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LTSP-Cluster is a set of component on top of LTSP to make it load-balanced and easily manageable on very large networks.

Its core components are:

The Control Center, a web interface (PHP) used to access your network logs, thin clients hardware, organize your thin clients in a tree and set attributes (equivalent of lts.conf) based on the MAC address, position in the tree or even on the hardware of the thin client. Due to some design issue and difficulty to maintain, it's being rewritten but will at least at the beginning keep the same database to make migration easier.

The Loadbalancer, made of two components, an agent to run on your servers and a server, the server will gather the various information from the servers and return the best server every-time it gets a request from the Control Center.

The Account Manager, a python service to run on the server that'll create new accounts on the fly for autologin users and will also manage regular accounts, doing the cleanup and ensuring you aren't logged in twice on the network.

We also have a few more components to do NX integration of the load-balancer and generation of pxelinux's configuration files.
An howto for a generic setup in OpenVZ is present on our wiki, code and packages are available on Launchpad.

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