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Release notes 

This is a routine bug fix release with a minor new feature and some
accessibility improvements for screen readers.

See the change log for details.


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2.1.25 (26-Oct-2017)

  New Features

    - The admindb held subscriptions listing now includes the date of the
      most recent request from the address. (LP: #1697097)


    - The admin Membership List now includes text for screen readers which
      identifies the function of each checkbox. CSS is added to the page to
      visually hide the text but still allow screen readers to read it.
      Similar text has been added to some radio buttons on the admindb pages.


    - The Russian translation has been updated by Sergey Matveev.

  Bug fixes and other patches

    - Thanks to Jim Popovitch, certain failures in DNS lookups of DMARC policy
      will now result in mitigations being applied. (LP: #1722013)

    - The default DMARC reject reason now properly replaces %(listowner)s.
      (LP: #1718962)

    - The web roster page now shows case preserved email addresses.
      (LP: #1707447)

    - Changed the SETGID wrappers to only pass those items in the environment
      that are needed by the called scripts. (LP: #1705736)

    - Fixed MTA/ to ensure that created aliases(.db) and
      virtual-mailman(.db) files are readable by Postfix and the .db files are
      owned by the Mailman user. (LP: #1696066)

    - Defended against certain web attacks that cause exceptions and "we hit
      a bug" responses when POST data or query fragments contain multiple
      values for the same parameter. (LP: #1695667)

    - The fix for LP: #1614841 caused a regression in the options CGI. This
      has been fixed. (LP: #1602608)

    - Added a -a option to the (e)grep commands in contrib/mmdsr to account
      for logs that may have non-ascii and be seen as binary.

    - Fixed the -V option to bin/list_lists to not show lists whose host is a
      subdomain of the given domain. (LP: #1695610)

0 blueprints and 10 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1696066 #1696066 Postfix module - Mailman wrapper - Couldn't write data/aliases.db and data/virtual-mailman.db files 4 Medium Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
1705736 #1705736 The SETGID wrappers should pass only needed evvironment variables. 4 Medium Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
1708016 #1708016 Russian translation grammar fixes 4 Medium Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
1718962 #1718962 The default DMARC reject reason contains '%(listowner)s' instead of the actual address. 4 Medium Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
1602608 #1602608 mailman crash for subscription in webinterface 5 Low Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
1695610 #1695610 Test missing in lists_lists leading to wrong listing when using -V option 5 Low Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
1695667 #1695667 Various web attacks cause CGI modules to throw uncaught exceptions 5 Low Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
1697097 #1697097 The admindb held subscriptions listing should include date and list newest. 5 Low Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
1707447 #1707447 Roster should not lowercase addresses 5 Low Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
1722013 #1722013 In rare cases, needed DMARC mitigations may not be applied. 5 Low Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
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