Listaller 0.5.1 released!

Written for Listaller by Matthias Klumpp on 2011-06-21

Version 0.5.1
Released: 2011-06-21

  * /!\ Please note: We do NOT provide stable ABI/API in 0.5.x series!
        The 0.5.x series is experimental and may not be used in productive environments.
  * Complete rewrite of Listaller in Vala and C/C++
  * Switched to LGPLv3+ for library parts, everything else stays GPLv3+

  * Wildcards in file-lists (src)
  * Switch to XML-based IPK control files
  * Introduced some new path variables
  * Compatible with PackageKit 0.6 series now
  * vldd: Rewrote parts of Visual-LDD
  * binreloc: New Mallard documentation

  * Add new LIB_PRIVATE directory variable

  * Rewrite of Qt bindings

  * None, as this is a complete rewrite of Listaller

Tarballs available here:

Regards, Matthias.

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