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Mailing List Created

Written for LinuxDC++ by Steven Sheehy on 2011-04-19

We created a new, open launchpad team for anyone interested in staying up-to-date on LinuxDC++'s development. Being a part of this team will automatically subscribe you to LinuxDC++'s bugs, answers and code commits. In addition, it will act as a general mailing list so developers can notify contributors of important changes or for discussion among users.

Note: You will need to explicitly subscribe to the team's mailing list once you join.

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LinuxDC++ 1.1.0 released

Written for LinuxDC++ by Steven Sheehy on 2011-04-17

LinuxDC++ 1.1.0 is a major milestone encapsulating over two years worth of effort. Major changes include internationalization support, DC++ core 0.75, segmented downloading, a favorite users tab, desktop notifications and a command line interface. Numerous other changes including bug fixes and feature enhancements can be found in the changelog.

Binaries can be found in our release PPA:

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Internationalization Support

Written for LinuxDC++ by Steven Sheehy on 2011-02-05

We've added internationalization support to LinuxDC++ so it can now support translations to your language of choice. Please start translating LinuxDC++ by visiting our Translations page and uploading your translated strings. Also let us know of any issues with the i18n support that you may encounter. Hopefully we can release 1.1.0 soon if there's no issues.

PPAs now available

Written for LinuxDC++ by Steven Sheehy on 2009-11-11

The LinuxDC++ team is for the first time offering official debian binaries of its current and upcoming releases. Try out the latest stable version or help test an unstable snapshot of the latest bazaar trunk. We plan on making unstable snapshots on a regular basis so testers can reproduce issues using the latest code. Enjoy!

Updated on 2009-11-14.

1.0.3 Released

Written for LinuxDC++ by Steven Sheehy on 2009-02-02

LinuxDC++ 1.0.3 has been released. This release adds search grouping and fixes a number of bugs including a couple annoying crashes. While we said that 1.0.2 was going to be the last release using the DC++ 0.698 core, we lied. Actually, upgrading to the next core is taking longer than expected so we decided to release an interim bug fix release. The next release will be based on DC++ 0.707 and will include segmented downloading and i18n support.

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