk-gpio: don't set SLPM to 1 for non-wakeup pins
nmk-gpio: fix spurious interrupts with SKE
plat-nomadik: add custom dbg_show for GPIO
plat-nomadik: change sleep/wakeup setting in GPIO SLPM register
plat-nomadik: get rid of unused GPIO PM code
plat-nomadik: i2c-nomadik: Correct errno used
plat-nomadik: implement safe switch sequence for Alt-C
plat-nomadik: implement suspend/resume for GPIO
plat-nomadik: make GPIO interrupts work with cpuidle ApSleep
plat-nomadik: pull-up/down settings for GPIO resume
plat-nomadik: remove pull-pinconfig and add SPI2
plat-nomadik: Remove u8500 v1 support
plat-nomadik: set altfunc to GPIO when enabling the sleep config
plat-nomadik: support secondary GPIO interrupts
plat-nomadik: support varying number of GPIOs per block
plat-nomadik: type secondary IRQ correctly
power: ab5500-btemp: do not measure temp if battery is unknown
power: ab5500-btemp: temperature monitoring driver
power: ab5500-charger: ab5500 usb charger driver
power: ab5500-fg: fuel gauge driver for ab5500
power: ab8500_bm: Add sysfs node for charge_full
power: ab8500_bm: Allow USB charger voltage to collapse
power: ab8500_bm: Lower current when charger voltage drops
power: ab8500-bm: update usb state change interface to otg notifier
power: ab8500_bm: Use maximum charger current according to charger
power: ab8500_fg: Fixed correct conversion type for a print
power: abx500-chargalg: charging algorithm
power: Add ab5500 battery, temp, fg, driver
power: remove charger from ab8500 struct
prcmu-db5500: use base + offset for the PRCMU regs
regulator/ab5500: correctly handle holes in voltage list
regulator: add support for USB voltage regulator
regulator: Correct set voltage of Vintcore
regulator: initialization for ab8500 regulators
regulators: ab5500: add mode control
regulators: ab5500: use n_voltages
regulators: Added get_optimum_mode on regulators with idle mode
regulators: Added SysClkReq1 control of Vpll
regulators: Change of board version numbering
regulators: correct debug restore function
regulator: Set Vsmps2 in HW control (HP/LP) and Vsmps1 at 1.2 V
regulators: Removed ARM-controlled regulators from suspend-force
regulators: Removed suspend force of Vsmps1 and Vsmps2
regulators: Remove force of VextSupplies on AB 3.x
regulators: remove vana and vpll from suspend hack
regulators: remove VBB from suspend hack
Revert "cw1200: Request SDIO pins at device registration."
Revert "input: ab8500-accdet avoid accdet irq in suspend"
Revert "mach-ux500: suspend workaround for security"
rtc: ab8500: Dont disable IRQ:s when suspending
rtc-ab: add missing casts
rtc: add AB5500 RTC driver
SDIO: Clean work queue before destroy
SDIO: Fix deadlock when destroying IRQ work queue
SDIO: Optimized SDIO IRQ handling
SDIO: Replace IRQ kthread with work queue
serial: pl011: Fix enable of pins
set boradcast callback if clockevent broadcast enabled
setlocalversion: Add support for version from specific tag
Set the u8500 to use the nomadik mach id
smsc911x: use shifted register access
sound: add ab8500 audio codec
sound: add alsa support for ab8500
sound: add asoc support for ux500 platform
sound/soc: Add the AB5500 codec driver and correct the MSP internal
clock frequency.
