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Release notes 

The LinuxDC++ team is pleased to announce the release of LinuxDC++ 1.0.0. This
release is the culmination of almost three years worth of work. Hopefully
you'll find it was worth the wait. Thanks to all of those who have contributed
in making this release possible. You can look forward to many more things to
come in the near future including i18n support, user commands and magnet


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2007-08-04 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed a character encoding issue when "System default" was selected.
* Fixed a window menu regression.
* Patch #2099: Make all dialogs accept enter (thanks kotnik).
* Improve active searches when using multiple IPs (thanks Stanislav Maslovski).
* Patch #2121: Make the trayicon transparent (thanks Bart Vulling and Gaim/Pidgin team).
* Connect dialog now highlights old text upon re-opening.
* Converted u_int*_t to uint*_t C99 types.
* Bug #11597: Disconnected showing before no slots available (thanks Razzloss).

2007-07-07 - Steven Sheehy
* Bug #11382: Filelists are not removed when closing (thanks piotrp).
* Some more translation work.

2007-05-06 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed some download queue regressions.

2007-05-05 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed download delay in some cases (thanks Mikael Eman).
* Added "Log filelist transfers" setting.
* Bug #10891: Move of tree in dl queue flattens the tree.
* Bug #10978: Incorrect charset names.
* Bug #10261: ShareManager::checkTypes is not endian-safe (thanks Mikael Eman).
* Patch #1953: Improve socket disconnections caused by EINTR (thanks Mikael Eman).
* Fixed an encoding issue that could cause transfers to fail (thanks Stanislav Maslovski).
* Fixed a compile error on gcc 4.3.

2007-03-27 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed a text conversion regression.

2007-03-24 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed an issue with systems that dynamically link iconv.
* Added /away and /back to pm commands.
* Feature #3128: Auto-respond when in Away mode.
* Added "Don't send the away message to bots" option.
* Updated the copyright year to 2007.
* Bug #10094: Duplicate entries in Download Queue.
* Added the ability to specify a hub's charset if it's not in the drop-down.
* Improved WulforManager (knock on wood).
* Cleaned up Text conversion functions a bit.
* Started i18n and l10n support (much more work to do).

2007-02-06 - Steven Sheehy
* Patch #1876: Fix compile on *BSD caused by inconsistent iconv API (thanks Mikael Eman).
* Patch #1874: Fix dl queue folders from sometimes appearing empty (thanks naga).

2007-02-04 - Steven Sheehy
* Patch #1802: Fix for Total Item/Size counts not updated in dlqueue (thanks Razzloss).
* Patch #1804: Allow filelist to be expanded to directories (thanks Mikael Eman).
* Fixed a couple glade regressions.
* Fixed "Remove user from queue" regression in hub nicklist.
* Fixed /commands regression in pm window.
* Fixed address binding failures in core (thanks Mikael Eman).
* Fixed scons from checking for dependencies during scons install.
* Fixed scons from recompiling if scons install is specified but the executable
  is not up-to-date.
* Character encoding fixes:
 * Should finally fix the many character encoding issues once and for all.
 * Added a per-hub encoding option.
 * Rewrote core's text handling functions to use iconv. This allows us to
   convert between more than just the file system encoding and utf-8.
 * Changed xml handling code to respect the encoding specified in the file
   when loading and to always save as UTF-8 when writing.
 * Moved default global charset to the personal tab and made it a drop-down
   list. Set it to the encoding most common to the hubs you visit.
 * Many other core changes to ensure UTF-8 is always sent from core <-> gui.

2007-01-04 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed "Search by TTH" regression (thanks Mikael Eman).
* Updated glade xml files to Glade3 (smaller file size, cleaner layout).
* Download queue changes:
 * Fixed crashing regressions.
 * Fixed an issue with scroll position not updating when changing dirs.
 * Fixed new files from showing up in the wrong directory.
 * Fixed crash when adding files to "/".
 * Fixed sorting of "Downloaded" column.
 * File view and dir view are now both sorted automatically.
 * Bug #6728: Download queue selection.
 * Added the ability to move and rename files.
 * Added more keyboard events.
 * Decoupling and lots of cleanup.

