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Release notes 

Loggerhead 1.17 brings in a lot of new features and bug fixes. It can now serve branches over HTTP, do syntax highlighting, a lot of performance improvements, it can now be installed as a bzr plugin, optionally uses a CDN to server javascript, serve-branches is now configurable using bzr's config files, and a LOT of bugs have been fixed.


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    - Add bug links in revision informations (Alexandre Garnier, #314052)

    - Make sure that binary files aren't annotated. (Martin Albisetti,

    - Loggerhead now serves bzr branches over HTTP and exposes the URL
      to branch them. Addresses bug #240577. (Jonathan Lange)

    - Leading blank lines in commit messages no longer result in an
      empty summary. (Colin Watson)

    - Added optional syntax highlighting to annotate view using
      python-pygments. Partially addresses bug #306631. (Peter Bui)

    - Convert newlines in commit messages to HTML line breaks for
      annotate and changelog views. Addresses bug #273688. (Peter

    - serve-branches now errors if run behind a proxy without
      paste.deploy installed. (Michael Hudson)

    - Loggerhead should now handle file and directory names that need
      URL escaping without crashing.

    - The start-loggerhead script properly sets the wsgi.url_scheme
      from the server.webpath option. (neror, #260547)

    - The revision page defaults to unified style again, and can
      convert to a side-by-side view using JavaScript. (Michael Hudson)

    - Clean up and improve performance of the annotate view. (Michael

    - Finish converting JavaScript from MooTools to YUI 3. (Michael

    - Improve compatibility with IE 6. (Michael Hudson)

    - Leading blank lines in commit messages no longer result in an
      empty summary. (Colin Watson)

    - Clip long lines in side-by-side diff view. (Michael Hudson,

    - The user-confusing "next" and "previous" links now read "older"
      and "newer" respectively. (Michael Hudson, #297930)

    - The annotate view now contains line number anchors. (Michael

    - Fix inventory pages using "//" in links. (Michael Hudson, #329668)

    - Fix problems viewing files and directories containing spaces and
      other funny characters. (Peter Bui)

    - Changelog messages are now displayed with newlines preserved.
      (Peter Bui, #273688)

    - Offer a link to see the full file diffs for a file path. (Michael
      Hudson, #333797)

    - Fix annotate error caused by Pygments stripping trailing
      whitespace. (Michael Hudson, #338762)

    - Loggerhead can be installed as a Bazaar plugin and run by
      'bzr serve --http'. (Martin Pool)

    - Load parts of the changelog and revision pages via XMLHttpRequest
      to improve performance. This adds a dependency on simplejson or
      json. Partially addresses bug #253950. (Michael Hudson)

    - Various improvements to the animation JavaScript. (Michael Hudson)

    - Fix HTML content of source files being displayed unescaped when
      Pygments was unavailable. (Michael Hudson, #344970)

    - Fix serve-branches's path argument. (Michael Hudson, #353230)

    - serve-branches now has an option, --use-cdn, to load YUI from
      Yahoo!'s CDN. (Matt Nordhoff)

    - Fix certain race conditions for loading bzr-search. (Robert
      Collins, #334250)

    - Fix errors when using serve-branches --log-folder or --user-dirs.
      (It was calling config.get_option() incorrectly.) (Matt Nordhoff,
      bug #361238)

    - Move some caching from RAM to the disk, and other caching and
      memory usage improvements. (Michael Hudson)

    - Add a --cache-dir option to serve-branches to choose where to
      place the SQL cache, and only create one temporary SQL dir per
      process. (Matt Nordhoff, #358322)

    - Replace homebrew memory profiling code with Dozer. (Paul Hummer)

    - Use the branch's public_branch as the default suggested URL to
      branch from (Matt Nordhoff, #369767)

    - Fix a file descriptor leak (Matt Nordhoff, #370845)

    - Use transport API internally, so it is possible to specify a remote
      URL to serve-branches. (Jelmer Vernooij, #371787)

    - Fix internal server errors when using start-loggerhead. (Matt
      Nordhoff, #375948)

    - Fix annotating non-UTF-8 files when Pygments is disabled. (Matt
      Nordhoff, #376957)

    - Fix 'bzr serve --http' errors. (Matt Nordhoff, #377551)

    - Added the option to hide branches by setting http_serve = False
      in locations.conf (Martin Albisetti)

    - Fix serving branches over HTTP. (Matt Nordhoff, Jelmer Vernooij,

    - Install loggerhead as a bzr plugin by default (Jelmer Vernooij)

    - Fix logging 404 Not Found responses (Matt Nordhoff, #381029)

    - Bumped minimunm bzrlib version to 1.13 (Martin Albisetti)

    - Make sure the Atom feeds (nearly) validate. (Matt Nordhoff, #247162)

    - Support serving branches over HTTP using the smart server protocol.
      (Jelmer Vernooij, #306853)

    - Serving branch data was broken when --allow-writes was *not*
      passed. (Michael Hudson, #388730)

    - http_serve config values are interpreted more forgivingly.
      (Michael Hudson)

    - When specifying a remote url to serve-branches, do not share
      connections between threads. (Michael Hudson, #390972)

    - http_serve values from locations.conf are now applied to
      non-branch .bzr data (e.g shared repositories). (Michael Hudson)

    - tags are now displayed. (Cris Boylan, Alexandre Garnier, Michael
      Hudson, #246739)

    - Display Loggerhead's version number at the bottom of the page, and
      add a <meta> generator tag also including the version numbers of
      its dependencies. (Matt Nordhoff, #370155)

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358610 #358610 better name for serve-branches 3 High   4 Won't Fix
388733 #388733 option to use custom configuration file 5 Low   7 Triaged
390972 #390972 need to be more aggressive about transport thread safety 2 Critical Michael Hudson-Doyle  10 Fix Released
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