loggerhead 1.2.1

Loggerhead 1.2 bundles together more than a year's worth of performance, robustness and other improvements, and had a small but embarrassing bug which required releasing 1.2.1.

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Michael Hudson-Doyle
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1.2.1 [06mar2008]

    - The changelog view was out of order when not using the revision

1.2 [04mar2008]

    - Michael Hudson <michael.hudson@canonical.com> has mostly taken
      over the maintenance of loggerhead.

    - loggerhead now has a simple test suite -- use 'nosetests' in the
      loggerhead directory to run it.

    - The rendering performance of pages that display large amounts of
      text was improved by a factor of 4 or so.

    - loggerhead no longer caches the text of the diffs between
      revisions. It rarely helped and wasted a lot of disk space.

    - The layout of most pages was made more "tight" to waste less
      screen real estate, and some other UI improvements (Kent

    - Much dead code was removed.

    - Loggerhead now computes the files changed between revisions only
      when it needs to know this. This is a fairly expensive
      operation in Bazaar, and doing it less massively improves
      performance and memory usage in some situations.

    - Loggerhead now takes a read lock on the branch being viewed for
      the duration of each request, which improves performance

    - Loggerhead no longer uses the corruption-prone Berkely DB-backed
      shelve module for its caches, and rather (ab)uses a sqlite
      database instead.

    - The creation of History objects is much faster for large
      branches (Aaron Bentley).

    - Allow the construction of URLs using revnos and file paths as
      well as revids and fileids (bug #98826):

      - For changes pages, append the newest revno to display to the
        URL, like http://.../changes/<revno>

      - For annotate pages, append the revno to display to the URL,
        followed by the path, like http://.../annotate/<revno>/<path>

      - For file listing and revision pages append the revno to
        display to the URL, like http://.../files/<revno>

      Loggerhead still generates URLs using revision and file ids for
      the moment.

    - Many bugs were fixed:

      - Loggerhead does not escape special characters when embedding a
        revision ID in a URL (bug #88286)

      - Improved robustness in the face of ghosts.

      - Don't crash on displaying a commit with an empty message (bug

      - codebrowse fails with infinite redirections (James Henstridge,
        bug #89854)

      - Loggerhead fails to browse revisions that change binary files
        (James Henstridge, bug #91686)

      - Loggerhead atom feeds expose internal hostname (James
        Henstridge, bug #93585)

      - loggerhead don't like page break character (0x0C) in text
        files (bug #113313)

      - codebrowse source listings don't contain line number anchors
        (bug #98826)

      - only serve up unescaped user content with "Content-Disposition:

      - viewing the file listing consumes a lot memory (bug #116869)

      - loggerhead can't handle empty branches (bug #119228)

      - upgrading the format of a branch behind loggerhead could make
        it fail for that branch (bug #118673)

      - Error parsing non-ascii content (bug #117799)

      - Loggerhead failed on whitespace-only commit messages.

      - Links to diffs from within a revision do not work (bug

      - UTF-8 patches served as ISO-8859-1, fixed by served bundles as
        application/octet-stream (bug #121336)

      - TurboGears was turning query arguments into unicode, and bzr
        stopped accepting unicode revids (bug #175228)


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