2007-01-01 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed a deadlock in the core, improving socket disconnections as a nice
  side effect (thanks Mikael Eman).
* Added a new & improved irssi-like nick completion (thanks Razzloss).
* Fixed some issues with the "Auto Connect" col in favorite hubs.
* Fixed a crash when loading a corrupt file list.
* Removed Ctrl+Right/Left shortcut to change tabs since it conflicted w/
  it's traditional use in text entry boxes.
* Removed distcc and ccache support.
* Feature #1806: Get file list to be expanded to selected (thanks Mikael Eman).

2006-12-10 - Steven Sheehy
* Decoupled Hub (thanks Razzloss).
* Fixed some short overflow issues in the core when dealing with ports.
* Bug #9647: "Renamed file when downloading to a folder" (thanks Mikael Eman).
* Bug #9671: "Multiple selection in filelist" (thanks Mikael Eman).
* Bug #9600: "High CPU usage for some time upon connecting to large hub." Caused
  by nick completion code so it had to be temporarily removed (thanks Razzloss).
* Fixed some uninitialized variables (thanks Mikael Eman).

2006-12-04 - Steven Sheehy
* Upgraded the DC++ core to 0.698:
 * The 0.691 core contains a security flaw so I recommend you upgrade ASAP.
 * Support for non-TTH files was removed (by DC++, so don't complain to us).
 * Added SSL support (thanks Mattias Webjörn Eriksson for some help with this).
  * OpenSSL is now a required dependency to build.
  * Added a "Security Certificates" page in the preferences dialog.
  * Added a TLS port entry in the "Connection" page.
 * Added "Ignore private messages from bots" option.
 * Added "Ignore private messages from the hub" option.
 * Added "Don't download files already in the queue" option.
 * Removed "Ignore private messages from offline users" option.
 * Removed "Only results with TTH root" option.
 * Lots of other bug fixes to get the core to compile on *nix.

2006-11-22 - Steven Sheehy
* Disallowed hashing of sockets, device files, or named pipes.
* Decoupled hashing dialog.
* Added a bit more error-checking to SConstruct.
* Fixed close connection regression.
* Added multiple selection capability to nick list (thanks Jussi Peltola).

2006-11-01 - Steven Sheehy
* Improved search filtering.
* Removed unimplemented menu options (and won't be implementing in the future).
* Fixed pixmaps/normal.png (thanks UrkeMMI).
* Removed duplicate gthread-2.0 cflags.
* Reduced linking dependencies (thanks Pavlov Konstantin).
* Added a new public hub list (since is down).
* Decoupled the gui & client functions in Favorite Hubs, Finished Transfers & transferview
  (translation: less segmentation faults, less temporary gui freezes, cleaner code).
* Fixed a few password bugs in Favorite Hubs.
* Added multiple selection capability to Finished Transfers & transferview.
* Rewrote transferview to clean it up & fix updating issues (thanks Razzloss).
* Changed a large number of string parameters to const refererences to improve efficiency.

2006-10-12 - Steven Sheehy
* Added usernames to chat logs (thanks Fredrik Ullner).
* Added more columns to public hubs (thanks Fredrik Ullner).
* Added dynamic filtering of local results to search (thanks Razzloss).
* Cleaned the source of carriage returns.
* Closing a tab now switches to previously selected tab (thanks dorian).
* Removed useless "Max tab rows" setting.

2006-10-07 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed sorting of nick list (thanks Razzloss).
* Fixed shared total in some hubs from erroneously reporting 0 B (thanks Razzloss).
* Fixed a crash in search when right-clicking non-tth files.
* Fixed "Thrown: FileException: Bad file descriptor" errors in debug mode.
* Cleaned up and fixed a few other issues with client/File.h code.

