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Quickly take and upload screenshots for sharing in instant messages, IRC, etc. URLs are automatically put onto the system clipboard for convenience.

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  • Github on 2010-08-26
    I'm moving lookit development over to github, so please use that for bug repo...
  • Hmmm.... on 2010-06-17
    So, I haven't had much chance to work on Lookit, but don't worry, it hasn't d...
  • Experimental PPA on 2010-06-03
    I've set up an experimental PPA for anyone that wants to help test developmen...
  • Lookit 0.2 Released on 2010-05-25
    It’s a new project, and I’m moving fast. I just pushed Lookit 0.2 to bzr as w...
  • Lookit 0.1 Released on 2010-05-21
    I'm happy to announce the first release of my screenshot utility Lookit. Pack...