sound: soc: codec: Fix link warnings
sound: soc: Update ux500 driver to use dmaengine
sound: soc: ux500: Fix merge problems
sound: u8500: msp: Remove v1 support
spi: add stm msp driver
spi/pl022: disable core voltage when idle
spi/pl022: minor kerneldoc updates
spi/pl022: remove dangling status check
spi/pl022: use dmaengine helper macros
Stagging : AB5500 SIM interface Driver
staging: Add ST-Ericsson CG2900 driver
staging: Add ST-Ericsson CG2900 driver
staging: mmio: enable extended DDR usage
staging: synaptics: Implement error handling for rmi4 touch regulator
staging:synaptics: Update with the kernel object name of touch device
TEE: Added TEE kernel interface
twd: add CLOCK_EVT_FEAT_C3STOP to timer features
U5500 : ab5500 core interrupt hander update
U5500 : ab5500 update for regulator driver
u5500: add all clocks to debug
u5500: add dummy prcmu_enable_wakeups() to fix build
u5500: add empty prmcu_is_ac_wake_requested()
u5500: add ePOD consumers
u5500: add mailbox1 and related function support
u5500: add PMU device
U5500: Add seperate IRQ RESOURCE for USB
u5500: add SIA and HVA clocks and consumers
U5500: Add support for PLL and EPOD Power mgmt
U5500: Add support for power state transition
u5500: add support for sysclk
u5500: add the Vape power state regulator
u5500: allow SUSPEND_STANDBY and CPUIDLE to be enabled
u5500 : Change flag to GFP_ATOMIC for memory req
u5500:Docbook:Added the tmpl files for drivers
u5500: don't have keypad handle AB5500 ONSWa key
u5500: enable mode control for SD card regulator
u5500: ensure AB<->PRCMU pins don't change with IOFORCE
U5500 : Initial SIM level shifter configuration
u5500 : kernel-doc for Mailbox Logical Driver
u5500: leds: add regulator to lm3530 backlight driver
u5500: leds: generic/compatible name for rgb leds
u5500: leds: lm3530: calibrate ALS input voltage
u5500: leds: lm3530: retain last set brightness value
u5500: move i2c to dynamic muxing
u5500: pm: check for TPIU clock before context save/restore
u5500: PRCMU IRQ should be NO_SUSPEND
U5500: Support for ESRAM12 EPOD in PRCMU driver
u5500: support GPIO interrupts via PRCMU
u5500: support RTC_CLK1/2
u8500 : alternate Function register address update
U8500: change GPIO for SIM activity detection driver
u8500 : dont make SIM detect driver enable by default
U8500 : driver for awaking modem on sim hot swap activity
U8500 : Register read corrected in get_value api
u8500: shrm: Adapt to use Modem Access framework
u8500: shrm: Add support for CIQ L2Mux channel
u8500:shrm: Fix null pointer dereference
u8500: shrm: Misc updates and optimisation
u8500: shrm: Move shrm to drivers/modem
u8500: shrm: Update AC_Wake logic and one fix for MSR
u8500: shrm: Workaround for MSR
USB:Dedicated charger connect issue on ABv3
USB: gadget: OTG supplement revision 2.0 updates
usb: musb: ux500: add ux500 specific code for gadget side
usb: otg: ab8500-usb: let controller driver manage state
usb: otg: ab8500-usb: report vbus draw in the notifier call
usb: otg: ab8500-usb: workaround for connector id detection
USB:Software fix for usb eye diagram issue when drawing more than 100mA
usb: usb_storage: do not align length of request for CBW to maxp size
ux500: add pl310 prefetch control
ux500: Add power off to platform data
ux500: Add start up time to wlan regulator
ux500: Add the AB8500 GPIOs
ux500: Add the AB8500 GPIOs
Ux500 ASoC: Add codec-driver for AB5500
Ux500 ASoC: Add controls for negative charge pump
Ux500 ASoC: Allow multiple prepares.
Ux500 ASoC: cg29xx: The I2S PCM interface must not be configured
ux500-ASoC: Change to support ux500 soc:s in build
Ux500 ASoC:DistortionNoise fix for underrun AB5500
Ux500 ASoC: Fix ALSA-controls for sidetone FIR
Ux500 ASoC: Fix for for audio capture.
Ux500 ASoC: Multi-component support.
Ux500 ASoC: Support for MSP3.
Ux500 ASoC: Support for multi-channel audio in AV8100 codec-driver.
ux500-ASoC: Update ux500 driver to use dmaengine
Ux500: Audio: AB8500 v3.x was wrongly handled as v1.x.
ux500: Change makefile to support ux500 soc
ux500: cpufreq: enable 200MHz
ux500: cpufreq: print available frequencies
ux500: cpuidle_dbg: 5500 support
ux500: cpuidle_dbg: don't turn APE off if console UART is busy
ux500: cpuidle_dbg: fix memory corruption
ux500: cryp: Remove register access
ux500: cryp: Use relaxed versions of writel/readl
ux500: Disable DMA channels for uart drivers.
