GNU Mailman 3.0.0 "Show Don't Tell"

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Show Don't Tell
Barry Warsaw
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1 Abhilash Raj, 1 Abhishek, 1 Ankush Sharma, 1 Aurélien Bompard, 7 Barry Warsaw
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3.0.0 -- "Show Don't Tell"

 * Domains now have a list of owners, which are ``IUser`` objects, instead of
   the single ``contact_address`` they used to have. ``IUser`` objects now
   also have a ``is_server_owner`` flag (defaulting to False) to indicate
   whether they have superuser privileges. Give by Abhliash Raj, with fixes
   and refinements by Barry Warsaw. (LP: #1423756)
 * Mailing list subscription policy work flow has been completely rewritten.
   It now properly supports email verification and subscription confirmation
   by the user, and approval by the moderator using unique tokens.
   ``IMailingList`` objects now have a ``subscription_policy`` attribute.
   (LP: #1095552)
 * Port the REST machinery to Falcon 0.3. (LP: #1446881)

 * Fix calculation of default configuration file to use when the ``$var_dir``
   is created by ``mailman start``. (LP: #1411435)
 * When creating a user with an email address, do not create the user record
   if the email address already exists. Given by Andrew Stuart.
   (LP: #1418280)
 * When deleting a user via REST, make sure all linked addresses are deleted.
   Found by Andrew Stuart. (LP: #1419519)
 * When trying to subscribe an address to a mailing list through the REST API
   where a case-differing version of the address is already subscribed, return
   a 409 error instead of a 500 error. Found by Ankush Sharma. (LP: #1425359)
 * ``mailman lists --domain`` was not properly handling its arguments. Given
   by Manish Gill. (LP: #1166911)
 * When deleting a user object, make sure their preferences are also deleted.
   Given by Abhishek. (LP: #1418276)
 * Be sure a mailing list's acceptable aliases are deleted when the mailing
   list itself is deleted. (LP: #1432239)
 * The built-in example ``IArchiver`` implementations now explicitly return
   None. (LP: #1203359)
 * The test suite now runs successfully again with PostgreSQL. Given by
   Aurélien Bompard. (LP: #1435941)

 * When specifying a file system path in the [paths.*] section, $cfg_file can
   be used to expand into the path of the ``-C`` option if given. In the
   default ``[]`` section, ``$var_dir`` is now specified relative to
   ``$cfg_file`` so that it won't accidentally be relative to the current
   working directory, if ``-C`` is given.
 * ``$cwd`` is now an additional substitution variable for the ``mailman.cfg``
   file's ``[paths.*]`` sections. A new ``[]`` section is added,
   which puts the ``var_dir`` in ``$cwd``. It is made the default layout.

 * Improve the documentation describing how to run Alembic to add new schema
   migrations. Given by Abhilash Raj.

 * **Backward incompatible change**: The JSON representation for pending
   mailing list subscription hold now no longer includes the ``password``
   key. Also, the ``address`` key has been renamed ``email`` for consistent
   terminology and other usage.
 * You can now view the contents of, inject messages into, and delete messages
   from the various queue directories via the ``<api>/queues`` resource.
 * You can now DELETE an address. If the address is linked to a user, the
   user is not delete, it is just unlinked.
 * A new API is provided to support non-production testing infrastructures,
   allowing a client to cull all orphaned UIDs via ``DELETE`` on
   ``<api>/reserved/uids/orphans``. Note that *no guarantees* of API
   stability will ever be made for resources under ``reserved``.
   (LP: #1420083)
 * Domains can now optionally be created with owners; domain owners can be
   added after the fact; domain owners can be deleted. Also, users now have
   an ``is_server_owner`` flag as part of their representation, which defaults
   to False, and can be PUT and PATCH'd. Given by Abhilash Raj, with fixes
   and refinements by Barry Warsaw. (LP: #1423756)


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1435941 #1435941 Postgresql support is broken 2 Critical Aurélien Bompard  10 Fix Released
1446881 #1446881 Require Falcon 0.3 2 Critical Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1095552 #1095552 Subscribe/unsubscribe policy for lists 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1166911 #1166911 domain option for `bin/mailman lists` doesn't work as expected 3 High   10 Fix Released
1411435 #1411435 after initial install, master runner crashes when config file is missing 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1418276 #1418276 Deleting a user via the REST API does not delete their user preferences 3 High Abhishek  10 Fix Released
1418280 #1418280 "Address already exists" when creating a new user, but user is created anyway 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1419519 #1419519 REST API delete user function does not delete every 2nd linked address 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1420083 #1420083 Provide a reserved url for clearing out the uid table 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1423756 #1423756 Ability to define user as domainowner or serverowner 3 High Abhilash Raj  10 Fix Released
1425359 #1425359 500 error code shown by postorius instead of 409 error code 3 High Ankush Sharma  10 Fix Released
1432239 #1432239 Lists cannot be deleted if the have acceptable alias records 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1203359 #1203359 IArchiver.archive_message implementations return None 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
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