LinuxDC++ 1.0.2

LinuxDC++ 1.0.2 has been released. This is mainly a bug fix release to allow for one last stable version on the DC++ 0.698 core. The next release will be upgraded to the latest DC++ core, which will allow us to finally add l18n support.

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[2007-12-30] Hide main toolbar option doesn't work after restart.
[2008-01-05] GCC 4.3 compile fix.
[2008-01-17] Added a copy nick menu item to main chat.
[2008-01-26] Added an "Open containing folder" option to finished transfers.
[2008-02-05] Only one instance per profile (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2008-02-05] Nick completion now finds nicks in the form [xyz]nick (thanks Razzloss).
[2008-02-05] Clear speed & time after up/downloads finish (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2008-02-06] Main toolbar system default (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2008-02-07] Added the ability to view user command sub-menus (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2008-02-07] Updated copyright to 2008.
[2008-02-08] Auto-away on minimize not working (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2008-02-12] Focus text entry boxes when switching tabs (thanks Mikael Eman).
[2008-02-13] Use CC env. variable when compiling C files (thanks Razzloss).
[2008-02-13] Filter files already in share (thanks Razzloss).
[2008-02-28] Fixed finished transfers totals not showing when opened.
[2008-02-28] Standardized menu entries to 'Browse file list'.
[2008-02-28] Fixed a memory leak when clearing search results (thanks Razzloss).
[2008-03-02] Fixed user list and transfer view increasing in size when maximizing.
[2008-05-04] Added user commands to share browser and transfer view (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2008-05-04] Removed BookEntry from WulforManager (thanks David Grundberg).
[2008-05-04] Improved the tab close button.
[2008-05-04] Fixed auto-open of Finished Uploads tab.
[2008-05-04] Confirm exit application dialog not working.
[2008-05-04] Fix small memory leak when retrieving local IPs (thanks Razzloss).
[2008-05-04] Add ability to open URIs on Mac OSX (thanks David Grundberg).
[2008-05-10] Fixed hub reconnect regression.
[2008-05-10] Keep dialogs above the application (thanks Razzloss).
[2008-05-10] User list performance improvements (thanks Razzloss & olsner).
[2008-05-10] Scroll chat to bottom after window resize (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2008-05-10] Fixed user command dialog not saving its state after an error (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2008-05-11] Fixed a memory leak when filtering duplicate search results (thanks Razzloss).
[2008-05-19] Replaced the 'Windows' menu with an improved 'Tabs' menu.
[2008-05-26] Removed extra newlines in hub/private chats (thanks David Grundberg).
[2008-05-26] Fixed search hotkey collision.
[2008-05-26] Close tab on middle button release instead of press (thanks David Grundberg).
[2008-05-27] Away message says 'DC++'.
[2008-05-27] Long chat string doesn't wordwrap.
[2008-05-27] Added timestamps to hub and mainwindow status bars.
[2008-06-08] Urgency hint notification on PM or hub message containing nick (thanks David Grundberg).
[2008-06-08] Bold on content change setting for PM and hub now enables/disables urgency hint.
[2008-06-08] Minimum version of GTK+ required is now 2.8.
[2008-06-08] Fixed sorting by speed in Finished Transfers.
[2008-06-14] Context menu for absent users.
[2008-06-16] Fixed tab label from truncating utf-8 text improperly.
[2008-06-29] Fixed a possible remote crash on partial file list requests.
[2008-06-29] Fixed a crash on empty private message.
[2008-07-02] Added an OpenSSL exception to the license.

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