2006-09-27 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed crashing regression in download queue.
* Added "Match queue" and "Remove from queue" options to userlist popup menu.
* Added reconnect hub option (File->Reconnect or Ctrl+R).

2006-09-23 - Steven Sheehy
* The transfer, nicklist, sharebrowser & dl queue panes now stay the same
  size when resizing the window (thanks dorian).
* Added the ability to add extra sources from search popup (thanks Bart Vullings).
* Fixed a BSD compile issue with the new fast-hash routine.
* Download queue cleanup:
 * Fixed potential GUI deadlocks.
 * Fixed memory leaks.
 * Combined "Search for alternates" & "Search by TTH" options.
 * Fixed "Re-add source" item.
 * Added keyboard events.

2006-09-18 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed the new fast-hashing algorithm from crashing on zero byte files.

2006-09-11 - Steven Sheehy
* Middle click on tab now closes it.
* Ctrl+shift+tab/ctrl+left-arrow navigates left and ctrl+tab/ctrl+right-arrow
  navigates right between tabs (thanks Bart Vullings).
* Added an IP column in the transfer view (thanks Bart Vullings).
* Fixed a socket-related crash in the core.
* Added an experimental fast-hashing algorithm (thanks Markus Lindqvist).
* Fixed the core from regenerating files.xml.bz2 upon startup (thanks dorian).
* Tweaked the character encoding functions a bit (thanks dorian).
* Replaced the non-working public hub list with an ADC list.
* Implemented the "beep on private message" option (thanks Rimas Kudelis).

2006-09-01 - Steven Sheehy
* Changed binary name and data path from ldcpp to linuxdcpp to satisfy package maintainers.
  !!IMPORTANT!! - run "scons -c install" to remove all the old files before compiling.
* Fixed an issue with including system CXXFLAGS (thanks naga).
* Made tabs open more smoothly.
* Tabs are now reorderable (activated only if gtk >= 2.10).
* Fixed core not being able to delete files.xml*.bz2 on shutdown.
* Fixed an issue with the font being too small in sharebrowser buttons.
* Made sharebrowser more similar to DC++ (thanks dorian).

2006-08-27 - Steven Sheehy
* Removed binreloc/prefix.hh. It now uses the prefix it was compiled with
  (/usr/local by default) and if it's not found, uses the current dir instead.
* Specifying PREFIX for both scons and scons install is no longer needed, it is
  carried over to scons install automatically.
* Scons now ensures scons version is at least 0.96.
* Scons now shows the available ldcpp command-line parameters with "scons --help".
* Removed ability to specify BINDIR, DOCDIR and DATADIR separately from PREFIX (wouldn't work w/ above changes).
* More SConstruct cleanup.
* Fixed another issue with SOCKS5 setting.

2006-08-21 - Steven Sheehy
* Created an Entry class and made MainWindow, BookEntry and DialogEntry subclasses of it.
* WulforManager now deletes all of MainWindow's queued functions before closing the program.
* Rearranged #includes to speed up re-compilations.
* Fixed multiple selection regression in search tab.

2006-08-19 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed a large memory leak due to never unreferencing the GladeXML files.
* Added the ability to retrieve a widget out of the xml at any point in the program,
  which helped clean up the code immensely.
* Temporary fix for the 100% CPU usage caused by sorting the hub user list in large hubs too soon.

2006-08-17 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed search regression.

2006-08-16 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed more memory leaks.
* Fixed possible security issues due to lack of bounds checking on sprintf.
* Fixed allocating large buffers on the stack from causing random crashes (thanks Tobias Nygren).
* Fixed ADC not working on big-endian architectures (thanks Tobias Nygren).
* Fixed testing for non-blocking I/O on some System V-derived systems (thanks Tobias Nygren).
* Added stdint.h to core header for use in BSD operating systems.
* Added ability to specify additional compile flags by looking at the CXXFLAGS env variable.
* Fixed an issue with public hubs defaulting to a blank url in the list.
* Settings dialog changes:
 * Cleaned up code.
 * Public hub list in settings now matches the one in public hubs tab.
 * Fixed SOCKS5 settings not saving properly.
 * Fixed a crash when adding a share and closing settings dialog soon afterwards.
 * Added ability to specify hidden directories when browsing folders.

