Listaller is using DOAP and IPK1.0~pre now!

Written for Listaller by Matthias Klumpp on 2012-01-24

With the last recent Listaller release, we're switching to use DOAP (Description Of A Project) as the format to describe the application/project in an IPK Listaller package. DOAP is part of the upcoming IPK1.0 release, so it makes sense to adjust your packaging to match the new specs. Documentation on this will follow soon.
With Listaller 0.5.4, the upcoming next Listaller release, we also can finally say it's safe to build IPK packages, because the IPK definition is not supposed to change much anymore and will be mature enough for use in the wild.
Hafe fun with Listaller 0.5.3! (And please upgrade your PackageKit version, we require at least PK 0.7.2 now!)

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