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Lucruri is a simple and easy to use todo list and note taking application. It will help you store and organize your tasks and notes, based on the "Getting things done" methodology.

Right now Lucruri is a toy/prototype project for:

 * Vala
 * CouchDB, DesktopCouchDB
 * general UI usability.
 * Launchpad

Vala study
Lucruri is a research project for testing the feasibility of Vala as a development platform for desktop applications.

It is also used for testing the CouchDB and DesktopCouchDB bindings for Vala

CouchDB and DesktopCouch

Lucruri is using DesktopCouch for storing it's tasks and notes. It is one of the first applications using couchdb-glib and desktopcouchdb-glib.

It is used for shaping and testing the API for couchdb-glib and desktopcouch-glib.

Usability study
In the same time, I'm using this project to learn more about GTK and play with usability and user experience aspect of desktop applications.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of UX goals for this project
 * the application should follow GNOME Human Interface Guidelines
 * all actions should be available using a single type of "click" (useful for touch screens.
 * no dialogs when you delete an item, they are just removed
 * All actions should be recoverable, you have to option to recover them.
 * All actions should be automatically saved (items, configurations)

Launchpad testing

I'm using Lucruri to test the Launchpad as supporting platform for software development. Especially I'm testing the Code, PPA, Bugs and Translations.

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Adi Roiban
Adi Roiban
Simplified BSD Licence

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