Listaller 0.2-alpha released

Written for Listaller by Matthias Klumpp on 2009-04-14

We are proud to announce the release of Listaller 0.2-alpha 9 months after the first Listaller experimental release.
Listaller is now based on PackageKit 0.4.4 which makes the applications compatible to many more package management systems.
Listaller implements the IPS0.8/IPK0.8 specifications which make it possible for users to install software in their home directory, to run installations in testmode and to use the fast update function.
Developers can use the improved liCreator graphical wizard to create setup packages for applications. They also can use the 'lipa' tool to generate packages, create update sources and to make an "Linux compatible" button for the package.
This button shows the Linux distribution compatibilitity for the generated package in an nice way so that end-users can easily recognize if the application will work on their distribution.
We also fixed an large amount of bugs in the current release. Listaller was tested on more Linux distributions and got new translations from Launchpad.
The Qt4-build of Listaller 0.2-a is experimental at time, we have to test and to publish it later.
The new release can be downloaded via Launchpad PPA, openSUSE Build Service or Sourceforge.
Just checkout the "Get Listaller" page at our website. It may take some time until all builds are ready.
Have fun with the new version and please report bugs to our bugtracker!

Updated on 2009-04-14.

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