Luciole 0.9.2 "And sound finally arrives"

Integration of sound track feature

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And sound finally arrives
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Release notes 

The Luciole team is proud to announce the release 0.9.2 Luciole.

WARNIG !!! This version is a highly alpha version of luciole. Prefer luciole
0.8.6 for standard usage.
This is the first version who integrates a sound track.


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New features :
- Sound track can be added. Only wav files accepted
- Timeline management with PiTiVi. implies huge changes of luciole
- Webcam detection improved. No more use of HAL replaced by udev
- Webcam definition / framerates / videotypes can now be selected
- Acquisition can now be made in full webcam definition or PAL definition

Know problems :
- Mixer features does not work
- Acqusisition from DV cam should be implemented ( urgent ! ). try with udev ?
- Only export to file is implemented with sound
- assistant page webcam when back/ rewind action the cam detection appears
 twice ...
- i18n with gettext to improve
- code cleaning needed (remove unused files and classes)
- GUI tuning needed : in particular the aspect ratio of viewer window
- Problems of display when no acquisition is set ( digicam mode)

List of assigned blueprints :
 BP : Add a sound track to the animation movie

List of Fixed launchpad bugs :
 None. Bugs affected to 0.9.2 shifted to 0.9.3.

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Add a sound track to the animation movie Add a sound track to the animation movie 3 Medium NicoInattendu  8 Beta Available
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