LiveWallpaper 0.5.0

The next stable release of LiveWallpaper

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Maximilian Schnarr
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2 Maximilian Schnarr
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Release notes 

The third stable release of LiveWallpaper.


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  * Support for high resolution displays
  * New autostart mechanism
  * New FPS options:
    - Add to the configurator
    - Add font selection option
    - Add color options
  * New power management options:
    - Use upower-glib
    - Add autostart and autostop on battery
    - Only visible on laptops
  * Support for OpenGL 1.4
  * Configurator:
    - Completely rewritten in vala
    - New design
    - Add search feature
    - Add titlebar
    - New xml file parser for plugin settings
  * Bugfixes:
    - Background images support cairo (lp: #1143720)
    - Indicator not shown at startup (lp: #1273541)
    - Segfault on Ubuntu 13.10 (lp: #1274220)
    - Improved support for multiple monitor systems (lp: #1460407)
  * Noise plugin:
    - Use GResource to load images
  * Nexus plugin:
    - Background image replaced by cairo code
    - Use GResource to load images
  * Galaxy plugin:
    - Add speed ratio option
    - Add star color option
    - Add rotation of the whole galaxy
    - New galaxy light image
    - Use GResource to load images
  * Add gradient clock plugin
  * Core:
    - Add fast sin/cos functions
    - Add matrix functions
    - Add new OpenGL functions
    - Add helper functions for GResource loading/unloading
    - Add GSettings helper macros
    - Several small changes to existing objects
  * Updated documentation
  * Updated translations
  * New language: Turkish

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
954424 #954424 Live Wallpapers hides the desktop icons 4 Medium   6 Confirmed
1143720 #1143720 Please support cairo for background image 5 Low   10 Fix Released
1273541 #1273541 Indicator not shown at startup. 5 Low   10 Fix Released
1274220 #1274220 Livewallpaper segfaults on Ubuntu 13.10 5 Low Maximilian Schnarr  10 Fix Released
1460407 #1460407 livewallpaper covers only one quarter of the screen 5 Low Maximilian Schnarr  10 Fix Released
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