New OpenERP Magento connector: EUR 45’000 collected in 2 months!

Written for Magento OpenERP Connector by Maxime @ Camptocamp on 2013-04-09

Dear Magentoerpconnect Community,

The fundraising campaign - - to finance the new OpenERP Magento connector allowed to collect so far an amount of EUR 45’000, providing the community the means to develop the first version of this connector, fully compatible with OpenERP 7.0 and the latest versions of Magento.

Initiated mid-January 2013 and driven by Camptocamp, this campaign recently experienced a quantum leap thanks to the EUR 12’000 investment made by the company Debonix, an loyal e-commerce client of Camptocamp.
Out of the EUR 150’000 expected by mid-May, a total amount EUR 45’000 has been raised for this unprecedented innovation for all e-commerce businesses using not only Magento, but PrestaShop as well!

On the technical side, this amount has already allowed to rewrite the core of the OpenERP Magento connector, as follows:

1. First layer: a development environment – the connector framework – intented for giving developers the power to connect OpenERP to any other application; this connector framework is also fitted with an innovative system to manage data synchronizations as single tasks;

2. Second layer: generic e-commerce features for any e-commerce platforms (Magento, PrestaShop…), for the management of specific e-commerce workflows associated to orders and payments;

3. Third layer: specific features for the optimized synchronization of orders, products, clients, stock levels, shipping and tracking numbers, etc. between Magento and OpenERP.

The synthesis of the work conducted to-date is available in a form of a short video:

Our fundraising efforts are scheduled to end mid-May. The community still needs additional financial contributions to complete a number of important developments, including the management of all Magento-specific products and the automated export of each invoice that has been generated by OpenERP in the client account of Magento.

Just one more push to reach our forecast goal!

E-commerce businesses, integrators of e-commerce solutions and/or ERP, visit now Indiegogo - - , the community fund raising platform, and help the community to develop the OpenERP Magento connector, an amazing tool allowing the automation of the management of dozens or even hundreds customer orders per day!

Any financial contribution of EUR 2’000 or more will grant exclusive rights to test prior release this powerful bi-directional synchronization between Magento and OpenERP! For more info, just send us an email:

As a strategic member of the community of developers on the project, Camptocamp would like once again to thank all current investors: Logic Supply, Debonix, Linko Solutions, B-informed, Savoir-Faire Linux, Avanzosc, Zupy!,, Eric Vernichon, Marcello Bello, Mark Felling and also all other anonymous entities.

On behalf of the Core Developers and the project teams, thank you so very much for your participation, involvement and support!

The Magentoerpconnect Core Developers

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