Mago 0.1 "IntrepidTests"

This is the desktop testing library compatible with Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex).

It ships with some well tested tests that you can use.

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Release notes 

The testing library provides some classes and methods to use with LDTP testing framework to build simple Ubuntu tests.

Available classes for this release:

Functions and classes related to Ubuntu distribution.

    * Functions:
          o open_and_check_menu_item: it opens an application from the menu and waits for the main screen to appear.
                + Note: candidate to move to
    * Classes:
          o Application: Superclass to gather common behaviour from applications. Methods:
                + exit: Given an application, it tries to quit it. It reloads the application map for the given context.
                + save: Given an application, it tries to save the current document.
                + write_text: Given an application it tries to write text to its current buffer.
                + remap: It reloads the application map for the given context.
          o UpdateManager: class to manage the main activities related to the Update Manager. Methods:
                + open: It opens the update-manager application and raises an error if the application didn't start properly.
                + close: It closes the update-manager window using the close button.
                + check_updates: It checks the repositories for new updates in the update-manager application.
                + install_updates: It installs the selected updates.
                + download_size: It returns the download size of the selected updates.
                + number_updates: With the available repositories, it returns the number of available updates for the system.
                + select_all: It selects all the available updates.
                + unselect_all: It unselects all the available updates.
                + get_available_updates: It gets the name of the packages of the available updates.
                + select_update: It selects a particular package in the list (not for update, just the list).
                + tick_update: It selects a particular package for update.
                + test_install_state: It checks if the install button is enabled or not.
                + show_changes: It shows the description of the updates.
                + hide_changes: It hides the description of the updates.
                + toggle_changes: It shows or hides the Description of the updates.
                + get_description: It returns the description of a package for a given update.
                + get_changes: It returns the changes description for a given update.
          o PolicyKit: class to manage the pop up to set the password for administrative tasks. Methods:
                + wait: Wait for the pop up window asking for the password to appear.
                + set_password: It enters the password in the text field and clicks enter.
          o GEdit: class to manage the Gedit application. Methods:
                + write_text: It writes text to the current buffer of the Gedit window.
                + save: It tries to save the current opened buffer to the filename passed as parameter.
                + open: It opens the gedit application and raises an error if the application didn't start properly.

The check module provides different ways to check if the test failed or passed

* Classes:

    o Check: Superclass for the rest of the test checks
    o FileComparison: Test check for file comparison. If two files are equal, the test passes.
          + init: Main constructor. It requires two existing files paths.
          + perform_test: Performs the test check. It the two files are equal, the test passes. Otherwise, it fails.


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