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0.2.11 (High Definition) release from the 0.2 series released 2011-03-27

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Release notes:

An update to include all the new features developed during the last 10 months, plus some minor bugfixes.


2011-03-27 Dave Pusey <email address hidden>

        * NEWS: Release 0.2.11

        * Completely stripped out the SSL code. It was disabled in 0.2.10 due to an intermittent hanging
          problem, and is now seeming to cause "Server certificate verification failed: issuer is not
          trusted" errors even though it is disabled.

2010-11-10 Dave Pusey <email address hidden>

        * Added display of Fastest Lap information during the race.

        * Show number of laps remaining, instead of laps completed. This is something i've missed since
          this year's new FOM TV graphics. It also seems pointless to duplicate something that is already
          shown on the TV, and in the race leader's "Int" column.

2010-07-12 Dave Pusey <email address hidden>

        * Auto retry if obtain_auth_cookie fails.

        * Auto recovery from decryption failure.

        * Added display of Weather information.

2010-06-11 Dave Pusey <email address hidden>

        * Fixed Bug #587493: Handle system messages that begin with "img:".

2010-05-26 Dave Pusey <email address hidden>

        * Fixed Bug #580064: libintl error when compiling on MacOS X.

        * More prominent display of track status.

        * Fixed Bug #581680: Added a man page for live-f1.

        * Fixed Bug #355797: Handle system packet type 5.

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