Lund Java-based Real-Time

Registered 2010-11-16 by Jesper Öqvist

LJRT includes a Java-to-C translator (and libraries) that enables the use of Java source code for real-time execution on machines without a JVM.

Embedded software should typically fulfill real-time requirements, use resources efficiently, run on any CPU (having a C compiler), and programs should be runnable as part of Internet-ready applications (for debugging, demonstration, virtual robots, etc.), which in turn leads to the need of having the sources in Java (for object-orientation, platform availability, and for the proper strong typing that a safe language brings). Hence, Java sources should be J2SE compatible, and the run-time platform should include a real-time garbage collector (RTGC).

LJRT provides all that by supporting cross compilation from Java source via C source code, with libraries for native execution on a range of different architectures. The Java2C translator is an extension of the JastAddJ Java compiler, written in the JastAdd compiler toolkit. The run-time libraries include supporting Java packages and native RTGC implementations.

Disclaimer: Java™ is a trade mark of Oracle®. LJRT applications run on J2SE 1.5+, but LJRT does not comprise a Java™ platform. A Java platform requires certification, full libraries, and a JVM.

More information is available at the project home page: Feature suggestions can be made under "Blueprints". Report bugs here in Launchpad or at the Bugzilla bug tracker:

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Ljrt Developers
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Latest version is 1.0.1
released on 2011-10-25

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