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MacCMS 0.7 Released!

Written for MacCMS by Julian Lam on 2010-03-30

I am proud to announce that the final commits to version 0.7 of MacCMS have come in just under the wire. (I think that just reflects badly on me being a slacker and leaving this to the last minute...)

You can download MacCMS by following this link:

Please note that this release has no support for update checking, and it is still your responsibility to check back every once in awhile to see if a new version has been released.

As always, the Bazaar branch contains the absolute newest code, and you can always grab that copy by running "bzr checkout lp:maccms", and keeping it up to date with "bzr update".

Please see the changelog for differences between this and the unreleased version 0.65.

Updated on 2010-03-30.

Codebase import to Launchpad

Written for MacCMS by Julian Lam on 2010-03-16

The entire SVN codebase for MacCMS has been imported from to Launchpad, you can access it by navigating to: .

At this point, the version control system will have changed to Bazaar. Please update your work environment accordingly.

The SVN repository will only receive sporadic updates (if at all) from this point forward. Today, work suspended on the repository at version 0.65 (and a bit).

I hope to get MacCMS to version 0.7 prior to the March 31st deadline, which mainly includes the Accessories module.


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