2006-08-01 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed the gui freezing that occurred sometimes when closing the hub tab.
* Added -Wall to debug mode CXXFLAGS and fixed most compiler warnings (including dc++ core).
* Search changes:
 * Cleaned up code.
 * Added keyboard events.
 * Fixed a massive amount of memory leaks (seriously, it was ridiculous).
 * Fixed most areas that could cause potential deadlock.
 * Added "Only results with TTH root" option.
 * Made above & "Only users with free slots" option persistent.
 * Improved "Only where I'm op" option.
 * Made the checkbox options filter the list as they're selected instead of just on next search.
 * Slots column now sorts properly (used to sort as a string).
 * Filename col now sorts directories first.
 * Added file & dir icons to search results.
 * Fixed and improved search drop down box.

2006-07-23 - Steven Sheehy
* Replaced more menu items with stock icons (thanks Rimas Kudelis).
* Changed "Quick Connect" shortcut from Ctrl-Q to Ctrl-N (Ctrl-Q is now used
  for quitting the application) (thanks Rimas Kudelis).
* Added tooltips to the toolbar items.
* Rearranged a couple toolbar items to flow better.
* Added a close item to the file menu that closes the current tab (shortcut Ctrl-W).

2006-07-21 - Steven Sheehy
* Replaced a lot of text buttons with GTK+ stock icons (thanks Rimas Kudelis).
* Main toolbar now respects gtk-toolbar-style option (thanks Rimas Kudelis).
* Moved most static popup menus into glade and made them use stock icons where applicable.
* Added /refresh command.

2006-07-19 - Steven Sheehy
* Replaced old windows-style icons with new Gnome-style icons (huge thanks to Johannes Sjölund).
  Note: There's a new svg subdir with these icons saved as svg for backup purposes.
  These do not need to be distributed in any binary packages.
* Added an option to use the stock GTK+ icons if you don't like the provided ones.
  Note: You have to manually edit ~/.dc++/LinuxDC++.xml currently to activate this due to
  settings dialog issues. Add <use-stock-icons type="int">1</use-stock-icons> to the file and restart ldcpp.
* Moved logo & tray icon back to png from svg since not everyone had librsvg.
* Changed Settings to Preferences in the GUI to follow Gnome HIG.
* Fixed a problem with open own list opening in the background.
* More sharebrowser changes:
 * Additional code clean up.
 * Rewrote find to search in the proper order, expand dirView properly & fix a crash.
 * Made find case insensitive.
 * Made find search directory names in addition to file names.

2006-07-14 - Steven Sheehy
* SCons/build process changes:
 * NOTE: I recommend you checkout a fresh CVS due to all these scons changes.
 * Removed sys/poll.h as a required dependency since it's not included anywhere.
 * Cleaned up scons temp files by moving creation of config.log and .sconsign
   files to .sconf_temp/ (less cruftage!).
 * Also, moved .sconf_temp/ to be under build/ directory.
 * Separated cxxflags of client and gui so that client is not compiled with gtk flags.
 * Cleaned up the SConstruct files, added comments, etc.
* Removed a GTK+ function that required 2.8.