ux500: Enable mcde for snowball
ux500: fix 5500 ICN context
ux500: fix context bases for 5500
ux500: Fix warnings
ux500: mcde: Add regulator ids for U5500
ux500: mcde: Change rotbuf1/2 address for U5500
ux500: mcde: Use 24 bpp overlay for HDMI
ux500 MSP: Set SLPM for GPIO pins used by MSP1
ux500: pm: access the "force pins in suspend" functions indrectly
ux500: pm: enable clock before touching UART
ux500: pm: enable clocks before touching PRCC
ux500: pm_runtime: add DMA to ux500 power domain
ux500: pm_runtime: call driver's callback when forcing suspend/resume
ux500: pm_runtime: get pins/regulator references on bind
ux500: pm: support PRCMU status check on 5500
ux500: prcmu: add debugfs for APE voltage
ux500: prcmu: add icn2 bypass control for sga clock
ux500: prcmu: fix 5500 build
ux500: prcmu: fix warnings on 5500
ux500:prcmu: Requirement name for user power QOS
ux500: regulator: handle different base offset of ePOD ID
ux500: Remove internal pullup on all i2c lines
ux500:Removing warnings from USB
ux500: support wfi-only suspend on 5500
ux500: suspend: ESRAM0 to RET instead of OFF
ux500: tee bug fix for returning wrong values
ux500: use PRCMU timer on DB5500
V2 fix for TEE
video: av8100: Add HDMI resolutions
video: av8100: Add support for DVI monitors
video: av8100: Add suspend resume
video: av8100: Change HW response timeout values
video: av8100: Control interrupts at power change
video: av8100: Correct hdmi display id
video: av8100: Filter plug event
video: av8100: Fix colors for HDMI with a YUV port
video: av8100: Fix occurences of test pattern
video: av8100: Fix YUV port setting from startup
video: av8100: Improve plug detection
video: av8100: Request DDR OPP
video: av8100: Request inputclk only if inputclk_id is valid.
video: B2R2: Add support for YVU420/2_PACKED_(SEMI)_PLANAR.
video: B2R2: Remove bluish tone when using yuv422i
video: hdmi: Correct hdcp acc to documentation
video: hdmi: Fix wrong return status
video: mcde: Add dss overlay info
video: mcde: Add Fictive display
video: mcde: Add missing line for CVBS TV out
video: mcde: Add mutex in dss
video: mcde: add support for generic write commands
video: mcde: Add support for original NTSC
video: mcde: add support to change av8100 port
video: mcde: Change fifo size to 640
video: mcde: Change handling of pix format
video: mcde: Change overlay registers dynamically
video: mcde: Correct behaviour for 720x480 resolution
video: mcde: Correct issue when changing HDMI resolution
video: mcde: DSI link wait for csm_running
video: mcde: Enable esram34 only if needed
video: mcde: fix build problems with update
video: mcde: Fix chnl_disable for U5500
video: mcde: Fix field swap for CVBS by AV8100
video: mcde: Fix first refresh when rotated
video: mcde: Fix for overlay handling
video: mcde: Fix irq_handler for chnl_disable
video: mcde: Fix Kconfig to match the ux500 update
video: mcde: Fix mcde GPIO and device creation
video: mcde: Fix memory allocation failure
video: mcde: fix SDTV through AB8500 flashes
video: mcde: improve display configuration
video: mcde: Log error interrupts as debug support
video: mcde: remove special interlaced porches
video: mcde: Remove special SDTV watermark level
video: mcde: Support YUV 422 overlay pixel format
video: mcde: update formatter setup for U5500
wlan: cw1200: Correction for initial state of WLAN_ENA pin.
wlan: cw1200: Correction for initial state of WLAN_ENA pin.
WLAN: CW1200: Fix for a crash in cfg80211_get_drvinfo() on ifconfig.
WLAN: CW1200: Fix for a crash in cfg80211_get_drvinfo() on ifconfig.
wlan: cw1200: .flush mac80211 API is implemented.
wlan: cw1200: .flush mac80211 API is implemented.
WLAN: CW1200: HT: ampdu_action is implemented.
WLAN: CW1200: HT: ampdu_action is implemented.
WLAN: CW1200: Power management is implemnted.
wlan: cw1200: Reenable filtering.
wlan: cw1200: Reenable filtering.
WLAN: CW1200: Support for GPIO-based IRQ.
WLAN: CW1200: Support for HREF/HREFV60/Snowball.
WLAN: Initial commit of the STM CW1200 WLAN driver.
Workaround for hardware problem in host mode for the MUSB chipset. Add
missed TXPKTRDY check.

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