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Release notes 

  New Features

    - There is a new dmarc_none_moderation_action list setting and a
      DEFAULT_DMARC_NONE_MODERATION_ACTION setting to optionally
      apply Munge From or Wrap Message actions to posts From: domains that
      publish DMARC p=none. The intent is to eliminate failure reports to
      the domain owner for messages that would be munged or wrapped if the
      domain published a stronger DMARC policy. See the descriptions in, the web UI and the bug report for more. (LP: #1539384)

    - Thanks to Jim Popovitch there is now a feature to automatically turn
      on moderation for a malicious list member who attempts to flood a list
      with spam. See the details for the Privacy options ... -> Sender
      filters -> member_verbosity_threshold and member_verbosity_interval
      settings in the web admin UI and the documentation in for

    - bin/list_members now has options to display all moderated or all
      non-moderated members.

    - There is now a setting GLOBAL_BAN_LIST which is like the
      individual list's ban_list but applies globally to all subscribe
      requests. See the description in for more details.


    - The Japanese translation has been updated by Yasuhito FUTATSUKI.

    - Also thanks to Miloslav Trmac and Yasuhito FUTATSUKI, the l10n for
      Mailman's bin/ commands has been fixed to display using the character
      set of the user's work station even when Mailman's character set for
      the language is different. Because this has not been tested over a
      wide set of locales, there is an switch
      DISABLE_COMMAND_LOCALE_CSET to disable it if it causes problems.
      (LP: #558167)

    - The Polish translation has been updated by Stefan Plewako.

    - The German translation has been updated by Mirian Margiani and
      Bernhard Schmidt.

    - The Russian translation has been updated by Danil Smirnov.

    - Several Galician templates that were improperly encoded as iso-8859-1
      have been fixed. (LP: #1532504)

    - The Brazilian Portugese translation has been updated by Emerson Ribeiro
      de Mello.


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  Bug fixes and other patches

    - If DMARC lookup fails to find a policy, also try the Organizational
      Domain. Associated with this is a new setting
      retrieve the data for the algorithm that computes the Organizational
      Domain. See for info. (LP: #1549420)

    - Modified contrib/mmdsr to correctly report No such list names that
      contain ".

    - User's "Acknowledge" option will now be honored for posts to anonymous
      lists. (LP: #1546679)

    - Fixed a typo in the Non-digest options regular_exclude_ignore
      description thanks to Yasuhito FUTATSUKI.

    - DEFAULT_PASS_MIME_TYPES has been changed to accept text/plain sub-parts
      from message/rfc822 parts and multipart parts other than mixed and
      alternative and also accept pgp signatures. This only applies to newly
      created lists and other than pgp signatures, still only accepts
      text/plain. (LP: #1517446)

    - Modified contrib/mmdsr to report held and banned subscriptions and DMARC
      lookups in their own categories.

    - Fixed a bug that could create a garbled From: header with certain DMARC
      mitigation actions. (LP: #1536816)

    - Treat a poster's address which matches an equivalent_domains address as
      a list member for the regular_exclude_ignore check. (LP: #1526550)

    - Fixed an issue that sometimes left no white space following
      subject_prefix. (LP: #1525954)

    - Vette log entries for banned subscriptions now include the source of
      the request if available. (LP: #1525733)

    - Submitting the user options form for a user who was asynchronously
      unsubscribed would throw an uncaught NotAMemberError. (LP: #1523273)

    - It was possible under some circumstances for a message to be shunted
      after a handler rejected or discarded it, and the handler would be
      skipped upon unshunting and the message accepted. (LP: #1519062)

    - Posts gated to usenet will no longer have other than the target group
      in the Newsgroups: header. (LP: #1512866)

    - Invalid regexps in *_these_nonmembers, subscribe_auto_approval and
      ban_list are now logged. (LP: #1507241)

    - Refactored the GetPattern list method to simplify extending @listname
      syntax to new attributes in the future. Changed to use the
      GetPattern method to process the *_these_nonmembers lists.

    - Changed CookHeaders to default to using space rather than tab as
      continuation_ws when folding headers. (LP: #1505878)

    - Fixed the 'pidfile' path in the sample init.d script. (LP: # 1503422)

    - Subject prefixing could fail to collapse multiple 'Re:' in an incomming
      message if they all came after the list's subject_prefix. This is now
      fixed. (LP: #1496620)

    - Defended against a user submitting URLs with query fragments or POST
      data containing multiple occurrences of the same variable.
      (LP: #1496632)

    - Fixed bin/mailmanctl to check its effective rather than real uid.
      (LP: #1491187)

    - Fixed cron/gate_news to catch EOFError on opening the newsgroup.
      (LP: #1486263)

    - Fixed a bug where a delayed probe bounce can throw an AttributeError.
      (LP: #1482940)

    - If a list is not digestable an the user is not currently set to
      receive digests, the digest options will not be shown on the user's
      options page. (LP: #1476298)

    - Improved identification of remote clients for logging and subscribe
      form checking in cases where access is via a proxy server. Thanks to
      Jim Popovitch. Also updated contrib/mmdsr for log change.

    - Fixed an issue with shunted messages on a list where the charset for
      the list's preferred_language had been changed from iso-8859-1 to
      utf-8 without recoding the list's description. (LP: #1462755)

    - Mailman-Postfix integration will now add mailman@domain entries in
      data/virtual-mailman for each domain in POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS
      which is a host_name of a list. This is so the addresses which are
      exposed on admin and listinfo overview pages of virtual domains will
      be deliverable. (LP: #1459236)

    - The vette log entry for DMARC policy hits now contains the list name.
      (LP: #1450826)

    - If SUBSCRIBE_FORM_SECRET is enabled and a user's network has a load
      balancer or similar in use the POSTing IP might not exactly match the
      GETting IP. This is now accounted for by not requiring the last
      octet (16 bits for ipV6) to match. (LP: #1447445)

    - DKIM-Signature:, DomainKey-Signature: and Authentication-Results:
      headers are now removed by default from posts to anonymous lists.
      (LP: #1444673)

    - The list admin web UI Mambership List search function often doesn't
      return correct results for search strings (regexps) that contain
      non-ascii characters. This is partially fixed. (LP: #1442298)

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1549420 #1549420 DMARC munging fails on subdomains that use parent domain policy 3 High Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
558167 #558167 Use correct char set for command-line scripts 4 Medium Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
1546679 #1546679 User's acknowlege option doesn't work on anonymous lists. 4 Medium Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
1517446 #1517446 Please add multipart/signed to DEFAULT_PASS_MIME_TYPES 5 Low Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
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