2006-07-13 - Steven Sheehy
* Removed the last vestiges of Wulfor name in the GUI (thanks Pavlov Konstantin).
* Fixed some memory leaks.
* callback.hh was finally removed.
* Re-added show tray icon setting.
* Fixed a crash when adding the same share twice (thanks Mikael Eman).
* Fixed a crash when downloading a dir from search in debug mode (regression).
* Hub changes:
 * Cleaned up the source.
 * Added keyboard events.
 * Added ability to retrieve chat history by using the up and down arrows.
 * Fixed problem with not having userlist sorted when joining a hub.
 * Turned off "rules-hint" (AKA striped lines) in nick treeview to speed things up.
 * Replaced nick completion code with the much simpler GtkEntryCompletion (6 lines of code vs 100).
 * Implemented these options:
  * Filter kick messages
  * Log status messages
  * Automatically follow redirects
  * Show timestamps in chat by default
  * View status messages in main chat
  * Show joins / parts in chat by default
  * Only show joins / parts for favorite users
  * Send unknown /commands to the hub
  * Open new window when using /join
  * Ignore private messages from offline users
  * Open new private message windows in the background
  * Open file list window in the background
 * Added these commands: /away, /back, /clear, /close, /favorite, /getlist,
   /grant, /help, /join, /pm, /rebuild, /userlist

2006-06-27 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed chat not displaying for ADC hubs (thanks Fredrik Ullner).
* Public Hub changes:
 * Cleaned up the source.
 * Added keyboard events.
 * Removed dependency on callback.hh.
 * Filter now finds as you type.

2006-06-25 - Steven Sheehy
* Changed naming of "Favourite" to "Favorite".
* Finally settled upon a common gui callback naming scheme (see wiki for details).
* Private Message changes:
 * Huge cleanup of the source code.
 * Added ability to retrieve chat history by using the up and down arrows.
 * Added these commands: /clear, /close, /favorite, /getlist, /grant, /help.
 * Removed dependency on callback.hh.
 * Set a limit on how many lines of text would be displayed at a time (500).
 * Fixed a bug with multiple nicks where it always showed the first nick.

2006-06-23 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed HashData.dat from not being created on 64bit systems.
* FileExceptions now show name of file with error (on stdout in debug mode).
* Updated licensing information: FSF changed postal address.
* Fixed another crash when adding shares.
* Sharebrowser changes:
 * Huge cleanup of the code resulting in a noticeable speed increase when browsing folders.
 * Fixed icons not showing up for non-Gnome users.
 * Fixed a crash when loading a corrupt or incomplete filelist.
 * Fixed a bug where the wrong column would show it was sorted.
 * Fixed a number of memory leaks.
 * Added keyboard events.

2006-06-19 - Steven Sheehy
* Added keyboard events to favorites & finished transfers.
* Fixed possible gui freezes in favorites & finished transfers.
* Major code clean-up in finished transfers.
* Fixed a crash when adding a share with an empty virtual name.

2006-06-17 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed port signedness and added some error checking.
* Fixed core from creating files and directories with incorrect default permissions.
* Fixed core from creating multiple filelists directories due to case-sensitivity.

2006-06-16 - Steven Sheehy
* Updated copyright on source files to latest year.
* Added error detection for when glade files can't be found.
* Fixed hash speed limiting not working.
* Fixed adding a share from freezing the gui temporarily.
* Fixed "Don't allow hub/UPnP to override" setting from not saving correctly.

2006-06-15 - Naga & Steven Sheehy
* Upgraded the client core to version 0.691:
  * All sources to downloads will be lost (not the files) due to Queue.xml core changes.
  * Some settings will have to be reconfigured (namely connection mode & speed).
 * Added features:
  * Disconnect slow users.
  * IP field can accept a hostname.
  * Markers for ZDownloads, TTH Trees, TTH Check, Secure (Not supported) & Rollback.
  * Show timestamps options.
  * Log Hub, PM and Filelist transfers.
  * Option to use Monospaced font for Hub & PM (thanks UrkeMMI).
  * Tab bolding options for Hub, PM, Search, Finished Downloads and Finished Uploads.
  * Notification when searching too soon.
 * Fixed bugs:
  * Bug #6103: crashes when have no permission to create file/directory (untested)
  * Bug #6294: Hub topics not working
  * Bug #6462: User list loading very slow (on Open DC hubs)
  * Switching connection mode requires a restart.
* Completely rewrote settings dialog to make room for the new options.
* Hid most of the unimplemented settings.
* Fixed bug #7651: GUI Freeze (in downloadqueue)
* Rewrote the character encoding code to use a user-specified fallback locale (default CP1252)
  if current locale fails. Not a 100% fix for unicode issues, but a start.

