logdata-anomaly-miner V1.0.0 released

Written for logdata-anomaly-miner - lightweight tool for log checking, log analysis by Markus Wurzenberger on 2018-10-02

Release of V1.0.0:
    * Changes:
      * Ported code to Python 3
      * Code cleanup using pylint
      * Added util/JsonUtil.py to encode byte strings for storing them as json objects
      * Added docs/development-procedures.txt which documents development procedures
    * Features:
      * New MissingMatchPathListValueDetector to detect stream interuption
      * Added parsing support for kernel IP layer martian package messages
      * Systemd parsing of apt invocation messages.
    * Bugfixes:
      * AnalysisChild: handle remote control client connection errors correctly
      * Various bugfixes

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