Linaro Linux 3.1-2011.10

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Linaro Linux
Deepak Saxena
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download icon linux-linaro-3.1-2011.10-1.tar.bz2 (md5) Linaro 11.10 Kernel Release 452
last downloaded 53 weeks ago
download icon CHANGELOG-linux-linaro-3.0-2011.10-1 (md5) Kernel Change Log 142
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
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Release notes 

The Linaro Kernel Working Group (KWG) is excited to announce the
availability our October 2011 development snapshot:


As the word "snapshot" implies, these are meant as development kernels
and have not been fully validated. You should expect issues and to help
us deliver a better kernel in the future, please file bugs in Launchpad at

The source tarball is available at:

The kernel sources can also be accessed using git at:
 tag: linux-linaro-3.1-2011.10-1

In addition to an update to the 3.1 (-rc10) kernel, this kernel includes
the following changes that are queued up for 3.2:

- An EHCI slowdown workaround from Ming Lei

- Thumb-2 undef handling fix for multi-CPU kernels from Dave Martin

- ARM cpu topology definition from Vincent Guittot

- RMK's devel-stable branch from last week that contains (among others):

  - Runtime consistent dma size init from Tixy

  - boot_params to atag_offset transition froma Nicolas Pitre

  - ARM pmu/perf updates from Will Deacon

  - The ability to append a DT to zImage from Nicolas Pitre

  - The ARM kprobes test infrastructure from Tixy

  - Suspend/resume consolidation and cleanups from RMK

  - cpu pm notifiers on ARM from Colin Cross

A full change log against the 2011.09 release is available at:

High Priority Known Issues:

- We have seen issues with boards not rebooting in our CI
  lab but so far Nicolas has been unable to reproduce it
  on his systems and we've not seen any reports of this on
  upstream 3.1-rc trees. Please download and test the kernel
  on your platforms and add notes to the following LP bug
  if you are able to reproduce this:

Mailing list:



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