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The primary "trunk" of development for this product. This series
was automatically created and represents the idea of a primary trunk
of software development without "stable branches". For most
products, releases in this series will be "milestone" or "test"
releases, and there should be other series for the stable releases
of the product.

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Colin Watson
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Active Development
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is the focus of development.
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1888 revisions.

You can get a copy of the development focus branch using the command:
bzr branch lp:man-db

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Milestones and releases

136 of 36 results
Version Expected Released Summary
man-db 2.8.5 None 2019-01-05
man-db 2.8.4 None 2018-07-27
man-db 2.8.3 None 2018-04-05
man-db 2.8.2 None 2018-02-28
man-db 2.8.1 None 2018-02-09
man-db 2.8.0 None 2018-02-04
man-db None 2016-12-12
man-db 2.7.6 None 2016-12-11
man-db 2.7.5 None 2015-11-06
man-db 2.7.4 None 2015-10-08
man-db 2.7.3 None 2015-09-09
man-db 2.7.2 None 2015-08-16
man-db 2.7.1 None 2014-11-07
man-db None 2014-09-28
man-db None 2014-09-24
man-db 2.7.0 None 2014-09-22
man-db None 2014-04-10
man-db 2.6.7 None 2014-04-10
man-db 2.6.6 None 2014-01-23
man-db 2.6.5 None 2013-06-27 This release fixes a regression introduced in 2.6.4 that broke man's --warnin...
man-db 2.6.4 None 2013-06-23 This release fixes build errors with Automake 1.13. man-db 2.6.0 arranged to...
man-db 2.6.3 None 2012-09-17 This release fixes various build errors with glibc 2.16 and Automake 1.12. A...
man-db 2.6.2 None 2012-06-18 Along with a small handful of bug fixes, this release makes apropos much fast...
man-db 2.6.1 None 2012-02-14 This is mainly a bug-fix release, but also adds a cache directory tag to cat ...
man-db None 2011-04-13 This is a bug-fix release correcting a segfault in man-db 2.6.0 and w...
man-db None 2011-04-10 This is a quick release to correct test failures in man-db 2.6.0 in some envi...
man-db 2.6.0 None 2011-04-09 Along with many bug fixes, this release adds support for searching the full m...
man-db 2.5.9 None 2010-11-17 This is a quick release to correct errors in man-db 2.5.8: some systems encou...
man-db 2.5.8 None 2010-11-15 This release reduces installation footprint by building much of man-db as sha...
man-db 2.5.7 None 2010-02-16 Among many bug fixes, this release always saves cat pages in UTF-8 so that ca...
man-db 2.5.6 None 2009-08-26 This is largely a bug-fix release, but also includes a new 'man -K' option to...
man-db 2.5.5 None 2009-03-14 This is a quick bug-fix release to correct handling of non-default encodings ...
man-db 2.5.4 None 2009-02-24 This release adds support for regular expression and wildcard searches in man...
man-db 2.5.3 None 2008-11-17 This is a minor bug-fix release. It cleans up a number of possible crashes, m...
man-db 2.5.2 None 2008-09-19 This is a minor bug-fix release, mainly to deal with various special cases of...
man-db 2.5.1 None 2008-02-06 This release fixes a number of bugs with the improved localisation support ad...
136 of 36 results
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Latest version is 2.8.5
released on 2019-01-05

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