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The Magilas Project aims to improve every area of the Philippines' 7,107 islands, 36,289-km coastline, 18 regions, 42,036 barangays, and 34,580-feet-deep Philippine Trench, and more.

The word "magilas" means, among many other good things,
"agile, clever, discerning, dynamic, eagle-eyed, quick-witted, sharp, skillful, smart, spirited, vigorous."

The word "agila"("eagle" in English) is in the center of "magilas."
We keep this in our hearts and minds:

To us, the Philippine Eagle is "the eagle of all eagles."
See why:

We aim to keep things simple, precise, and "fitly joined together."

We will "baranganize" (relate or apply to barangays) as many things as we effectively can.

"RP" was once the two-letter code for the Republic of the Philippines.
For a quick introduction to the Philippines,
please visit

All things at Magilas shall fit under seven (7) top categories:
Why 7?
( - for one)
1 Governance
2 Education
3 Technology
4 Human Factor
5 Health
6 Culture
7 Faith

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
Leonardo da Vinci

Thank you.


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