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Native Linux client for the official Formula 1 Live Timing service.

The official Formula 1 website includes a Java client, which during races, qualifying, and practice sessions, displays the Live Timing information from the race track.

Live F1 is a native Linux client for viewing the same Live Timing feed without the need for a Java-enabled web browser. A user account on is still required.

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Dave Pusey
Dave Pusey
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0.2 series 

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Live F1 0.2 series is the current focus of development

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Latest version is 0.2.11
released on 2011-03-27

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  • Ubuntu Packages on 2011-03-27
    Get the latest version as soon as it is released from my Releases PPA... htt...
  • Live F1 0.2.11 Released on 2011-03-27
    An update to include all the new features developed during the last 10 months...
  • Live F1 0.2.10 released on 2010-05-11
    This update resolves the recent problem with the Sector 2, Sector 3, and Pit ...
  • New Maintainer on 2010-05-11
    As of today, I am the new maintainer of this project. I would like to thank ...
  • Live-F1 0.2.8 Released on 2009-05-17
    Bug fixes.