2006-06-13 - Steven Sheehy
* Don't redefine NULL
* Fixed PM windows from stealing focus if it's already open.

2006-06-03 - Steven Sheehy
* Added another stupid hack to keep people from crashing because of other users with
  characters in their nick that ldcpp can't determine the encoding of.

2006-06-01 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed tab bolding regression.
* Memory leak fixes.
* Realized GTK+ can handle svg so I replaced the logo pngs with a svg one.

2006-06-01 - Paskharen
* Made the main window restore a bit better after being hidden by the tray icon.
* Also made the window come up a bit nicer when the program is started.

2006-05-31 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed a compile error.

2006-05-30 - Steven Sheehy
* Replaced most std::map's with hash_map to speed things up.
* Rewrote openOwnList, openFileList, and refreshList to not freeze the gui temporarily while they load.
* More memory leak fixes.
* Fixed hashing to support big-endian architectures (thanks Tobias Nygren).
* Glade and pixmaps now install into PREFIX/share (thanks Pavlov Konstantin).

2006-05-29 - Steven Sheehy
* Replaced previous tray icon with a kick-ass new icon (big thanks to wulax).
* Added the aforementioned icon to all the window titlebars & the about dialog.
* Changed the name in the title bar from "Wulfor Reloaded" to "LinuxDC++".
* Workaround to force eggtrayicon to be transparent on all platforms.
* Removed atomic_inc/dec and instead use pthread_mutex due to Bug #7614 and
  since not all CPU types could use atomic.h anyway (thanks Tobias Nygren).
* Replaced PTHREAD_RECURSIVE_MUTEX_INITIALIZER_NP with a non-GNU specific implementation (thanks Tobias Nygren).
* Fixed a few more things to make ldcpp build on more platforms (thanks Tobias Nygren).
* Fixed some more memory leaks.
* Changed a map to an enum to fix a possible crash when updating transferview.
* Fixed another crash in transferview.
* Major clean-up of WulforManager which will hopefully result in a nice speed increase.

2006-05-26 - Steven Sheehy
* Possible fix for the GUI freezing/deadlock that many people have been experiencing lately.

2006-05-25 - Steven Sheehy
* Forgot to add new icon to list of items for scons to install.
* Huge cleanup of favorite hubs.

2006-05-24 - Steven Sheehy
* Added a tray icon (thanks Matthew Ziegelbaum).
  Note: Icon is just a copy of DC++'s. It'd be nice if someone could make a new icon for us.
* Cleaned up mainwindow.hh by moving functions to private visibility where applicable.
* Migrated MainWindow from callback.hh to static callbacks.
* Fixed the about dialog.

2006-05-09 - paskharen
* Made scons file more error proof and added support for ccache and distcc (thanks Naga and Steven Sheehy)

2006-05-05 - Steven Sheehy
* Rewrote transfer view yet again to fix a re-occuring crash.
* Fixed some shutdown issues.
* Fixed a Gtk warning in public hubs.
* Fixed private messages not scrolling to the bottom on a new message.
* Fixed Bug #4982: gtkrc button order ignored.
* Fixed "Open with" in Finished Transfers from causing 100% cpu at times.
* Fixed more memory leaks.
* Increased upper limit of "No new downloads if speed exceeds" setting.
* Moved some widget creation into glade.
* Made "Window" menu list open hubs and private messages.

