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Mailpictures is a perl application designed to be a nautilus extension. The concept is to offer directly from nautilus ability of sending email with pictures and files selection as attachment.

How explain to my wife or my father, that they have to resize, create an archive in case of multiples files, there pictures before sending as email attachment ? Mailpictures make all these complex tasks itself, the only thing the user have to do is to select files, click right mouse button, and tell Mailpictures what it have to do...

Features :
Support for Mozilla Thunderbird, Icedove, Evolution, and Kmail mail readers
Resize pictures, keep correct exif orientation
Change jpeg compression
Create archive with the files
Save pictures/archive in a folder instead of sending as email attachment
Estimate the size of attachment
Save settings
Allow direct email sending (without drawing application window), applying saved settings

Mailpictures is in perl, using :

It seems to be working for several guys right now. The main contribution I need is translating : at this time, I have only french and english.
A guy who can take care of a small web page will be welcome too

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