Mahara 1.0.14

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Fran├žois Marier
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Release notes 

Mahara 1.0.14 Release Notes

This is a stable release of Mahara 1.0. Stable releases are fit for
general use. If you find a bug, please report it to the tracker:

This release includes an upgrade path from 1.0. If you wish to
upgrade, we encourage you to make a copy of your website and test the
upgrade on it first, to minimise the effect of any potential
unforeseen problems.

Changes from 1.0.13:

 * Security fixes to bundled copy of smarty (CVE-2008-4810, CVE-2008-4811 and CVE-2009-1669)
 * Fix for SQL injection in MNET usernames (CVE-2010-0400)


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security fix: patch two smarty vulnerabilities (bug #491129)
Security fix: use a placeholder to escape username

0 blueprints and 2 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
534172 #534172 get_new_username() does not escape string used in SQL call 2 Critical Evan Goldenberg  10 Fix Released
491129 #491129 Smarty version in Mahara 1.0 and 1.1 has security vulnerabilities 1 Undecided Evan Goldenberg  10 Fix Released
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