2006-04-05 - paskharen
* Added workaround for empty nicks due to unicode problems (thanks Steven Sheehy)

2006-03-29 - Steven Sheehy
* Added proper sorting to transfer view (downloads -> uploads -> other).
* Added a Hub Name column to transfer view.
* Moved icon col into user col for simplicity.
* Fixed improper sorting of speed and size column in transfer view.
* Removed hidden ID col in transfer view and replaced with a map to
  speed it up (hopefully).
* Made transfers, publichubs & finished transfers sorted upon startup.
* Set most treeviews to fix-height-mode to speed up rendering.
* Made enabling progress bars not require a restart.
* Fixed a bug saving & restoring invalid column sizes.
* Fixed a crash on shutdown that some people experienced caused by GTK_IS_TREE_VIEW.
* Fixed a lot of small memory leaks when retrieving strings from GtkTreeViews.
* Fixed a _huge_ memory leak: GtkListStores weren't unreferenced to
  zero so they were never destroyed.

2006-02-25 - paskharen
* Fixed compile problems where 'assert' function could not be found

2006-02-23 - Steven Sheehy
* Added ability to add or remove columns in treeviews.
* Major clean up of
* Fixed minor grammar and spelling errors in readme.txt.

2006-02-14 - Steven Sheehy
* Fixed setting dialog and favorite hub regressions caused by previous updates.
* Fixed the move up and move down buttons for the public hubs inside settings dialog.
* Fixed bug with favorite hubs overwriting passwords with astericks in xml file.
* Fixed crash when hashing a file with read errors. (thanks OpsVentus)
* Fixed a bug allowing the transfer pane separator to be raised too high causing GUI corruption.
* Fixed bugs with the new settings manager not saving settings properly.
* Added ability to save transfer and nick list pane widths.
* Added progress bars for transfers (requires gtk >= 2.6).
* Made refresh file list work.

2006-02-08 - paskharen
* Made treeview columns reorderable (thanks Steven Sheehy)
* Made treeview columns save their widths (thanks Steven Sheehy)
* Made treeview a general treeview wrapper class. This is not complete and
  the settingsdialog isn't fully updated to use this.
* Made it possible to have more than one search tab open.
* Fixed an assertion failure when downloading a directory.
* Made a custom settingsmanager for the linux part and made mainwindow use it.
* Made the text on the Find buttons in sharebrowser smaller to avoid it being
  chopped off because of lack of space on the button.

2006-01-18 - paskharen
* Disabled asm code for ia64 (thanks Romain Beauxis)
* Added install targets to SConstruct file (thanks Naga)
* Tweaked the window position save/load code to work for more people
* Changed constants for window state to be the same as for main DC++

2006-01-16 - phase
* Added Favorite Downloads, select multiple files and search for alternates to
  the sharebrowser.

2006-01-14 - paskharen
* Fixed the bug saving bogus values for main window size/position

2006-01-13 - paskharen
* Made main window remember size, position and state (Bug #3348)(thanks Tom Lofts)

2006-01-01 - paskharen
* Improvements to Open own list and Open File List. (thanks Steven Sheehy)
* Improvements to favourite hubs. (thanks Steven Sheehy)
* Various cleanups. (thanks Steven Sheehy)

2005-12-24 - phase
* Fixed a bug with the Open File List. (Thanks Steven Sheehy)

2005-12-20 - paskharen
* Added line breaks to private messages
* Changed dates in changelog from 2006 to 2005 =)
* Fixed a unicode problem in nicklist

2005-12-19 - phase
* Fixed a typo in the search. (thanks x-term)

2005-12-13 - paskharen
* Fixed bug in sharebrowser when a file has no extension (thanks Vikram Aggarwal)
* Added atomic code for mips and ia64 (thanks Romain Beauxis)
* Changed behavior when cpu type is not supported, it now disables atomic
  operations automatically.
* Made finished ul and dl icons same size as the others.

2005-12-09 - paskharen
* Added asm code (atomic inc/dec) for more cpu architectures.
* Fixed the crash when closing the open file list dialog.
* Added about box, it's a bit ugly though.

2005-11-02 - paskharen
* Improved performance on large hubs (thanks Naga)
* Unicode fixes in downloadqueue and search
* Removed duplicate search results

2005-10-16 - paskharen
* Fixed the crashing when you set it to open a notebook page on startup.

