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Lubiquity (Lou-bik-quit-ty) is a collection of scripts (called verbs) that allow users of Mozilla Labs' new Ubiquity interface to perform certain tasks on Launchpad.

Mozilla Lab's Ubiquity interface offers a unique way to interact with the web. Lubiquity seeks to extend that functionality to launchpad to trivialize common tasks encountered when reporting, triaging, and updating bugs.

Note that lubiquity is based on the alpha releases of Ubiquity, and is currently never truly "stable." The team will try to keep people updated through announcements on possible problems, but problems may still occur. If you are unsure about using Lubiquity, please wait until Mozilla more fully develops this software.

You can find out more about Ubiquity here:

If you'd like to become involved with the projects, please shoot an email to our team at:

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