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Release notes 

LinuxDC++ 1.0.1 has been released. Lots of bug fixes and feature enhancements including the long awaited user commands and magnet support.


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[2007-10-13] Use strtoll instead of atoll to enable build on HPUX (thanks Tobias Nygren).
[2007-10-13] Dispatcher optimizations (thanks jikaheim).
[2007-10-13] Hubs are not removed from search list after reconnection.
[2007-10-13] Moved preference notebook tabs position to the left.
[2007-10-13] Changed reference to "Windows" in preferences to "Tabs."
[2007-10-13] Added an option to specify the main window notebook tabs position.
[2007-10-13] Added an option to specify the main toolbar style.
[2007-10-13] Don't follow symlinks (thanks gasol).
[2007-10-13] Improved display of kick messages (thanks naga).
[2007-10-13] Default for virtual name entry (thanks Razzloss).
[2007-10-13] First attempt at adding Mac OS X support (thanks Jammnrose).
[2007-10-28] Fixed wrong default value of main window notebook tabs.
[2007-10-28] Fixed build error "*** Error writing options to file: build/sconf/scache.conf".
[2007-10-28] Added hub url to "Connecting to" text when loading a hub.
[2007-10-28] Add hub topic to tab name (thanks stoft).
[2007-10-28] Get file list won't show directory right (thanks David Grundberg)
[2007-10-28] Superfluous / in $HOME causes file browsing problems.
[2007-10-28] Added user commands (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2007-11-07] Fixed search results from sometimes never appearing in the GUI.
[2007-11-20] Added magnet links support (thanks Max Lapan).
[2007-11-20] Define WM_WINDOW_ROLE for main window.
[2007-11-25] Added user commands to search menu (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2007-11-30] Fixes to allow compilation on OpenBSD (thanks Jeremy Evans).
[2007-12-02] Open finished files w/ the default application (thanks David Grundberg).
[2007-12-03] Fixes to allow compilation on Mac OS X (thanks Per Göransson).
[2007-12-04] Display hub name(s) on private message tab.
[2007-12-07] Added the ability to open URLs in chat with the default application.
[2007-12-07] Make the program appear on the screen more smoothly.
[2007-12-07] Fixed chat text from sometimes not appearing by validating all utf-8.
[2007-12-12] Added nick popup menu in chat.
[2007-12-12] Fix bind address on UDP socket (thanks Jeremy Evans).
[2007-12-16] Improved updating of cursor when hovering over links (thanks Stanislav Maslovski).
[2007-12-23] Improved tray icon text.
[2007-12-23] Fixed website link in about menu.
[2007-12-25] Show WAN IPs in drop-down box (thanks Jussi Peltola).

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