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Maliit provides a flexible and cross-platform input method framework, including a virtual keyboard. It runs on most GNU/Linux distributions and is integrated in all the mobile MeeGo user experiences.

Maliit is an open source project that can also use proprietary plugins.

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Input method framework

This includes support for traditional input methods such as hardware and virtual keyboards. More exotic input methods should also be possible, such as handwriting recognition and voice input, and special purpose input methods such as date/time pickers, tag clouds, etc.

Core input methods

The default set of input methods should demonstrate the core capabilities of the framework and provide a good user experience that device manufacturers and integrators can use easily.

Third-party developers

It should be easy to customizing existing input methods or develop powerful new input methods, whether for profit, research or fun.


We welcome and encourage employees from different companies, freelancers, members of academia, hackers and volunteers.

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Maliit Team
Maliit Team
Simplified BSD Licence, GNU LGPL v2.1

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