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0.7 release from the trunk series released 2010-03-30

Release information
Release notes:

MacCMS' first public release.

All included modules are declared stable unless otherwise noted (in bug reports, etc).


- Accessories module fully modularised (/modules/accessories)
- Lockers module fully modularised (/modules/accessories)

- Fixed Bug #542105 - *header.php files need updated first_run checks (also, not branding-independent)
- Fixed Bug #548495 - Instrument can't be returned because there's an extra * in the name
- Fixed Bug #541687 - List of expirING contracts also includes expirED contracts
- Fixed Bug #543718 - Save & Close Year does not work
- Fixed Bug #537036 - list_users does not use table class "generic"
- Fixed Bug #543915 - Branding is still mac-centric in student pages
- Fixed Bug #544647 - No easy way to see user's email address from contracts.php
- Fixed Bug #543865 - backup_database and 'Save and Close' .tar.gz the dump, when they should not

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