logdata-anomaly-miner V0.0.6 released

Written for logdata-anomaly-miner - lightweight tool for log checking, log analysis by Roman Fiedler on 2016-11-04

Release of V0.0.6:
* New features:
  * Added "LogAtom" and "AtomHandlerInterface" to pass data from IO-layer to upper layers consistently.
  * Added TimestampsUnsortedDetector.py to fail (exit) when data is not properly sorted.
  * Added SimpleMultisourceAtomSync.py to merge LogAtoms read from parallel streams, e.g. from multiple logfiles.
* Bugfixes:
  * Logic flaw in logfile rollover handling, selecting on bad fd.
  * Unassigned, reused variable caused same logfile to be opened more than once.

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