LinuxDC++ 1.0.3

LinuxDC++ 1.0.3 has been released. Added search grouping and fixed a number of bugs including a couple annoying crashes.

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Steven Sheehy
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LinuxDC++ 1.0.3 has been released. This release adds search grouping and fixes a number of bugs including a couple annoying crashes. While we said that 1.0.2 was going to be the last release using the DC++ 0.698 core, we lied. Actually, upgrading to the next core is taking longer than expected so we decided to release an interim bug fix release. The next release will be based on DC++ 0.707 (or greater) and will include segmented downloading and i18n support.


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[2008-08-10] lp#256236: Fixed a crash on startup when using auto-open options.
[2008-09-20] lp#257972: Status progress bar shows speed instead of percentage (thanks Razzloss).
[2008-09-20] lp#272363: Crash on finished downloads remove (thanks David Grundberg).
[2008-09-20] lp#272447: Main window too large for some computers (thanks David Grundberg).
[2008-11-29] Added the ability to group searches (thanks Razzloss).
[2008-11-29] lp#283439: Extra padding in main window (thanks David Grundberg).
[2008-11-30] lp#283353: Fill whole tab label (thanks David Grundberg).
[2008-11-30] lp#297544: Can't browse own file list from hub tab (thanks David Grundberg).
[2008-11-30] lp#287995: Finished hashing should be 100%, not 0% (author David Grundberg).
[2008-12-01] lp#297713: Incorrect sort order on shared and min share in public hublist.
[2008-12-03] lp#298894: 'Default hub encoding' isn't respected (thanks David Grundberg).
[2008-12-11] Fixed a crash in enabling local filtering with grouping enabled. Local filter is now grayed when grouping is enabled.
[2008-12-12] lp#307418: Lack of win (cp) 1250 encoding.
[2008-12-12] Fixed GTK+ warnings about setting an adjustment with non-zero page size.
[2008-12-25] Made getifaddrs() conditional on OS support (thanks Tobias Nygren).
[2008-12-25] Added IPv6 support to list of local IPs in preferences.
[2008-12-28] Changed homepage in About dialog.
[2008-12-28] lp#279795: No status message on socket listen failure.
[2008-12-29] lp#307931: Fav hub errors and dialog improvements (thanks David Grundberg).
[2008-12-29] lp#311480: Show tab name in title bar.
[2008-12-30] Switched EggTrayIcon with GtkStatusIcon. GTK+ >= 2.10 now required.

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