2005-10-13 - paskharen
* Undid the previous cleanup, it wasn't possible to rip out the dispatcher =(
* Fixed crashing on startup again
* Improvements to hub and sharebrowser (thanks John Armstrong)

2005-09-15 - paskharen
* Fixed renaming files across partitions (patch from unknown)

2005-09-14 - paskharen
* Removed the dispatcher.
* Removed the callback class, it was just confusing.
* Made entering large hubs faster.
* Removed dialogentry, it was not necessary when the dispatcher is gone.
* Maybe hopefully finally solved the startup crashes.

2005-08-09 - paskharen
* Fixed a bug in the user list code (thanks obi)

2005-08-07 - paskharen
* Added menubar (thanks s4kk3)
* Added a custom atomic.h (only x86 but that's easy to fix, just copy from qt =)
  (thanks Rikard Björklind)
* Log messages are now shown in main statusbar
  (patch #000518, thanks clairvoyant)

2005-08-04 - paskharen
* The scons file now checks for the right g++ version (thanks s4kk3)

2005-07-23 - paskharen
* The scons file now imports enviroment variables from the os, should find headers and libs
  a lot better now (bug #004490, thanks azatoth)
* Complete hub name now shown in tooltip on the notebook flap (thanks s4kk3)
* Added context menu to transfer list (patch from phase?)

2005-06-29 - paskharen
* Fixed some crashes at startup

2005-06-25 - paskharen
* Added finished uploads and downloads (thanks s4kk3)
* Added more info to nick list (thanks luusl)
* Replaced some windows newlines with unix ditto in some files

2005-05-25 - paskharen
* Fixed Gtk warnings on startup (thanks Ixan)
* Added automatic sorting to sharebrowser (thanks Ixan)

2005-05-25 - paskharen
* Added some tweaks to the glade files (thanks Ixan)

2005-05-25 - phase
* Fixed the bug where you couldn't hash files larger than 2gb (thanks obi)

2005-05-23 - phase
* Fixed the Download Queue (thanks s4kk3)

2005-05-21 - paskharen
* Made filelists download to the right folder (thanks s4kk3)

2005-05-17 - paskharen
* Fixed some cases of misaligned rows in transfer view, not sure if all are gone
* Tried fixing the deadlock when closing a notebook flap, hard to verify as working though
* Made padding more consistent in the gui

2005-05-01 - paskharen
* Updated to core version 0.674
* Fixed some problems with active mode port selection (MainWindow::startSocket)

2005-04-06 - paskharen
* Added tab completion for nicks (thanks s4kk3)
* Fixed unicode conversion when downloading to a directory in sharbrowser (also from s4kk3)
* Fixed a segfault when the hub asks for a password (thanks Trent Lloyd)

2005-02-27 - paskharen
* New and improved publichubs with context menu and stuff.
* Added separate connect dialog to connect to a hub by address.
* Fixed double click in share browser.
* Fixed unicode problems in transferview.
* Code cleanup in mainwindow.

2005-02-23 - phase
* Added multiple selections to Download Queue and Search.
* Fixed a separator related bug.

2005-02-22 - phase
* Added Streams.h and MerkleCheckOutputStream.h from DC++-cvs, because those
were missing.

2005-02-20 - paskharen
* Added grant slot in user menu in hub.
* Changed to client 0.670.

2005-02-18 - phase
* Fixed some things with the Hash-dialog.

2005-02-16 - phase
* Added Changelog again :)
* Added all the settings (except User Commands), though, we haven't added all the features that the settings have to offer yet.
* The Hash progress is now working.
* Added some settings:
 * Confirm application exit
 * Set Download Queue tab bold when an entry is added
 * Confirm favorite hub removal
 * Clear search box after each search
 * Open the public hubs window at startup
 * Open the download queue window at startup
 * Open the favorite hubs window at startup

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